I only recommend these 3 ovens for everyone online for everyone

Although the oven is very inconspicuous in our kitchen, it is very different from that it is not as big as it is. In spring, a skewers are baked in summer, seafood roasted in autumn, and a sweet potato is roasted in winter. tasty! If you are here, you can still use the oven with a small dew. But I went to JD.com to search for “oven”, good guy! The results of 800,000+ search results, ranging from tens to tens of thousands. If you want to choose a oven that suits you from this, it is really difficult to choose not to do some homework. Here I recommend three oven that is suitable for our home. At the end of the article, I will attach selection skills for your reference.

3 preparations for home use recommendations

Simple and generous function rich Mijia steamed oven 30L

网上80万款电烤箱 我只推荐这3款烤箱给大家

The Mijia steaming oven has a large capacity design of 30L, full -door three -dimensional fuselage, supporting three layers of cooking and barbecue. In the pure steam mode, 1200W high -power evaporation disks, 30s quickly produced steam, and can be used 120min at a time. In the baking mode, the 360 ​​-degree hot air circulation in the cavity can reach 1450W. At the same time, this steaming oven is also equipped with air -frying mode, which is multi -purpose. Support the Mijia APP intelligent interconnection. 5 self -cleaning mode. 3 layers of space. Satisfy the cooking of a variety of dishes in your home, and instantly increase the happiness index of the family.

网上80万款电烤箱 我只推荐这3款烤箱给大家

Simple and easy to operate Jiuyang 32L electric oven

This product has a retro value, classic and durable, 32L large capacity can meet the meal of about 10 people; the operating interface is clear at a glance, easy to get started, four knobs are controlled independently. Cooking demand; stainless steel heating pipe, with diamond pattern backboard, 240 reflective surfaces, make the temperature in the cavity more uniform. The price of less than 200 yuan is still worth starting.

网上80万款电烤箱 我只推荐这3款烤箱给大家

Face value and practical coexistence of MR8800 electric oven

The design of the MR8800 electric oven is relatively retro. It adopts flip design, double -layer independent temperature control technology, built -in NFC temperature probe, sensitive capture temperature changes, M -shaped upper water pipe heat sources, face -like heat disks evenly heat dissipation, 360 degrees heat heat, 360 degrees heat heat Gathering force, irrigation -style heat plate, higher thermal effect and safer. When intelligent control temperature control, 40-230 ° 10-gear control temperature, 0-60min sensitive time, high-quality food-grade coating, oil is not residual, 4 colors are available. Thermal power is 1600W. There are also rich baking tray accessories to start, gathered in the face value and practicality.

Choose the oven tips:

网上80万款电烤箱 我只推荐这3款烤箱给大家

1. Clarify the needs of our home: If we only need to bake or have steam boxes in the home, it is recommended to start a single -function oven. If your kitchen is enough, it is recommended to consider the embedded baking;

2. Is the oven power better, the better? In fact, it is not. Except for professional or very niche enthusiasts, it is enough for us to buy about 1000W for ordinary families.

3. About capacity: It is still the best for us to buy from our family population and the size of the room. House of 4: 25L-45L, desktop oven; 5-7 people and the kitchen area is sufficient: 45-70L, preferred in embedded oven;

4. Try to choose oven with stainless steel heating pipes: At present, there are two main types of heating pipe materials: two types of quartz pipes and stainless steel pipes. Among them, the texture of quartz pipes is crispy and easy to break. Select the stainless steel tube heating pipe material.

5. Price: I don’t recommend too low and too high. The mainstream oven is generally around 300-1000 yuan. If your budget is limited to 300-500 yuan, you can choose a lot. The price is actually better, which is better than 300-500 gear in terms of material, workmanship, design, and temperature control system. Of course, if you have sufficient budget and a large population, and the area reserved in the kitchen is also sufficient, you can consider one step in place to look at the embedded oven, try to buy a large capacity as much as possible, and the temperature control will be better.


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