These three kinds of shoes are “fire” in Paris Fashion Week, and all styles can be matched.

When wearing shoes, choosing a stylish style and exquisite style not only make your clothing style more fashionable, but also have a special effect of showing the effect of long legs and long legs. Especially the design of summer clothing is more complicated. Fashionable shoes can make the style of clothing more refreshing, so the importance in the matching changes

Be more prominent


These three shoes are “fire” in Paris Fashion Week, and all styles can be matched

Good fashion,

Summer shoes recommend these three pairs this time. When I saw the Parisian catwalk, I found that the appearance rate is very high.

Three pairs of shoes.


It is enough to choose these three pairs of shoes in summer. It is very hot in Paris Fashion Week. Whether it is high -level or leisure, or a very common unique style on the show,

These three pairs of shoes are enough.

Pointed shoes


Polarized shoes are generally high heels. Polarized shoes are not only very domineering and fashionable on the gas field, but also the effect of matching effects. Wearing the length of the calf on the body will naturally become more.

Imposing effect

Essence As a high -level and mature shoes, the pointed style is particularly suitable for high -level clothes

Pretending style.


For example, business style suit and suit pants, straight pants are matched with high -necked collar

Simple clothing, shoes

After being paired with high -level pants, it is easy to show long legs.


It’s just that the matching of pointed shoes is relatively difficult, not as simple as casual shoes to match the coordinated effect. If you are wearing pointed shoes, the method of matching is more common style.


Leisure is too strong

Or a cute style, it is difficult to achieve a sense of fashion.

Generally a sexy cool style, Zhang

Yang Meiyan’s style


The style of high -level business

Suitable to match with pointed shoes, this is suitable for it to show this style

The brown style and black style.

The high -level matching method is naturally displayed through the simple and clean clothing of the lines, and the cool wind is more recommended to choose sexy clothes.


Long pants and pointed shoes

After that, the gas field will show a slightly sharp sense of high level.

Sexy and beautiful matching method actually


, Choose short pants or skirts, you can do it. The existence of pointed shoes is very strong, and you will

Looks long, match

It will naturally be more charming after the dew -legged clothing.


Flat -bottomed sports shoes

Sneakers are very popular in any season, and even the style of clothing develops to it is suitable for sports shoes. Except for the classic design

In addition to white sneakers,

Black flat sports shoes also have a sense of literature and versatile.

When wearing black trousers, choose black transportation

Shoe ratio

Wearing white looks more handsome and younger. There are a lot of increased internal styles in sneakers. This time I recommend rare

Flat -bottom style, there is

The literary sense of wearing canvas shoes is suitable for matching when wearing loose long skirts.

In addition to skirts, sports shoes are of course suitable for matching

Short pants and trousers.

However, when mating with shorts, choose different styles according to the style of clothing. For example, choose

Black sports shoes,

More suitable for shorts with more stable sports style, handsome and capable aura is very


If you choose white sneakers or beige, this kind of shoes that are also a bit literary but more refreshing, or try to design more simple and young

Short skirts will be more fashionable.

One -word sandalwood

Words of sandals are very popular whether it is flat or high -heeled. Although the lines are very simple elements, the literary sense and refreshing effect that can be displayed after wearing it is

Very delicate.

Especially the black one -character sandals, the unique sense of advance

Not heartbroken.

If you are wearing a black skirt, it is very good to match with

Charm shoes,

Then your clothing style will be more delicate and exquisite. It is precisely because the lines are simple and white

Also show the back of the foot,

That’s why this designed sandals are well matched.

Although the sandals of a word are very feminine, the delicate small detail design will make the sandals show a variety of different styles, like adding metal buttons, which will make the shoes make the shoes.

Look at the style


It’s a little handsome.

This handsome feeling will look like a skirt

Extra unique

If you match the sport -style pants, the gas field will be domineering a lot, even if there is only a small small

Metal buckle

, Can change the style.

However, when matching the lady’s style and business style clothing, it is still more recommended with a simple style sandals or high -heeled sandals.


But no matter what color you choose business style skirts, it is very suitable for a black one

Demon shoes.

Do not adjust the color of the shoes because of the color change of the skirt, otherwise it will be too easy to show

Not high -level.


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