This “refund” routine is deep, and a woman in Xinzhou almost lost nearly 100,000

Chutian Metropolis Daily March 24 (Reporter Liu Yan Correspondent Wang Dongsheng Wu Yi) Shoes purchased online a few months ago, “Merchant” called to say that there is a problem with the product problems to give compensation. Recently, Ms. Xiao in Wangji Street, Xinzhou District, In order to compensate for 330 yuan, I almost took my 95,000 yuan in. Fortunately, the bank staff found in time and successfully blocked the scammer to transfer the money away.

Ms. Xiao said that at 2 pm on the 22nd, she received a call displayed as Tangshan, Hebei. The woman who called was a staff member of Dangdang. She directly called Ms. Xiao’s name. Spending 65 yuan to buy a pair of purple children’s shoes, because many customers responded that the silver powder was seriously exceeded and affected the health of the child. The merchant decided to give 2 times compensation. Essence After hearing the other party, he said that he was right for the size and color of the shoes and worried about the health of his child. Ms. Xiao believed it, but I did not expect that an invisible large net had quietly opened to her.


Then, Ms. Xiao followed the other party’s prompts, but I opened the branch Alipay but found that she did not receive a refund. The other party said that because her sesame credit was less than 800, the credit was insufficient. Ms. Xiao felt that this was abnormal. She told the other party that she would not lose money, and the other party persuaded Ms. Xiao to add Alipay friends and sent a link displayed as the Dangwang. Ms. Xiao opened the connection, ordered a few times “Next”. As a result, she jumped her own mobile phone ICBC page. According to the verification code reported by the other party, she lost several times. Essence

When the other party saw that the China Merchants Bank was unreasonable, and vowed that Qian really came, a total of 20,000 yuan, deducted 330 yuan compensation, the rest of the money asked her to return, and asked Ms. Xiao to inquire about the online loan on Alipay. Ms. Xiao’s husband just returned home. He called the Customer Service of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The customer service said that there were 20,000 yuan, but if there was no funding, if there was an abnormally frozen, he chose to freeze it immediately. After the other party learned, he asked them to return 19670 yuan to 19670 yuan I insisted on asking Ms. Xiao to thaw to the bank counter, and said that the reimbursement fee was expected. Ms. Xiao felt that she had received so much money for others, and she was uneasy. She really drove to the bank.

At about 3 pm on the same day, Manager Hu Chi and the person in charge of the outlets of the business director of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of Changyang New City Community of Tancheng Street asked the couple of Xiao and his wife. It felt suspicious and reported to the security department of the ICBC Xinzhou Sub -branch. Records, confirmed that she had fallen into a refund scam and told Ms. Xiao that the 20,000 yuan in the account was actually a loan applied by Ms. Xiao’s online loan. It was not transferred by the other party. The deposit of 75,000 yuan in cards will also be transferred. The bank staff immediately helped Ms. Xiao’s emergency cards to avoid a major loss. Soon, the other party saw that she had not cheated the money, so she took the initiative to delete Ms. Xiao’s friends.

Bank staff reminded that citizens receive similar telephones and do not want to be greedy for small profits. Facing the various remittance requirements of strangers, they will refuse. Even relatives and friends must call to verify. Telephone, 110 consultation, or verification at the bank counter, do not fall into the trap of the scammer’s design.

Author: ArticleManager