“Letter sweater+skirt” is a pair of temperament CP. It is full of elegant age reduction in spring

Whenever it is in the spring season, it is the most frequent season to wear sweaters. The sweater is simple, comfortable, and casual visual effects in spring. The sweater with a skirt is full of femininity.


Of course, the combination of different sweaters and skirts is not only a style, but it is not quite satisfactory to match. In fact, the letters sweater combined with skirts are combined with full age, and they can be very elegant.


Pure -colored sweaters do not satisfy many women’s pursuit of fashion, so you can try to bring letter design without exaggeration and not monotonous.


At the same time, to avoid tight -fitting styles, if it is more and more popular, the loose version can be used as the preferred. When matching a skirt in daily life, you can wear a sense of freedom.


For example, this basic gray sweater with pleated skirts, the effects shaped are feminine and casual. It is just right. It can show a better figure and cover the flesh on the body.

Mature women can always present a sense of high -level when matching clothing, because they do not choose too many decorated items at will, but are based on basic models and basic colors.

In the spring and summer seasons, you must master the essentials of matching. Choose the clothes that do not need too much design and color. The sweater starts from the perspective of color. Choose a black letter sweater with a skirt, elegant and beautiful, and there is no need to be too fancy.


If you like a more concise and clean shape, white must be the first choice. This white has red or black letters. The skirts are different, and the style of the presentation is different.

The white lace skirt with the same color is more feminine. If it is paired with a black A -line skirt to show a sense of contour, in fact, the skirt can also show a neutral handsome style. The combination of black and white is too perfect.

In addition to the choice of upper body sweater, the choice of skirts should also be considered, because the main problems of many Asians are concentrated in the lower half.

Especially below the waist, problems such as width and thighs will occur. Therefore, the selected skirts can be modified as much as possible to the crotch and hips to solve the problems of thighs.

If it is a woman with a better figure, you can also try the fishtail skirt. The fishtail skirt mainly highlights the figure.

When pairing with a loose version of the sweater, wearing a casual style and showing a strong femininity, this skirt is not very friendly to women with width or thick thighs.

If you like the color of the skirt, you should also try to choose a simpler pattern as much as possible, because the color will highlight the lower body. When the body is not very perfect, choosing too fancy skirts will increase the problem of the lower body.

The sweater can also be paired with a plaid element skirt. No matter how long it is, this classic fashion element is never outdated, and the same color system is used in the matching. , Instead look good.

In spring, you can try the combination of “letters and skirts”. This is a pair of temperament CP, which can easily wear elegant femininity.


Author: ArticleManager