I want to try the brick wardrobe frame, the cabinet door is customized, and only the clothes rod is installed inside.

It is very simple to want a cloakroom in the house. It is difficult to say that the house is small. Sometimes forcibly the cloakroom is really not as practical as a large wardrobe. Now the popular brick wardrobe is said to be “super capable”. Installing the clothes rod directly, the storage space is twice as large as it can be used as a storage room as a cloakroom. One cabinet is used as two cabinets.


Many people choose two ideas for brick wardrobes. One is that the second is to save money. These two are indeed the most obvious advantages of brick wardrobe. The so -called brick wardrobe is actually a space surrounded by cement brick walls. Then install a folding door or push the sliding door, which is similar to the Japanese closet.


The inside of the wardrobe is also different from ordinary wardrobes. It does not need a partition, but relies on wall -style metal wall -mounted systems. This storage method is highly flexible and can be adjusted to the height of the owner. The layout can be replaced during the season. The custom wardrobe is much weaker. It is more troublesome to change the unsatisfactory layout.

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In addition, there are few sanitary dead corners of brick wardrobes, because the internal wall -mounted storage bottom is suspended, and opening the cabinet door to sweep the floor and mop does not affect. If there is a storage demand, you can also empty a piece of luggage, hanging hot machine and other debris, and it does not affect other functions.


As for environmental protection, there is no problem with the problem of formaldehyde because there are no large amounts of plates. However, there are some shortcomings in brick wardrobes, such as:

① Compared with the custom wardrobe, the effect of brick wardrobes is relatively single, and many decoration styles are not applicable;


② The problem of hardware, many families responded, brick wardrobe hardware is unstable, and it is easy to loosen and fall off after a long time. This is recommended to choose a combined hanging frame. Although the price is more expensive, it is convenient for installation and good load.


What are the problems of designing brick wardrobes?

1. It is best not to be separated from the wet area of ​​the bathroom.


2. Try to make doors as much as possible. Do not choose curtains for saving money. It is not good -looking and does not prevent dust. The folding door and sliding door Personally recommend that the wardrobe is not big. Convenience. However, no matter what kind of door, a frame must be installed before the wall. There are two types of wooden frames and metal frames. The installation effect will be more flat in advance.

Is it okay to use a gypsum board without brick?

Yes, but it is recommended that the walls on both sides should not be load -bearing. All load -bearing can use the wall on the back, or to increase light steel keel.

Bricks wardrobe and custom wardrobe have their own advantages. Customized wardrobes can be more selective and more durable, while brick wardrobes can be said to be a storage artifact at home. After all, this kind of wardrobe is convenient to hang clothes, and it is more suitable for storing quilts to customize cabinets. What do you think? (Some pictures come from the Internet)

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