Wearing skirts with stockings can avoid embarrassment!

Stockings play a pivotal role in the overall matching of clothing. Not only can it protect the skin of the legs and feet, cover the flaws on the skin, but also match the clothes to make women add more charm. The matching of stockings is an important part that must not be ignored in the overall combination!

However, the choice of stockings must not be perfunctory. It is not easy to choose to wear it reasonably according to its own characteristics and dress style, so you’d better know the trick to choose wearing socks. The following are for your reference:

1. The color of stockings in the packaging will be darker than the color of the skin, it is best to try it by hand. When buying, buy a little deeper than your favorite color.

2. Women with thicker legs should wear dark, straight or fine stripe stockings. Because these can produce a sense of contraction, making the legs look thinner.

3. Girls with thin legs are suitable for light or bright colors, with horizontal patterns or large flowers patterns. It is best to match flat shoes, so that the visual effects are light color and feel fat.

4. Fashionable and avant -garde girls always wear complex dresses, and stockings on their legs should be simple and refreshing.

5. For professional women who are busy at work everyday, you may wish to choose some clean -colored stockings. Just remember the basic methods of dark clothing with dark stockings, light -colored clothing with light -colored light socks.

6. The simple and clear top tops can be matched with stockings with slightly delicate patterns, which can add some beautiful and touching feeling.

7. When participating in the evening dress, the stockings with a pair of back -up bones highlight the elegant and generous style. But when wearing such stockings, remember not to twist the back of the back bone, otherwise it will be extremely lost.


8. The color of stockings and shoes must be lined, and the color of stockings should be slightly lighter than the color of leather shoes.

9. If the shoe itself is very colorful, try to choose the socks of the socks or the darker color socks on the socks of the socks.

10. Dahua patterns and opaque stockings should be the most suitable for flat shoes.

11. Small and transparent stockings should be matched with high heels.

12. White stockings and white shoes are not suitable for wearing. Because it is easy to make people look fat and short, it should be avoided.

The effect of socks is to connect and knee skirts and shoes without showing no disturbances. Light -colored shoes with skin tone or white socks; dark shoe can be equipped with dark gray, transparent gray, transparent black socks; when the knee skirt is light, regardless of shoes The shades of color should be matched with skin stockings, and some shiny transparent stockings are also good.

In short, color socks selected in the same color system are the simplest and most error -prone ways. Do not wear colorful stockings, it will make people feel frivolous and lack a sense of stability. In addition to the matching of clothing, in addition to the matching of the clothing itself, it also needs to rely on the matching of many accessories in order to show a better overall effect.

Story of Stockings-Color

Color has a magical effect, and the use of colors will make you charm:

social occasion

: Suitable to wear gray stockings, wine red, black, gray, and purple can make you look solemn, noble, and calm.


Entertainment venue

: It is suitable to wear gorgeous colors to express themselves. Ming Orange, Lemon yellow, and water green are the choice of personality.

operating hours

: Should wear dark stockings, silver gray, dark blue, and black can make you show a calm and wise side.


Family gathering

: The brisk colors are very popular. Light powder, pearl white, light yellow, and blue blue can regulate the mood.

Sports occasion

: Choose bright colors, red, white, and yellow make you look vibrant.

Using color can also change your figure:

fat people:

Suitable for dresses with dark and cold colors: dark blue, red purple, black, coffee.

Thin person


: It is suitable for wearing bright and warm colors to expand color: pure white, bright orange, blue blue, water green, red.

Color stockings:

The more “emerging”, the more you have to have considerable clothing color matching skills.

The fast way is to master the following three rules:


As well as

The color of the stockings echo the color of the top, so that the stockings are not too eye -catching;


The colors of stockings and other accessories are as consistent as possible, and they are contrasting colors with skirts.


So far, no more than 4 types of colors (including accessories).

For multi -colored patterns, you must choose the same “color” stockings that are quite eye -catching in the upper fit. Student blue skirt is very “lady”, with white stockings and light -colored shirts, don’t have a pure taste. Ordinary flesh -colored stockings, if it has a fashionable gloss, with a white skirt with the same shiny sense, and the bright contrast, it will sweep the mediocre feeling of meat -colored stockings. At this time, the color of stockings can also choose a somewhat glossy light blue.


Story of stockings-

1. General principle: The matching of stockings needs to pay attention to personal hairstyles, skin tone, age, and clothes.

2. It is not tall and not suitable for stockings that are too big.


3. Sweets with colorful stockings can choose to contrast. Such as yellow socks with purple shoes, red socks with black shoes, if the temperament is good enough, green socks can be boldly matched with red shoes.

4. Hot pants can be matched with the socks of the soles of the feet.

5. Stockings themselves can be mixed and worn, such as: red long stockings with black middle stockings.

6. Transparent stockings pentaches can be mixed and matching short skirts, which looks very playful, but there are requirements for age. It is best not to match like this when you are over 30 years old.


7. Transparent or colorful stockings can be matched with back -force shoes and sports sweater, which looks vibrant.

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