Bringing green+classic and cute ripples, such a green wave dot dress, it’s so beautiful

Bring the green with a sense of coolness,

How can people not love in the hot summer day?

When green encounters white wave dots,

Fresh and cute,

Even more loved …

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Recalling old ramie wave dot dresses

¥ 395


You dare to say,

Such a green wave dot dress,

Do you not love?

I love it anyway,

Endless love!

This skirt,

In addition to wave dot elements and green,


It makes people love it very much,


Simple style design is also very beloved,

I like simple ones,

Be a simple woman,

Wear a simple skirt,

It feels particularly good!

Alas, I suddenly wanted to go out and walk,

Because the epidemic has been trapped for too long,

I dare not go anywhere this year,

But today I want to go out for a walk,


Especially after seeing this green wave dot skirt,

I want to go out and walk more,

I think this skirt must be good -looking,

I haven’t taken pictures for a long time,

Going out and walking just want to take pictures of the early summer scenery,

Leave good memories.

Look, how beautiful it is!

Alas, when will the epidemic end end?


End quickly!


How do you think this wave dot skirt?


Like it? If you like it,

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