Star in the production bag! Before the child is born, you must be ready, otherwise the trouble is great!

The production package is generally prepared from the seventh month of pregnancy, including maternal supplies, baby supplies, and important items admission. Expectant mothers should do their homework in advance during pregnancy to avoid panic when giving birth. It is best to ask new mothers who give birth to the same hospital and list the list for easy finishing. It is not a lot of benefit to prepare for the production package. It is necessary to plan reasonably and avoid waste. It is generally recommended to prepare for the first three months of the expected expenses. So, what should be prepared for the production bag?


Mother’s article


1. Various documents. Personal documents and check -up registrations needed for production and hospitalization, and various information for the production inspection, so that obstetricians can understand the condition of you and the baby for the first time, and give accurate production judgments.


2. The supplies brought to the hospital: a big mummy bag (put all the items needed in the hospital in advance in the bag, and explain the good family cushion, the maternal sanitary napkin (ultra-large), underwear and panties (2- 3 pieces of mammal underwear), pajamas, cotton socks, paper pumping, wet paper towels, sanitary roll paper, tableware, washbasin, slippers, heating cups, garbage bags, hand -wash liquids, disposable underwear, anti -overflow pads, milk absorption, sucking milk suction Oversal, maternal toothbrushes, disposable toilet pads, abdominal belts, specially prepared dedicated toilet paper, etc. In addition, the beautiful expectant mothers can also prepare skin care products that pregnant women can also use.


Baby article

1. Baby clothes. The newborn baby needs clothes to wrap the body, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold. Pregnant mothers are best to prepare in advance to recycle the old clothes of other babies, or they can also buy the clothes formulated by the hospital.

2. diapers. Diab trousers are a must -have for newborn babies. Do n’t forget to bring your mother. It is best to have good breathability and strong water absorption.

3. Bottle. If pure breast milk, the bottle is not used for the time being, but it is in case of it. If mixed feeding, it is best to prepare two more for replacement. Because the bottle also needs to be disinfected, you can use a new baby bottle to feed your baby when disinfection. It should be noted that buying glass materials, high temperature resistance, and easy disinfection bottle.

4. Newborn milk powder. When you are about to give birth, buy a can of newborn milk powder for spare. Don’t buy too much for the time being, so as not to be suitable for your baby, you need to change other milk powder.

5. Wet paper towel. Every time the baby finishes the stool, he must dry his butt with a paper towel. It is best to use a wet paper towel to keep the baby’s ass clean and refreshing. In addition, novice mothers should also prepare “sleeping” pillows, quilts, pajamas, etc. for the baby, so that the baby can have a comfortable sleep environment and high -quality sleep as soon as it is born. So what is “sleeping”? Do you need a baby who is just born?

Because the newborn baby will be a bit uncomfortable when exposing the new environment, and sleeping is vulnerable, it is very important to create a comfortable sleep scene. In order to create the most comfortable baby’s sleep scene, the mother and baby sleeping brand “Nan Ye Dad” went through 467 days and nights, and in -depth exchanges with 329 families to discuss the choice of sleeping tools for the baby. Products related to sleep are defined as “good sleep”, referred to as “sleeping”.

Nan Ye’s dad provided scientific sleep problems according to the sleep problem that the baby was 0-3 years old, and provided scientific sleep: multimeter cotton blankets, belly rolls, soothing towels, dolls who would tell before bedtime stories. In addition, Nan Ye’s father pays attention to the 4 important stages of physical development in the growth of the baby’s growth and sleep. The first sleeping plan for “pillow division” is proposed, and the pillow is divided into 4 stages according to the monthly age, 0-3 months, 3- 3- 6 months, 6 months-2 years, and 2-7 years old. Choosing pillows should be as cautious as choosing milk powder.

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