Domestic Matsuchen shock absorption is here, and Matsuchi and Qianjiang have cooperated with Qianjiang to set up a new joint venture

Marzocchi, a well -known suspension manufacturer from Italy, and Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Qian Jiang motorcycle, will establish production facilities in China in the future.


Matsuch was founded in 1949. Since 2016, it is affiliated with the Italian VRM Group. The products include bicycles and motorcycle shock absorber and components. Of course, most of the brands of Matsuchi have been known as mountain bicycle players.

Matruch’s motorcycle shock absorption has also been carried on several European brand models, such as MV Augusta, Dutcadi, etc., and a few Kaixuan motorcycles. Li 752S, of which the high -profile version of 752S is the first domestic model equipped with Matsuchi fork.

At present, Matsuqi has reached a cooperation agreement in Qianjiang, and has established Zhejiang Mazhuo Keko Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2021. The company holds 80%of Qianjiang Motorcycles, and VRM Group holds 20%. Responsible for the production of front forks and springs, for domestic markets and exports, research and development is still the headquarters of Bologna, Italy.


PS: This company’s name is “Madoko”. At first glance, it is a transliteration of Marzocchi, which is a bit of a spring breeze.

It may be because Qian Jiang’s acquisition of Benali, and Benali was originally a Italian brand. Now the cooperation between Matsuqi and Qian Jiang may be laid from the time of 752S. Regarding Matsuchi, cooperation with Qianjiang and establishing production in China can better promote the scale of its Asian market. For Qianjiang, new models in the future may also be equipped with Matsuch’s shock absorption.

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