Will the baby wear snow boots?

In the winter, Baoma chose a beautiful and warm snow boots for the children. But recently there are articles on the Internet that the baby’s snow boots will cause disability, causing permanent malformations. is this real?

Truth: Babies will not be disabled when wearing snow boots. Although the baby wearing snow boots will not be disabled, we must wear it with caution.

Disabled in snow boots? This is an exaggerated word!

Regarding the support of snow boots, the support is that the snow boots are soft, and the internal space is large. Put on the back feet in the boots. When walking, the gravity of the person will spread along the feet to the surroundings, causing the arch to bear a lot of pressure, which is not good for the health of the feet, ankles and even hips. However, experts point out that there are very few people who are injured in snow boots, let alone disabled.

Snow boots are a kind of flat boot, which is very suitable for wearing at home. However, if wearing snow boots will be disabled, it is a bit exaggerated. Long -term snow boots may cause fascia and tendon strain, thereby suffering from fasciitis and tendonitis, but the possibility of disability is small. Wearing snow boots for more than half a year may get sick, but it was covered, not worn out.

Babies need to wear snow boots with caution

Not only will the baby wear the problem of imbalance of foot pressure, but it will also make the ankle stability worse, which makes it difficult to fix the position in the shoes, and it becomes difficult to walk. In addition, the baby’s wearing snow boots may develop the bad habits of walking in the eight characters in walking. Therefore, the baby must wear snow boots with caution ~

What kind of shoes should baby wear in winter

So, what kind of shoes do you wear in winter?

1. Choose by age

If the baby is still small, you can wear a conjoined cotton jacket wrapped in your feet, or the thick version of the soft bottom shoes. If you have heating in the room, you can wear thick socks and soft -bottomed shoes. If you do n’t have heating, you should wear thick soft bottom shoes.

If the baby has learned to walk, you should wear cotton boots and cotton shoes when you go out. If you have heating at home, you can wear socks, floor socks, and thin soles. If you go out, you can also choose wide heads, soft cattle and sheepskin noodles. The soles are soft and elastic beef tendon soles.

2. Don’t blindly ask

Many mothers wear thick cotton shoes for their babies in winter. In fact, this is wrong. Compared to adults, babies’ feet are more prone to sweat, and it is not advisable to wear too thick shoes in winter. You can wear shoes with the same thickness as adult shoes or thinner shoes according to the local temperature.

3. Moderate size

If the shoes are too large, not only will it speed up the heat of the feet, but it will not easily fall with the foot without walking. If the shoes are too small, it will be squeezed with socks, which is not conducive to storage of air to keep the feet warm. Therefore, the baby’s shoes must be moderate in size. Sister Yu suggested everyone to wear winter shoes 1 cm larger than their feet, and then wear thick -sweat -absorbing cotton socks.

4. Two doubles replacement

The baby’s feet are prone to sweating. When the socks are humid, the socks will cause the soles of the feet, causing the respiratory tract resistance to reduce and suffer from a cold. If you live in the south, you may still suffer from frostbite. Therefore, everyone should often change socks, insoles and shoes for the baby.

Precautions for Babies to wear snow boots

If you still want to wear snow boots for your baby, please pay attention to the following points:


1. General insole

Snow boots usually use hairy insoles, but its non -slip resistance is not good, and the feet often slide in the shoes and are easily injured. Therefore, when you wear snow boots for your baby, it is best to put on a normal insole so that your feet can be kept in the shoes. In addition, do n’t put the bow pads in the snow boots to avoid squeezing the active space and hurt the baby’s feet.

2. Snow boots that are worn hard

When you buy, you have to pinch your shoes and help. It is best to buy shoes for harder snow boots. The baby’s wearing such snow boots is conducive to the support and stability of the feet.

3. Try to penetrate when buying


When you buy snow boots for your baby, you should let him try it on and walk on the ground. Please keep in mind that the shoe cavity of the snow boots is relatively large. The baby’s feet can be worn normally.

4. It is not advisable to wear too long or take too far away


Babies are not suitable for long -term snow boots or snow boots. If you want to wear, it is best to change other children’s shoes in time after your baby arrives at the destination.

5. Fur fur smooth

When buying snow boots, you should pay attention to check whether the fur is smooth and whether there is a odor to avoid waste fur causing the baby’s feet to infected with germs.

So ~

Babies do not disappear when wearing snow boots, and you don’t need to worry about it. However, babies who are in bone development are not suitable for wearing. Frequent wearing will affect the development of bone bones. We must wear it with caution!

Author: ArticleManager