Zhong Liti went out. Wearing a suit is not all open dew underwear.

Zhong Liti and Zhang Lunshuo’s sister -in -law love is very topical in the entertainment industry. The age difference between the 12 -year -old has made the couple pay more attention, but the two use time to prove another possibility of love. Essence Maybe it is the nourishment of love. Zhong Liti, who is 50 years old this year, still looks good, the girl is full, and she can’t see the traces of the years at all.

As a representative of Hong Kong -style actresses with thick eyebrows, this group of photos that recently broke out is really amazing everyone. I can’t see the age of fifty -year -old and have a good condition. It seems that people around 30 years old are full of girls. The open pink underwear reveals a special denim underwear. Short skirt with rose gold boots, exposing slender legs, very uniform. The refreshing short hair is very true.


Although Zhong Liti is over half a year old, her body is still the same as her twenties. She has no trace of fatigue. When she was young, she was beautiful. With the increase of age, the feminine breath became stronger. Because of the large sense of body, the usual private clothes are all dressed in bright temperament. Hold is very easy to live in various fashion avant -garde shapes, and she can be controlled by her large -scale sequins.


At a certain age, many women avoid exaggerated and bold shapes, but Zhong Liti dares to try various styles. Like this set of punk rock, it should be that many women of the same age should be out of reach. Zhong Liti is very good at controlling. The leather clothes are well wrapped in the rich figure. The ruffled skirt gives a sense of enthusiasm. The nail drilling high -heeled boots are full of rock, and the overall handsome and sexy. Come and see her cheats!

LOOK1: Skinch+long skirt


This dynamic sports style is very suitable for mature fairy. The white -body shirt with a silver pleated skirt covers the small belly and improves the waistline. Local embroidered nail jackets echo the solid color skirt, which will not look complicated, dense and clear, slopes and sneakers bring the vitality of exercise, which is very age -reducing. The dark green peaked cap is also a weapon for age reduction. At the same time, it improves the visual focus. Have you learned the fairy who loves sports?

Different from the sports style of the previous set, this set has a sense of fashion. Choosing such a bronze metallic jacket can be said to be very bold. The upper body is very eye -catching, so there is no need to win the lord in the bottom. The supporting dark green velvet skirts cover the pear -shaped figure defects. With a pair of strap Martin boots, the vertical length of the body is extended.

LOOK2: Tight -fitting top+shorts

Fairy, don’t think that there are some meat in your legs, you dare not wear shorts. As long as you choose it properly, you can also have two meters long legs. The highlight of this set is the waist seal, and the high -waisted high waist seal highlights the body curve, making the original white T and shorts with shorts. The Muoller shoes of the message are handsome. The hairstyle of the rear comb has increased the aura to the whole, and is confident.


The tight V -neck clee suit perfectly reflects the S -shaped figure curve. The rainbow stripes at the arm add a touch of fun to the dull camouflage suit, stacked a pair of black shorts, which can prevent lighting. The waistline enhances the layering of the overall matching. It is very interesting. It can be seen that the intention of matching with clothing. The fairy who likes superimposed can try different materials of different materials!


LOOK3: Jeans+high heels


Wearing two -piece set, let’s take a look at the jumpsuits in one go! Due to the clean and tailoring of jumpsuits, it often gives people a cool and handsome feeling. Many gentle dress -style fairy girls less try, but this bright red lace sleeveless jumpsuit is full of femininity, lace fabrics make the clothing very delicate, and the lace on the waist is well highlighted to highlight the waistline, slightly speakers, slightly speakers The mopped pants were covered up, and the high heels were hidden in the trouser tube, reducing long legs.

There is also a word collar jumpsuit that perfectly reveals right -angle shoulders, making people focus on the upper body, which is very thin. Black -bottomed bronzed fabric is extremely luxurious, type A’s pants tube fit with pear -shaped figures, waist metal belt brings a sense of vitamin, metal large ring earrings, and I feel that I saw the Hong Kong -style beauty in the newspaper many years ago. Woolen cloth!

we can find out that. High heels or sports shoes with higher effects in Zhong Liti are very high. It quickly improves the vertical ratio of the figure. The beautiful fairy can selectively try different items, such as jumpsuit, waist seal, shorts, shorts, shorts, shorts, shorts, shorts, shorts Overweight and so on, maybe you will find the new continent.

In general, Zhong Liti’s dressing style is biased towards the domineering sexy style, and it is also the benchmark for dressing. As long as you understand the following points: 1. Improve the waistline and pay attention to the texture of clothing fabrics. 2. Use a dark color matching 3. Use the waist to bring the proportion of the body, do not blindly follow the wind through the Thunder’s items, and avoid weaknesses. You can also wear mature royal sisters.

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