Autumn and winter college wind wearing is really sweet! Knit sweater with a half -bodies full of gentle temperament, lively and cute

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Many people want to wear, warm and gentle in autumn and winter. There are many such wear, but there are very few people who can wear temperament. In fact, you have not chose the right way of dressing. Women who are fashionable this autumn and winter will choose knitwear to wear a half skirt, not only gentle and temperament, but also lively and cute. This group of classic CP combinations are not only suitable for the student party to wear, but no problem is worn on daily commuting.

Knitwear with a half skirt is very tolerant to the body. The pear -shaped figure, the apple -shaped figure, the flat body, and the small body can be easily controlled. As long as you choose the style, you must choose according to your body to know how to avoid strengths. Knitwear with a half skirt is a very textured combination. You do n’t need too much decoration to make you elegant and temperament. Ten women who can wear them will choose this group of fashionable and classic combinations.


The gray -green V -collar sweater with low saturation does not pick the skin tone, and anyone can try it with a pleated skirt gentle and elegant. Properly exposed to V -neck sweater is not only refreshing and comfortable, but also to modify the face shape and thin. If you wear it alone, you can stack it. Whether it is a shirt or a lace top, it is fashionable and beautiful and rich in shape. Essence The oats -colored pleated skirt with smooth Oxford shoes and mid -stockings, exposing slender calves to show long legs. If you are worried about cold in autumn and winter, you can match the same color boots with pleated skirts and warm and thin.

The gray -green pullover sweater of the jets is fashionable and exquisite, making the monotonous sweater fashionable instantly. The dark small floral dress is fashionable and eye -catching. The gray -green sweater and dark dress not only weaken the skirt, but also have a high -level fashion. The skirts are exposed to slender calves and the legs are slender and high, and the shoes choose comfortable black loafers, and then put on the berets. The whole shape not only adds retro, but also fresh and sweet, which is very suitable for the student party to learn from.


The small high -collar gray -green sweater is fashionable and warm. Due to the fold design of the small high collar and the sleeves, the simple and flat sweater is fashionable instantly. Whether it is single or overlap, it can show a sense of fashion. The beige cake skirt is sweet and cute, and the cake skirt is actually very picky. If there is no tall figure, it is difficult to control and it is easy to press the height. If it is a small girl, you can choose the style that is shorter than the knee. High is also playful and lively. Knitwear with cake skirts should be stuffed into the skirt, which can not only increase the waistline, but also create a slender proportion figure.

The Navy is very popular this year, and many fashionable sophisticated street shots have all kinds of clothing wearing various naval collars. Ginger -collar sweater is fashionable and retro. It is very literary with beige cake skirt. This dress is very suitable for daily dating on the street. But turmeric is not controlled by skin tone. Girls with yellow and black skin tone should not choose such colors, which will make the skin tone more dull. The naval collar of the small V design is exquisite and stylish, so that the simple knit sweater is both fashionable and not losing its attention. Literary style.


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