“Self -driving+hiking” classic line: Chengdu -Aba County -Qinghai Jihi -Aba County -Chengdu

The specific itinerary is as follows:

D1: Chengdu -Wenchuan -Lixian -Longriba Grassland -Aba County (3290M)


After the morning shock, the Wenchao Expressway passed the Wenchuan and Lixian, lunch along the road, wearing the Laoshan Tunnel, passing the Longriba Grassland, arrived in Aba County in the afternoon, you can play in the county seat.

About 9 hours throughout the day; night Aba City at night.

D2: Aba County -Qinghai Jiuzhi -Nianbaoyu Riz -Fairy Lake -Demon Girl Lake (4000M)

Departure in the morning, 2 hours of drive reaches the Scenic Spot of Nianbaoyu. Starting hiking, you can use the horse to help the equipment. After the camp between the fairy lake and the demon lake, continue to move forward after dining and rest.


The hiking journey throughout the day is about 5 hours; the camping tent.

D3: Demon Girl Lake -Year Baokoukou — Nikko (4200M)


After breakfast, take the morning light of the camp and continue the Asahi measures. After 2 hours, you reach the platform of the main peak of the annual guarantee. After arriving at the Japanese cadre camp camp.

The trip throughout the day is about 7 hours; a meal for meals.

D4: Nikko -Xidan -Heiheqiao -Aba County

After breakfast, shoot the morning light of the camp, continue to go along the daily cadres to the west beaches, the scenery of the pasture, the whole day of the daytime trip, rest on the road in the middle of the Heihe Bridge, return to the end of the end, return to self -driving, you can return to the evening, you can return to the evening, you can return to the evening, you can return to the evening. Aba County, stay in Aba City in the night.


D5: Aba County -Chengdu


After breakfast, the original road returned to Chengdu.


1. The annual Baoyu is a scenic area that has not yet been developed. Pay attention to the altitude altitude reaction at high altitude. You must go to the city of Ji Zhi County to take off -road vehicles or trucks.


2. In the annual Baoyu, it is generally impossible to return to and from the day. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare high-mountain camps for hiking equipment. The wind-resistant alpine tent and the down sleeping bag with the temperature of -15 ° C must be available.

3. The average elevation of Yuyu is above 4000m. The temperature difference between the morning and evening is large, the weather changes, and it may occur alternately in rain and snow and sunny days. Even in the warmest July and August, wearing armal underwear, pellets, and assault jackets. Because there are many rain, the shoes and clothes are best waterproof. A few pairs of socks should be wet when crossing the river.

4. The plateau is strong. In addition to applying sunscreen to wear a sun hat, do not forget to carry gloves, especially when horses ride, gloves are very important. There is no restaurant in the Scenic Spot of the Consumption Index in the year of the consumption index, and it comes with dry food.

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