The “long wind coat” on the street, wearing this this autumn, not only fashionable and thin, but also a sense of high level

Are you still wearing a long trench coat? The most lacking in autumn is the windbreaker. A windbreaker that everyone has. If it is just a normal dress, the chance of hitting a shirt will greatly increase.

Is there any beautiful girl who loves to wear a trench coat when she goes out? Hurry up and take a look at these new methods of long trench coats. Not only are they fashionable and thin, but they also have a sense of advanced. I will never regret starting!


Suggestion 1: This year’s long trench coat, as long as these elements are added to your body, you can become very trendy high -level >>

Element 1: Exaggerated earrings

If you haven’t tried the combination of exaggerated earrings and trench coats, you never know that it has so many fashion mysteries!

What are the benefits of exaggerated earrings with trench coat?


1. Exaggerated earrings with ordinary simple trench coats

It can make the whole immediately become vivid.


2. Pure color exaggerated earrings are matched with complex trench coats,

You can move your attention to the earrings to reduce the sense of compromise of the windbreaker.

3. Personalized colorful trench coat, with personalized earrings,

The overall will be more coordinated, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

Element 2: Animal pattern element


A series of animal patterns such as zebra patterns, milk patterns, leopard patterns, etc. not only are simple and resistant to color, but also use a wild breath to use it on different trench coats. It is a fashion that others can’t afford to climb.

The key to the pattern with animal patterns is:

Animal pattern should be used in small areas, and at the same time, it is more appropriate to stay away from the face as much as possible.

Element 3: Gold and Silver Elements

Gold and silver elements are an important part of wearing long trench coats this year. Gold and silver elements+long trench coats not only appeared in major fashion weeks, but also favored by major fashion magazines.

The items of gold and silver elements not only refer to ordinary metal accessories, but also gold and silver items.


The combination of the first long khaki trench coat is embellished with silver metal accessories in all parts, and the trench coat can become cold and advanced.

The second set of white tone apricot long trench coats are matched with light blue denim items,

Silver shoes can make the matching texture,

With a long trench coat, it is a lazy and careless French atmosphere ~


Element 4: Red elements

The most important feature of autumn and winter items is the basic color match that is not easy to make mistakes in black and white gray brown. But this kind of basic color matching is also easy to monotonous after a long time.


Try to use a warm and dazzling red item in a small area to inject vitality and continuous enthusiasm for your long trench coat!

Red is recommended to use small -area items such as hats, scarves, bags and shoes.

Suggest 2: The small man can also control the long trench coat. If you are a small man, you can wear it like this >>

Press method 1: Remove excess lines on the windbreaker


If you do n’t try to try the long trench coat, how do you know that the small trench coat will be so high to wear? As long as you wear the right windbreaker, it will be short in the eyes of ordinary people. In your hands, it is a proper high weapon!

In the choice of windbreaker, the small man should try to remove the simple windbreaker of the excess lines

Essence This long trench coat can be worn and thinner.

Especially the lines of the shoulder and neck positions, such as too long windbreaker neckline, excess shoulder chapter design, too cumbersome windshield design, etc.

Like the two young ladies above, this minimalist small lapel trench coat on her body is super suitable for the small man ~


The long trench coat like this simple design is beautiful.

Choose the most classic, not easy to roll over the khaki trench coat, and there are no excess designs such as windshields and belt pockets.


With a slim dress, exposing the ankle, and a pair of French -style hollowed -out heels. Who said that the little man is not suitable for a long trench coat?

Press method 2: try to show the calf as much as possible

Another key to the young girl to control the long trench coat is to reveal the calf as much as possible.

If a girl with slender calves itself can be paired with a pair of tight yoga pants or shark pants, and the outside is wide and tight.

Exposing the calf lines, keep warm and look good.

If the calf is thick and the leg shape is not good -looking, the way to expose the skin of the calf is not easy to expose the calf defect.


It is too good to use a short -waist skirt in the short -waist skirt in the foreign minister, right?

Through method 3: Put the highlight to the upper body

Why do you wear a long trench coat? That’s because ordinary wearing long trench coats, it is easy to focus on the lower body, which will lower the center of gravity of the body, and naturally it will be short.

But what if the visual focus is transferred from below to the upper body? For example, a bright white T -shirt and a personality tie -dyeing hairband in this green long trench coat,

Focus focus on the shoulders and necks, and the small man can wear it high!

Suggestion 3: If you are a slightly fat girl, you can wear a long trench coat like this >>

Press method 1: joint node proper skin exposure

The slightly fat girl wants to wear a long trench coat to be thin and beautiful,

Be sure to expose the skin of the three joint nodes of shoulder and neck, wrist, and ankle.

Tighten the sleeve of the windbreaker and pull up, you can expose a small part of your slender wrist lines.

Choose high heels that can expose the instep or ankle,

With a long trench coat tie, the fat body can be saved ~

Passing method 2: stacking and adding three -dimensional sense

There are too many stacks at the neckline, which is not suitable for small girls, but it is the secret of thin girls who are tall.

To choose a long loose trench coat and stack the silhouette items with a straight line,


For example, tough shirts, straight lines, etc. This stacking can increase the visual folding and make the matching three -dimensional, which is not easy to expose the flaws of flesh ~

Through method three: avoid horizontal lines

The long wind coat is too loose, and if you do not handle slightly fat girls, it will look bloated.


Short fat girls try to choose a straight tube trench coat, tall fat girls are more suitable for X or A windbreaker.

Do not choose a single product that will generate horizontal extension of vision,

For example, the shirt on the ruffled side, too loose turtleneck sweater, too wide horizontal stripes, etc.

Try to choose a single product that can extend vision vertically. For example, the top of the V -type neckline, long necklace and other items are used to extend the neck lines.


Wide -leg pants or skirts can choose soft and elastic and drooping materials.

For example, the wide -leg pants of this suit fabric on the younger sister, use the same color to wear the same color, with long style, it is so beautiful ~



1. It is high -level and trendy. It only needs to add popular elements such as gold and silver elements, animal patterns, and exaggerated earrings.


2. Dressing high and figure, just expose the calf, remove the excess lines, and transfer the highlights.

3. Dress and temperament, just avoid horizontal items, local exposure, and effectively overlap.

Those who really understand the charm of the trench coat will not blindly pursue fashion and trend, but to inject their own thoughts and beauty for seemingly ordinary trench coats.

You only need to make some small changes to the windbreaker from the above three aspects, and you can harvest a set of long trench coats that will never hit the shirt.

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