The baby tableware on the market has a variety of tableware. Have you bought it right? Don’t spend money and buy a bunch of chicken ribs

After the baby was born, grandparents moved over to live with us, while taking the children to take care of my housework while helping me bring my children. I am very grateful for the old man’s mind.

In a blink of an eye, the baby is one year old. I was interested in tableware a long time ago.

When we are eating, the baby often watched concentrously

Sometimes I want to get up with my hands and feet.

Seeing the baby’s independent desire is so strong, and the age is almost the same, so he discussed with the elderly and was ready to start letting the child exercise.

At that time, I felt that the elderly must have experience, and I was tired after get off work, so I gave it to the elderly with confidence. However, the later situation made me feel wrong.

When grandparents were taking a baby to eat, although I told me that it was good for the child to eat, but

Often the child is doing it, grandma will mumble “this is wrong”, “Let me feed it”

As a result, the child did not let the child experience the use of tableware smoothly.

Later, I communicated with the elderly on this issue. As a result, the elderly respect my opinions. However, in actual action, it is often a bit different, and I can deeply feel that

The childcare thinking of the elderly is a state of deep bone marrow, not that it can be changed.

I know in my heart, now it is

The best stage to exercise children’s own diet

If you don’t let your child practice themselves well, it is likely to

Affects the growth of children in the future

Even the development of the mouth, so I took the task of eating with baby. Of course, the old man is still very open -minded, and there is no opinion on this.

I trained my baby to eat like this, how about you?

Break the bottle first

: When the baby is training to eat,

Many people focus on “eating”. In fact, “drink” also needs attention

, So I slowly broke the baby’s baby bottle, so that the baby can adapt to the training cup more without willingness.

Practice spoon

: When I first ate, I used a soft spoon for my child, which was the kind of soft handle spoon. The spoon is because of the baby’s

The hand is insufficient in the hand, and the chopsticks cannot be used


Essence The soft handle training spoon is mainly for safety considerations.

Attract the baby to take the initiative to eat

: When I exercise my baby,

Will not force the baby to eat

, But

Use “seduce” method


For example, when it is time to eat, let the baby see me eating tableware and make a delicious expression. The baby will run over and want to eat by himself.

Reduce snack intake

: After the baby starts to eat by himself, for the sake

Strengthen the baby’s appetite for staple food

I discussed with the elderly and reduced the provision of baby snacks.

Keep the dining environment as much as possible

: Baby is very

Easy to be attracted by interesting foods

For example, watching TV or something, so when eating, I will maintain the purity of the dining environment and avoid being interfered during the baby’s meals.

Maintain the baby’s dining

: When the baby eats by himself, the scene is like a fight just, it is a bit terrible. Therefore, before eating, I will prepare before eating, such as a napkin before eating, cleaning stains after meals, and so on.

But pay attention, I

Never interfere with the baby to eat

I only prepare before meals and clean up after meals to maintain the baby’s hygiene.

The biggest problem encountered when training your baby -Demamentation of tableware is damaged

This is my negligence. At the beginning, I did not consider this to give my baby a porcelain plate for meals at home.

“Bone Bone”

Fortunately, the baby is sitting on the baby’s chair, which is not harmed.

For the second time, I tried to use a children’s bowl for the baby, but when the baby was eating, he would use his hand to catch the food. Sometimes the food would be overturned and could not eat much. Therefore, this is also a big problem I encountered when I was training my baby to eat independently.

Why does the baby break the tableware?

Mainly because the baby’s nervous system, muscle tissue, etc., the development is not good enough, and there is no ability and no consciousness to protect the tableware, so it is easy to break the tableware when eating.

So, I worked hard in this regard, and kept looking for a healthy and safe tableware for my children, and finally let me find a

Beeshum Silicone Date

Why choose it?

The babies on the market are diverse. Why should I choose Beeshum silicone meal dishes?

▲ Appearance design

This Beeshum silicone dinner plate is

Format design

It is convenient for different foods




Straight semicircular design


The distance between the food and the baby



On the back, there is also a large suction cup design

, Effectively stable dinner plate positioning,


Avoid babies overturn food

Essence There are still on the edge of the suction cup

Intimate “wrench” design

, Let moms can

Easily pick up the plate

▲ Material safety aspect

Beeshum silicone dishes are not ordinary silicone, but

Food -grade platinum silicone


It is characterized by its characteristics:

Through the multi -safety certification of EU LFGB, FDA and CPSIA children’s products.

High -quality silicone raw materials are more durable and will not change color for a long time. Most of the ordinary silicone dishes on the market are better than the market.

Strong resistance, not easy to tear, good elasticity, high toughness, and not easy to deform.

It can withstand high temperature and suitable for short -term heating of microwave ovens.

▲ In terms of use effect

The most important thing is the effect of use. When the baby was used for the first time, I found that this silicone plate was really easy to use.

When the baby eats,


Never overturned food again

And the baby has a great interest in the plate at once,

Indirectly improved the baby’s appetite.

Because the baby is curious, he often touches the tableware, but the flexible platinum silicone is made of material, so that the baby will not be harmed; the design of the plate is in line with the baby’s physiological characteristics, which can allow the baby’s short hands to get any food he wants to eat Essence

In short, you will find it after use,

Its excellent exceeds your expectations.

▲ Sanitary cleaning

When cleaning the tableware, I found that the design of this plate is very intimate.

First of all, it is a large angle of designs without dead angles, making cleaning much easier.


Secondly, it is water resistance design, making stains difficult to depend on, and it is easy to clean.

Finally, there is a disinfection stage. Whether it is boiled or steam disinfection, the Beeshum silicone dinner plate has obvious advantages, and at the same time, it will not produce quality and deformation. This makes me feel relieved.

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Beeshum baby dining dish dinner plate suction cup -sucking baby dining cup suction silicone supplementary food bowl training children’s dish

¥ 118



In short, Beeshum Silic Platform Dinner

Perfectly solved the problem about the baby’s broken tableware

And also

With a variety of advantages such as green health, safe and convenient, easy to clean up, design to cater to baby physiological characteristics, etc.

And these advantages are the positive factors needed for babies when conducting independent diet training, and this is also an important reason why I choose Beeshum Silicon Rice dish for the baby.


Now, our baby is basically able to eat autonomous. The speed of adaptation so fast is naturally inseparable from the excellent performance of the Beeshum silicone dish.


If mothers are also choosing troubles for the baby’s meals, try this silicone dinner plate. Do not use adult tableware or some inferior meals for the baby for saving money or laziness.















After all

Independent diet training affects not only the child’s nutritional intake, but also affects the child’s oral development and ability development, such as fine movements, hand -eye coordination, etc.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare a safe, healthy, and reasonable design for your baby.

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