What are the brands of cabinets? How to install wiring in the cabinet? I can finally set the line this time

The cabinet is an indispensable equipment in the machine room. Almost weak electricity has contact. Some friends have always asked about the brand and installation details of the cabinet. In this issue of the weak electricity industry, let’s understand the detailed content of the cabinet.

1. What are the brands of network cabinets?

As a must -have equipment for the computer room, there are too many brands of the cabinet. There are many large manufacturers and small manufacturers.

Commonly used cabinet brands

(names not listed in order).

Of course, except for the above brands, Yue Tu, Hewlett -Packard, Golden Shield, ZTE, Datang Guard, Datang Bodyguard, etc., are all the cabinet brands we use in the project; where the totems, Weitu, and Yue map product lines are all the product lines are all products lines. The comprehensive cabinet brand has a good reputation in the industry.

1. Cabinet installation requirements

1. Before installation of the cabinet, check whether the cabinet’s exhaust equipment is intact, whether the number of devices is complete, as well as whether the pulley and the support pillar are intact.

2. Cabinet models, specifications, installation positions, and design requirements.

3. The vertical deviation of the cabinet should be not greater than 3mm, and the level error should not be greater than 2mm. Several cabinets are tied together, and the panel should be on the same plane


The benchmark line is parallel

, Between the front and rear bias are not greater than


; The gap between the two cabinets must not be greater than 3mm. For equipment with a certain interval between each other, the front and rear deviations of the panels are not allowed

Greater than 5mm


4. Various parts of the cabinet must not fall off or break. If the paint surface is shedding, the paint should be pre -painted. Various signs should

Complete, clear

5. The installation of the cabinet should be firm. When there are earthquake resistance requirements, according to the construction drawing

Reinforcement of seismic design

6. Cabinet

It should not be installed on the active floor

, The base size of the device should be made, the base is directly fixed with the ground, the cabinet is fixed on the base, and the active floor is laid;

7. Install the cabinet panel. There should be 800mm space in front of the frame, and the back of the cabinet


The distance from the wall should be greater than 600mm

, For installation and construction;

8. Wall -mounted cabinets should be 1200mm from the ground;

9. The installation of the equipment and components in the cabinet shall be performed after the cabinet is located and fixed. The equipment installed in the cabinet should be firm.

10. The fixed screws, pads and spring cushions on the cabinet shall be fastened as required and shall not be omitted; the cabinets should be done well

Lightning protection ground protection

11. The installation of the hanging wall hanging should be installed on a flat and sturdy wall, at least 300mm from the ground, and maintaining the horizontal and vertical as the wall. The vertical deviation should be less than 3mm.

12. Open holes on the wall should avoid destroying the inner pipelines of the wall and the depth of opening the hole

No less than 70mm

The expansion screws used in the fixed cabinet must not be less than 4 (6 suspension C -type cabinets). If necessary, a support is placed under the cabinet to ensure the safety and stability of the cabinet.

13. Installation of the floor -to -ceiling cabinet, consider the door opening direction and operation convenience of the cabinet when installing the base, and give priority to the opening direction of the wiring cabin. The device cabin door and wiring cabin door must be fully opened. The cabinet should be identified after the installation of the cabinet,

The logo should be unified, clear, and beautiful

Essence After the chassis is installed, the cabinet in and out of the cable hole should be blocked by fireproof glue. Do a good job of preventing mouse, insect -proof, waterproof and moisture -proof treatment.

3. The layout of the wiring in the cabinet

1. Model of common cabinets

The specified size is the width of the server (48.26cm = 19 inches) and high (multiple of 4.445cm). Because the width is 19 inches, the racks that are sometimes satisfied are called “19 -inch racks”. The thickness is 4.445cm as the basic unit, and 1U is 4.445cm. See the table below:

2. The installation and layout and requirements of the equipment in the cabinet:

1. The cabinets are mainly divided into bottoms from top to bottom

Four areas

: AC allocation unit, wiring frame, source equipment, optical cable terminal box.

2. The AC power distribution unit is placed at the top of the cabinet from the requirements of security.

3. The voice and network wiring frame is installed in an easy -to -operate position and placed under the communication and distribution unit.


4. Line racks down to the active equipment area: Almost devices need to arrange positions according to function and cable links, such as switches, routers, and network bridges. Easy maintenance, the best arrangement order from the bottom up is the net bridge-router-switch. Large equipment is installed in the lower part of the cabinet and uses a cabinet tray to load. Due to the small volume and a large number of fiber transceivers, it cannot be fixed in the cabinet, and it is also installed on the tray.

5. The bottom house

Optical cable terminal box

Also on

Installation on the tray

3. Wandering requirements in the cabinet: (important content)

Some friends have asked about the content of the wiring in the cabinet.

1. The laying of the cable should be natural and straight, no


The phenomenon and other phenomena of the circle should not be subject to external forces

Squeeze and damage

2. Both ends of the cable should



, Should indicate the number,

Tag writing should be clear, correct and correct

Essence The label should be used for not damaged materials.

3. In terms of cable reservations, for fixed installed cabinets, there should be no reserved line length in the cabinet, and the reserved line should be reserved

Hidden place

The length is


Between 1m-1.5m

Essence For mobile cabinets, all cables connected to the cabinet should be reserved at least 1m at the entrance of the cabinet. At the same time, the difference between the reserved length of various cables should not exceed 0.5m.

4. After the cable is finally connected,


There should be a balance

5. The optical cable is applied to reserve, and the reserved length should be 3 ~ 5m. If there are special requirements, the length should be reserved according to the design requirements.

6. Different voltage levels, lines of different power categories should

Separate arrangement, separate compilation

7. The cable inside the cabinet should enter the cabinet from the bottom of the cabinet, and introduce the wiring rack up along the upper rods on both sides of the cabinet. The standard is consistent, and the large -scale cable is sorted in accordance with the combination of standard chromatography.

8. Wiring terminal

Various signs should be complete

After the data load and switch equipment are installed, the label machine is label.

Indicate the corresponding room number and port number

9. The cable must check whether the cable logo content is correct. As well as

10. In the middle of the cable

No connection

11. The end of the cable must be firm and good contact.

12. The final connection of the cable should meet the design and construction operation procedures.

13. The connection between the twisted cable and the plug -in parts shall be determined that the line number and line color standard shall be recognized.

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