IKEA cup exploded! Do you have these cups?

As a world -renowned Swedish brand, IKEA has a full design sense of big -name routes, but the price is relatively close to the people. Therefore, it is favored by many people. Shopping IKEA has become the same as shopping.

But no matter how big the brand is, there will be “mistakes”. In the early morning of May 20, Ms. Wang, a citizen of Beijing, got up to drink water. As a result, the IKEA glass exploded on the spot, and it was not boiling water at the time.

Ms. Wang was in a coma on the spot. After being sent to the doctor, she found that her lower lip needed a needle, and an incisor was broken! Due to the deep lip wounds, the doctor sewed 4 stitches.

This glass was purchased from Ms. Wang at the Xihong Store of IKEA a year ago. IKEA West Red Store clerk went to Ms. Wang’s house for identification. This is a IKEA Cup glass.


IKEA attaches great importance to this. Sorry for customers’ injuries when using products. IKEA will bear the corresponding compensation liability for consumer damage or rights and interests caused by product quality problems to maximize consumer interests and safety.


IKEA also stated that all products have passed various quality tests to meet the applicable standards and laws and regulations. Once the selling problem occurs, it will be recalled immediately, and the product is removed.

In fact, this is not the first problem with the IKEA water cup. In April 2016, Mr. Wu, a citizen of Beijing, poured cool white and opened on the bedside, but the glass in the middle of the night suddenly burst. The glass he used was the Bockel Cup purchased at 4.9 yuan at the Xihong store in IKEA in February.


As a result, the main reason for this tension glass to produce self -explosion, the person in charge of the IKEA marketing department also explained that it mainly comes from product transportation, use and maintenance of external forces. Steel glass may break down in a few hours or days when it is impacted by external forces.


This cup had an explosion in 2014. A restaurant in Beijing purchased 50 Bockel glass at the IKEA Bridge Store. According to Mr. Geng, the restaurant, the cup was bought at 8 pm on the evening of the unused. The glass has been exploded without high temperature, unused, and no special cutting environment. The bottom of the cup flew more than one meter high, hurting the hands of another partner.


In 2013, IKEA issued an announcement to recall a Lyda Leda Cup because of the global reports that were used to use the cup to use globally, 10 of which caused users to be injured by users.


It can only be said that the glass is still unsafe, or the enamel tank is reliable, not afraid of falling, not afraid of hotness, and will not explode! Or use the insulation cup, and I have said a lot of fashion insulation cups before the design habit.

IKEA’s things are more than a glass. The previous cabinet fell to the ground and hurt the incident. This incident was even more dangerous. It seems that IKEA really has to solve it. Why is there a problem after a safety test?

Photo source: Tencent News

Author: ArticleManager