Have you played “Empire Age”? The plot of this game I played when I was a kid was so exciting

1. Salardin


(1) Arabian knight

Egypt. It’s been a month since I came to the Holy Land …

I am in a foreign country, and I feel like it’s about to die. Before I was found, I wandered in the cold desert for four days. I left the horse to those wood hawks, and the armor was dedicated to the hot sun. I guess these should be the Turkish people who want to take me as a prey.

When I was able to identify their figures from the mirage, I realized that they were the ruler of the Middle East and the Sarasson. I came to the Holy Land with the Crusaders from Normani, France, and it was undoubtedly their enemies. Unexpectedly, in addition to providing water and horses, they also took me back to see their leaders. That’s how I saw Saladin. In European paintings, Saradin was portrayed as a demon and barbarians. But in fact, he has a knight style than any knight I have ever seen. I did not expect that the Salarson people were so good, unlike our Normandy people to execute all armed Arab captives. Saradin asked me to visit his camp; maybe he wanted to find someone who could record all this when the wind and blood came. Saladin’s army is driving south to Egypt to reinforce Cairo. Egypt is a must -have place for the Crusaders, but unfortunately this rich land is ruled by Yongjun. Ironically, I was watching the battle at the enemy camp. In this way, I found that I came to the place where the enemy was less than a hundred miles away from the Dead Sea.

The French were deported, and the Egyptian army could not be defeated. Saradin became the lord of the Nile. All European kings want to master the opportunity and annihilate political enemies. But Saradin allowed all Egyptians to leave the city unscathed. In order to win people’s hearts, Saladin began to build Qingye Mosque, Palace, University, and Hospital in Cairo. As for my European compatriots, while Salardin worked hard to enhance his civilization and dignity, they would only do some backdoor rebellion. This made my views on things greatly, and it made me sleep all night.

(2) The Lord of Arabia


Holy City Mai Di Na. The fifteenth year I was captured …


I have already written a book. King Saradin said that the real big deal had not happened yet. The political line in the desert has changed with the three east signs of the Crusaders. After the Salars successfully won the Egyptian, the leaders of the Crusaders began to face up to the character of Saladin and made a request to sign a treaty. I originally hoped that both parties would be able to coexist peacefully. But after all, this peace was too short, and it was immediately shattered. It was not the Salarson who destroyed peace, but the Crusaders. A bad French knight, Shadilong Renault, ignored the peace agreement and invaded the Arab territory. He threatened the tranquility of the sacred city of the Sarasson and the tranquility of McGaka. This move angered Saladin, and he vowed to take Renault’s life.


Although I was a prisoner, Saradin and his generals still set up a banquet to me. At the banquet, we discussed mathematics and astronomy. I didn’t expect the desert nation to be such clever. Baghdad, the capital of the Sarann, can be said to be the most civilized city in the world. In addition to free hospitals, public bathhouses, and postal services, there are branches far away from China. When we dine, we will inevitably talk about the topic of war. Renault’s pirate ship is now buried on the bottom of the Red Sea; his aggression is finally stopped. Although Renault escaped temporarily, I guess that Salon would not let him go.

(3) The horns of Haiding

Galley, I was captured for the twentieth year …

Last night, we encountered sandstorms. People dare not open their mouths to talk. When the sandstorm hit the waves, we only kept the neck holding the horse or the camel. The Crusades followed the team with a sacred object, the fragment of the Cross. As long as Saradin gets such a sacred thing, he can have a significant blow to the morale of his Christian enemy. I asked Saladin why he came to this place far from civilization and water. He said: “In order to prepare a scarlet funeral for our group of blue -eyed enemies.” At this time, the Cross Army was guarding the army under the two peaks of the horns of Headin to hold the foot. The entire horns of Haidin are only controlled by one Saha Latin. Unexpectedly, the Salarson people dispatched their troops at night and poured a barrel of water into the sand in front of those Europeans. This is really comparable to the torture of the Crusaders.

The battle was very fierce, and the Crusades who had to carry the battle of the water finally killed most of them. Saladin is to be kind to the captives as usual, providing ice water and comfortable camps taken on the mountain. This is the first time I have been able to talk to my compatriots for many years. But I don’t know what these so -called “invaders” say.

However, not all captives get such good treatment. Renault of Shadi Long was also captured here. Salin Guo really practiced his oath and chopped Renault’s first level with a machete. It is really ironic that the Crusades have caused our misunderstandings about the Sarasson.

(4) Jerusalem siege warfare

Jerusalem. So far, I have been living with the Salarson for two decades.

The goal of Saraddin is Jerusalem. This great and ancient city is the holy city of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and the essential capital of the Holy Land. Whoever can occupy Jerusalem can achieve the final victory. But the tricky was that Saradin decided to win the holy city without destroying the holy city. Because as long as any altar is damaged, the residents of the Holy City will treat him as another conqueror, not the liberator.


Last time I entered Jerusalem as the Crusaders, the blood was everywhere. But this time, no buildings were ransacked and no residents were harmed. Saladin almost released all the prisoners he captured.

The residents of Jerusalem called Savidin as their savior. Although Saladin promised to let me go, I decided to stay.

(5) Holy



The twenty -fifth year of Bilias, the bloody killing …

Because we are far from the sea, everything related to sea is like a symbol of heaven. I was sitting near Saladin’s camp, watching the slaughter and killing below. The Salarson Cavalry Sagittarius swept another batch of Uhhe people composed of European soldiers. The once strong Crusades have become insignificant city -states. Only Bbilias, Tel, and Asga were still under the control of the Crusaders. Nevertheless, these three cities are strong in defense, enough to resist any attacks. Saladin won countless wins in the empty desert, but has not yet encountered the Cross Castle. If he wins now, the Holy Land will once again belong to the Sarasson. But if it fails, it will lead to more killings in the next decades.

I was surprised by the lofty sentiment of the Saran Warrior. A few years ago, they fought like gentlemen, carrying treasure chests, wines, singers, pigeons, nightingale and parrots. But everything is gone. In response to Europe’s hostility and religious fanaticism, the Sarasson’s will is more firm … more bloodthirsty. Their love for art is replaced by war. Now, in order to respond to the Crusades, they use blood sacrifice to war. As a result, the Crusades caused devastating damage. Europeans have disappeared in the Holy Land. At least everyone thinks so …

(6) Lion and Demon

Akr City. I have followed Saladin for nearly 21 years …

When the news of Saladin’s victory in Jerusalem came to Europe, another wave of crosses were launched. The three major powers in Europe -the king of the British, France, and the Holy Roman Empire led hundreds of thousands of troops to the Holy Land. Saladin knew that his most dangerous opponent was the British Lion Heart King Richard; Richard became an outstanding strategist in the process of fighting his biological father. He established a huge fortress and always welcomed the enemy at the front line -it was a typical example of a legendary warrior. Richard’s army went ashore near Aksur. When the two British giant stone casts attacked the walls of Akshl, most of the soldiers of Saladin were trapped in the city. Salin understands that at this moment is the climax of the Holy Wars. All the Crusades have perished. If the Salarson people can keep Ackle City, the European army will only return to the house. However, if Aksur is lost, the nightmare of endless war invading for a century will start again. All the victory of Saradin will also be a torch.


The war is over. The fire of Richard’s desire for conquest also extinguished. These two respective opponents started peace talks and achieved peace consensus. War is harmful to people’s health. Richard was so hot. Because of respecting his enemies, Saladin sent fruits and high mountains to Richard to express his condolences. Soon, Richard returned to Britain. The third crossing of the Crusades ended.

The final agreement was signed on September 2, 1192. The clause is owned by Jerusalem to the Sarainson, but the Christian pilgrims must be freely and safely to go to the Holy Land. This seems to be an appropriate compromise solution for disputes caused by religion and land. Although the war has ended, I don’t think I can see Normandy again. I want to see the cast steel factory of Damascus and the Harry Garden of Baghdad. I have never seen the strong Khak Cavaliers Castle, and the Templar Cavaliers Fortress that has been destroyed. There are too many wonderful landscapes in the Holy Land, which is enough to make me live here for the rest of my life. The Holy Land finally returned to calmness. But it is sad that in the land that is not only a hometown of many different cultures, but also the land of the three major religions in the world, I have a hunch. One day the dust here will be stained with blood again.


(Saladin dare to love and hate and the spirit of the knight unique to that era, the blood and tears of the Crusades, the war, and peace)

Second, Monte Suma

(1) Blood rule

记载这段文字的是科提墨克,阿兹特克的雄鹰战士:一个征兆出现在森林上方,就像谷穗的形状,将天空照耀得黎明一般,仿佛是流淌着火焰一滴一滴,宛如The wound of the blue sky. I am a soldier, not a priest. It is not clear what this sign means. I asked the prophets and warlocks whether this represents a new war is coming. But they always answer me in mysterious words. “God wants more sacrifice” is their answer, which is their only answer.

In the name of sacrifice, our empires have lost many rainforests and volcanic areas. The warlock told us that in order to ensure that the solar continues to rise, we must give sacrifice for God every day. The relay team took two days to bring my news to Toncilan City, two hundred miles away. Two days later, my uncle, the emperor of Aztec, and Monte Suma responded. Monte Suma’s priests predict that the feather snake god is about to return to the world. In addition, what else can explain this sign? Monter ordered the soldiers to defend the past victory and adhere to the rainforest area between the territory and hostile forces. We must control the four temples that worship the feathers and snake gods. The Aztek Empire was strong and continued to expand territory. We have many enemies, and we must protect these temples from being destroyed by the enemy to welcome the ultimate advent of the feathers.

When our warriors occupied all the temples and defeated the enemies there, when Ricio and Tellako, we embarked on the way back to Tonki Tiram, full of gifts that brought the emperor Monte Suma: Emerald , Feather and those prisoners of war. We are so huge that we are based on the lake, and it is incredible for those who live in the rain forests all year round. Monte Suma and his wives live in the most luxurious part of the palace. When we reported the situation, he was enjoying the chocolate drink in the golden cup. The musician played a wonderful melody, and the masked girl performed a moving dance. When my uncle boarded the throne, a grand celebration was held here, but today some people suspect his leadership ability. He sometimes looks indecisive, and rarely leads the soldiers in person. Monte Suma’s pastors foreshadows that the feather snake gods will come to the world again. I have contributed to his arrival, so I was promoted to the American tiger warrior and gave a new obsidian war knife. A lot of celebrations were held in the city that night, and there was aroma in the air. But when I walked on the ladder of the palace, I could still see the signs from the lake, as if a bunch of electric light was shot to the midnight sky. Kotimk, the American tiger warrior in Tonici, recorded.

(2) Three Kingdoms Alliance


Records this text is Kotimerk, Tonkilan’s American tiger warrior: The anger of the gods seems to be still calm. In the same year, another sign appeared. The temple that worships the demon ~ The hot flames suddenly erupted. When people hurriedly splashed the water at the fire, they caused a more intense explosion. I asked how my uncle Meng could please the gods. His arrogant priests responded: the Aztec Empire needed more prisoners of war. The sun god and the rain god, and even the feather snake god asked us for more sacrifice.

We have two allies in the city -state of Tonici, and together formed the Three Kingdoms Alliance. Monte Suma ordered the Three Kingdoms Alliance to our long -term enemies, and Trakoskra launched an attack. In accordance with the convention, I sent bows, arrows, shields, and cloaks to Tellakos carat to show declarations. Then we marching deep into the forest, and soon the banner of the American tiger and eagle was about to meet the flag of Trakoskra’s goshawk. The birds flying in the rain forest covering the sky, it seemed to escape the upcoming blood rain.

The first to arrival Tonicia describes the scene where the fort and hills float on the sea. The news from Monte Suma is becoming more and more exaggerated: they can fire stones, spraying electric light and burning flames can easily crush their weapons. They ride on the back of the giant deer. Their sword is iron, their bow and arrows are iron, their shields are iron, their armor is iron. Obviously, the feather snake god returned to earth!

Monte Suma was sitting on the throne that after listening to these panic reports, ordered to send rich gifts to the comes, hoping that the feather snake god would be kind to him when he came to Tonki Tilan. “He is back,” he said to me quietly, “He is looking for everything that belongs to him.” I held the weapon in my hand and didn’t speak. How can I oppose the emperor’s words? Kotimk, the American tiger warrior in Tonici, recorded.

(3) Feather snake god

Records this text is Kotimk, the American tiger warrior in Tonicia: Another signs appeared, and the lake around the huge city Tonicia set off a huge wave. A lot of houses near the neighbor are involved in the water. The messenger who accompanied the empire would meet the coming. We traveled through the territory of the hostrakoskra and moved towards the coast. In the end, we walked out of the forest. While we welcomed us, we still left our weapons. I told them that we were the messenger of Emperor Aztekmumo. Their leader said that they were Spanish, and his name was Cordus. Although their armor and mounts seem to come from another world, for me, they are not like feathers. We presented the best cotton yarn and poultry feathers to Cordus. But it seems that he is more interested in those golden accessories. He kept asking us if there was more gold in Tonkici. So far, Cordus has not encountered any powerful resistance on the way to Tella Coskra. The Spaniards initially had some battles with Tracoskra, but when Cordus heard that the area of ​​Tonotilan and the number of Aztec Warriors, he suggested Anti -attack on Toncilan.

Although Aztec’s soldiers fought bravely, we were still frightened by the animals riding by the Spanish and the firearms in their hands. We resisted this attack, but I think it is best to retreat from Tonci Tilan and report to Montezoma. I don’t know if my uncle Montezuma is timid or protects us from the anger of the gods. He gave more gifts to the Spaniards and invited Cordus to the kingcheng in his personal name. I was present when Monte Suma greeted on the outside of the city. Those Spanish have never seen any cities similar to Toncilan. They stared at the colorful bazaar and pyramids, standing on the artificial island in the center of Stockco. Some Spanish soldiers asked if they were all dreams, and these landscapes were unheard of and incredible. Monte Suma brought Cordus to the top of the pyramid and introduced him to the waterways and neighborhoods that were distributed vertical and horizontal. However, Cordus was more concerned about those gold jewelry and incorporated the gold he could find into the pocket. I no longer believe that these people are feathers.

Kotimk, the American tiger warrior in Tonici, recorded.

(4) Laruca’s sorrow


Recording this text is Kotimk, Toncirang’s prisoner: I didn’t see the next signs, but just listening to a woman crying at night, she failed to hide her child. Many doubts have troubled the emperor Monte Suma: Is Cortes a feather snake god, or is he just an ordinary person? Just as the emperor fell into thought, the emotions of residents in the city became increasingly unstable. Cordus always sent someone to monitor the emperor, and soon Montezuma became a prisoner in his palace. The Spaniards did not hurt a soldier and occupied Toncilan. Spanish soldiers collected gold everywhere, and they didn’t care about it was our art or decorations. They just wanted to find all gold and bring it back to Spain.

They faked the name of God’s name, and when the priests protested, they were ruthlessly killed. The residents and soldiers of Toncilan were completely angry. We know that these people are by no means God regardless of whether the emperor admits or not. The riots first erupted in the market and palace. When Monte Suma himself appeared on the city wall, he hoped that everyone could calm down, and the angry crowd threw stones at him. It’s time for us to drive these so -called gods out of Tonkilan.

The Spaniards called the La Noche Triste that night and explained in their language as a sad night. Although the Spaniard has set up many roadblocks in our city and palace, our offense has not stopped. We drove the Spanish and Tellakos Clarks out of Toncilan with bow and arrows, slingshots and spears, and chased them to three bridges across the lake. Thousands of people died, and those Spaniards were not killed by the war knife and javelin, but because they were reluctant to leave the treasure and drowned into the water. Toncilan became a ruin, but the city returned to our hands. Many heroic Aztec soldiers were killed, including the distinguished Monte Suma. The Spanish said that we killed him with stones. For us, this is also a sad night. Kotimk, the defender of Tonici Timland, recorded.

(5) The lake of boiling

Recording this text is Kotimk, Tonciram’s emperor: Montezuma’s death made us even more angry. I decided to lead the soldiers to attack in person. “Now, Kotimk,” the pastor said to me, “You are our new emperor.” Cordus hasn’t gone far, and because of carrying a lot of gold, their actions have become slow. When they tried to board the lake shore to escape, our soldiers followed the canoe to follow up and chase. I ordered other soldiers to launch an offense from land. Obviously, Cordus wanted to escape back to the territory of the ally, Tracosekra. On the north bank of Stockco, we caught up with the escape Spanish.

I hope that the surviving Spaniards can see how their companions are dragged into the pyramid. Maybe they will understand why the Aztecs are so awesome of the feathers. Maybe they feel the same horrible. After the battle, many jobs are waiting for us to do it. During the battle with the Spaniards, our city was greatly damaged. The priests began to renovate the temple, and Chong Shuo was destroyed by the Spanish. A sudden plague swept Troylandland. We started a grand sacrifice ceremony. Many people can’t act, they can only lie on the bed; there are still many lost their lives. I don’t know if the gods are still dissatisfied with us, or this may also be a weapon used by the Spaniards. If Koltus is back now, he will see an extremely weak city. I can’t let this happen. Kotimk, the emperor of Tonici, recorded.

(6) Rusty spear


Records this text is Cotimk, Tonciram’s emperor: the Spaniards may come back at any time. I once hoped that Cordus had been fled back to the other end of the sea, but he was still preparing to counterattack at Tella Cos Cera. I think he will not give up any gold that can be handled. He still dreams of wealth and glory, and the Spaniard will attack Toncilan again. In Trakoskra, Cordus built many warships on land, and cut a pathway to Lake Stockco in the rainforest. He knew that our soldiers would stick to the three bridges leading to Toncilan, but our defense on the water was very weak. To meet this last battle, I called all the troops. The priests call on everyone to fight to defend the glorious city of Aztec and our glorious city. When I boarded the corner of the pyramid, the soldiers ignited the fireworks and said they were ready. Toncilan is about to be attacked, and the heroic Aztec warrior will offer his life without hesitation.

Not long ago, 500,000 Aztec’s home, the great Tonicilan industry has become a ruin. But we will build a new city. We once built this city and many temples, and we can also complete this project again. The Aztek Empire eventually endured this challenge, but soon the Spaniards came here. I don’t know if there is a place for our body in this new world. I could have asked God, but I knew that the answer must be to offer more sacrifices, but our blood has flowed too much. My people made a song to commemorate the war that has not yet ended:


“The broken spear was lying on the road, and I pulled off my hair in sadness. The house was gone with the roof, and the wall was covered with blood.”

Kotimk, the emperor of Tonici, recorded.

(The helplessness brought by the collision of civilization, from the soldiers to the emperor, the painful change from the warrior. Fate)

Three, Attila

(1) The whip of God

A spear -pierced head is displayed in the chapel of Salang, which is really creepy loot. It took me a few weeks to get the courage to ask the priest’s reason to save it for saving it.


The elderly pastor stared out the window for a long time, remembering the years of the past. “I was there at the time,” he finally said, “On the battlefield of the Catalonian plains, follow General Atuise and the Gothic King Odrik.” I know that there was a decades ago. After a fierce battle, farmers can still use plows to flip out the skeleton and broken shields from the field. “Who is that, the priest?” I asked him, “Who are you fighting with?” The old man turned to stare at me, and his deep eyes almost suffocated me. “The Huns King Etila.” After that, he told me the whole story. In the 5th century, the powerful Hungarian came here through the vast wilderness, eager to squeeze wealth from the Roman Empire that was weakened by the invasion of the domestic corruption and barbaric people. It is the Hungarian who expelled various brutal tribes out of his home. These horrible soldiers come from the Asian prairie. Their bodies have become ugly due to special religious rituals. The Hungarians spent all their lives on the saddle, and their legs have changed their shapes. The Hungarian has the appearance of the appearance, and they are also different from the general assaulters. This power comes from their leader Attira, a man who claims to be the whip of God. Attira and his brothers illa led the entire Hungarian tribe. Not only were they plundered, they also destroyed Skytai and Persia.

I asked the priest’s Oande more about the experience of legendary figure Attila. In the story that has been circulating to this day, he is portrayed as a demon. “He is an individual.” The pastor said, “But he is different from the Romans, and he never believes in the gods of Rome. This is the cause of all the war.” Speaking of this, the father of the priest Anda seems to be there. The cold wind in the window trembled slightly. The leadership of the barbaric tribe is not maintained by divine rights or descent, and only the strongest can appear on the throne. Attila is the most outstanding warrior among Hungarian. He claims that the old weapon he waved in his hand was the sword of Masis, which originally belonged to the sharp blade of the ancient Roman God of War. Attila often turns his eyes well, just like he likes to spread horror.

Attira has the strength of others above others, and many people choose to follow him. Many alien people, such as Skytai, Burgundy, and Gothics, have also joined his legion. The most noteworthy of these people is the son of the Roman nobleman who is sent to the Hungarian tribes as a hostage that ensures peaceful relationship with the Hungarian and Rome. His name is Freletz Aturtus, which is a name that will not be forgotten by history.

(2) The first riding in the world

The memory of the past seemed to have recovered at once, and the priest Oande said his experience in warm words. He explained to me that Hungarian people, like other barbaric people, have a different way of fighting with ancient Rome or Frank. The Hungarian often gathered into an intensive formation of the enemy, shot fire to attack, and quickly evacuated the front line. At that time, European countries were accustomed to lining the legion into queues or squares during operations, and even launched a single -to -order challenge to the enemy. They cannot adapt to this combat style of Hungarian people at all.

The barbaric nation is not like ordinary conquerors. They never try to guard and settle in the city they attack, but start large -scale destruction and plunder, and then carry loot to the tent of the tribe. At that time, the ancient Roman Empire had split into two parts, and the governors believed that Rome itself could not effectively manage such a huge imperial territory. Attira and his soldiers launched a constant raid against the East Roman Empire.


Neasas City in the Roman Empire completely disappeared after fierce war. The Huns were quite completely destroyed. When the Roman envoy passed there, they had to sleep outside the city. The corpse by the river piled up like a mountain, and the strong bad odor emitted by the corpse made them unable to enter the city. A assassination plan was hidden among the Roman messengers at the Attila camp. Somehow, Attira kept aware of the conspiracy. He sent the scary assassin with the gold coins he got to perform the assassination mission back to Rome. After this incident, the Hungarian has clearly learned that the Romans will not yield easily. In order to protect their wealth, they still try to prevent the Hungarian invasion with force. The fierce battle seems unavoidable.


(3) The wall of Constantinople

So far, the Romans have had many experience in contact with the barbaric nation. They will cut off some useless land located on the border as a symbolic tribute. Before Attira arrived, this strategy seemed very effective for those Hungarian tribes who settled in the Danube Basin. After Attila became the leader of Hungarian, everything changed. He is more aggressive than the previous Huns king. He asked for more tribute to Rome, and when he was required to be rejected, Attila led the army to the East Roman Empire. His goal is the Eastern Roman Emperor, known for its solid city, and the Constantinople, who had a golden soup in the past long years. Now Attila’s raid is over, the Hungarian has begun to march forward with a slow and unstoppable momentum. If the Romans do not return to tribute, waiting for them will be completely destroyed.

“What do he want to do?” I asked, “Do you want to be the emperor of Rome?”

The title of emperor is meaningless for the Hungarian. Attila is not a designated heir, he is called king in the tribe with his strong strength. He has no strong desire for wealth. When the leaders of the Hungarian tribe enjoyed the food on the silver tableware, Etira used only some wooden plates and wine glasses. His Skytai Guardians used the sharp sword inlaid with gemstones, wearing a cloak with a golden hook, but Etila himself didn’t care at all.


The only thing he was interested in was only constantly conquering. Some people think that Attila tries to build a great achievement similar to or even surpassing Alexander Great Emperor. All the barbaric people are eager to capture Rome, and it seems that they can declare that they are the empires that cross the intercontinental. Unlike most other barbaric people, Attila’s footsteps are not far from success.

(4) Banquet of barbarians

The Emperor of the Western Roman Empire had a younger sister named Honoria, which made a ridiculous decision after being limited to the life of the court over the past few years. She sent a letter to King Etira of the Huns, asking Attila to marry her. Obviously, Hooria does not understand what kind of consequences of her behavior. Attira has a group of wives and concubines, but he immediately saw the benefits of this marriage. As a result, the Xiongnu’s marching plan changed. He no longer cares about the Eastern Roman Empire of Dingdu Constantinople, but surrendered his gaze in the West Roman Empire in Rome. He wanted to take half of the Western Roman Empire as his colorful gift. Attila took the Hungarian army across the Rhine and formed an alliance with other barbaric people. The Burgundy and the East Gothic joined the Army of Attila, and the Roman camps also won the combat power of the Sigs. When Attira attacked Gaul, which is what we now call Frank, he will use force to seize the right to get the marriage contract with Hoinolia with force.


The elderly priest lowered his head deeply and continued to tell the situation at the time. I could feel the huge grief brought to him in this heavy memory. Before Attira saw his fiancee Honoria and conquered the entire Rome, he would never stop. This brings unprecedented damage to Gaul’s land. People were tortured like hell, their bodies were torn by violent horses, and their bones were crushed by heavy carriages. The unburocked body was abandoned on a wide road, and the wild dog came to eat. The stumps on the side of the road are covered with skulls, extending from Gaul to the departure of Hungarian -the Danube. The Hungarian siege on Olliang City. Attila once faced the solid city wall of Constantinople, he had mastered a lot of siege tactics. Just as the Hungarian was about to succeed, there was a lot of dust on the horizon in the distance, and the Aturesti and his Roman Legion finally came.

(5) Catalonia’s field

“Now,” Father Anda said, “I have also joined this story.” The fierce battle between Hungarian and Romans opened the presence at the end of July 451. The commander of the Roman Legion was Atustis, a well -known star, he was detained by Etila as a hostage as a child. Atos knows the combat methods of Attila and Hungarian. Since returning to the Western Roman Empire, he has made greater efforts than anyone, so that Rome can still be maintained during the period when barbarians were invaded. His legion is obviously not enough to compete with Attila, so Atuces has established an alliance with Allen and Sigo. Although these tribes themselves have common hatred to the Hungarian, the establishment of this military alliance is still a great achievement of Atshis. After the Hungarian was eager to fight, the Wizard of Attila, after checking the internal organs of livestock and the color of sheep bones, made a prediction of the Hungarian who would defeat in the Catalonian plain. However, the diviners also foreseen the commander of the hostile forces will be killed in this battle. After careful consideration, Attila made a decision that the defeat of this battle was still worth it because he would face the enemy of Atos and Gothic. Before the start of the blood war, Attira held Masis’s sword and stood in front of the army to go. He announced to his subordinates: “This is the power to give us revenge flames in the heart of God. I will throw the first spear at the enemy. If anyone can ignore the Attila attack, then he can only be a dead person. “,”

This is an extremely tragic battle, perhaps one of the largest war scenes in history. The blood of the soldiers turned the stream into a rushing red rapids. I am very pitiful those who are forced to use this river to quench their thirst. “Endless flesh and blood”, the Romans described this after the war. Thousands of corpses are located on the field, and about 300,000 people lose their lives in Catalonia. It is said that the ghost of the deceased continued to fight for a few days and nights after the war. “At that time, I was only a few feet away from the terrible Huns. He was looking for the tribal chiefs and alliances. When he discovered me, I was curled up under my shield, and I already had the awareness of being killed. But Attila did not kill me. He saw that I was a clergy and asked me to be his follower. “” This is why you know the Hungarian so. “I said. The pastor nodded. In addition to the terrible killings, this legendary battle has not yet been exactly the result. Attila lost a large number of cavalry, but the entire Romans’ entire legion was completely destroyed. No one has known whether the Huns will continue to pursue Honoria. “What about that prophecy?” I asked, “Is Atust died?” No. It was not Atustis, but the Gothic King Odrek, which completed another part of the prophecy. Atos knows that if he completely eliminates the Hungarian, the Sigo special people will no longer need the Roman alliance, and Rome will face the threat of another barbaric nation. As a result, Atshis ended his military career, hoping that this fierce battle in the Catalonian Plain will lead to confrontation between the Hungarian and the Gothies, so he saves his motherland. However, he did not do this.

(6) Roman’s trap

For Attila, Hooven, who was far away in Rome, still opened her arms waiting for him. In the next year, when the Hungarian recovered some forces, Attira turned his attention to Italy. The Hungarian crossed the Alps and marched south of the Italian Peninsula, initiating another invasion that made the Western Roman Empire panic. He intends to capture Roman City and then hold the crowns of the emperor. You know, this is not Rome in the Caesar era. After experiencing the attacks of many earthquakes and barbaric peoples, Rome itself is already scarred and vulnerable. And this time, no General Atos came against the violent Hungarian.

The city of Akui Lia, located on the seaside of Adilia, completely disappeared from the world. Thousands of fugitives flocked to the islands, swamps and lagoon by the seaside of Asridia, and established a new country there, the later Republic of Venice. “But what about the Pope?” I asked. No one knew what San Leio said to the Xiongnu King, but on that unusual day, the Xiongnu king took his army to turn the direction and retreated in the direction of the Hungarian camp on the Danube River. The Huns King Etira left the world shortly after. Because he failed to attack the city of Roman, he could not marry Honoria, but brought another woman back to his sleeping account. On the night of his marriage, Attila died due to excessive nosebleeds. This is not a glorious ending for a Hungarian warrior who boasted that “iron hoof is passing and not born”.

The soldiers of the Hungarian tribes cut off their hair and opened their faces to mourn their leaders. Attila does not need a girl’s tears in front of the tomb. Only the blood of the Warriors can make his soul sleep. Attila’s bloody and conquest rule lasted only eight years. Father Anda was trapped in a long silence. He glanced at the piercing head and the loot of the Hungarian people. He said: “I think this is a West Gote, he killed his life in the Catalan battle. I put it here so that I can see him and recall it every day.” I asked him. “The smell that emitted when the village burned was from the noise on the battlefield. When the farmers fled in horror when the Hungarians arrived, they were still trampled by the cavalry. a feeling of.”


He was so close, and I could almost feel his breath.


“Sometimes … I miss it.”

(Echo at the beginning and end, and finally the priest’s words are full of pictures!)

In addition, for me personally, the Empire era

For me at that time, this game was hidden in a world.


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