Why has the genius with soil never turned on Xu Zuo? Is it a bad luck, or is it too water?


There are two recognized facts in the Fire Circle with the Blood Narcissus of “Writing Wheel Eyes”: one is the handsome guy, and the other is more talented genius.


A hundred years ago, a Uchiha spots were produced. In the era of turmoil, the Muye Village was established with Qianshouzhu. It has the ability to make other four nins in the four nations with its own power. Later The young genius of this generation of soil, water stop, and Itachi, the writing of water and Itachi’s rotation fingers in the ethnic group, and the 12 -year -old to open the double hook jade writing is unprecedented.

However, the genius of the Uchiha family proves that the fate of genius is more, and it can also be described as “wisdom must hurt, and love is deep.” At the same time, there is one thing that makes a lot of fire fans puzzled: Genius with soil, can resist the millions of ninja coalition with its own power, why has never opened Xuzo? Is this timeless, or is it too water?

Today, let’s analyze and analyze with Meow Meow!


The key figure of the plot development


I still remember that in the early days of Naruto, Kakashi, who was not the Uchiha family, was always so mysterious. The black mask had been with it. What was the origin of the wheel eye? And even more incredible, Kakashi also used a new height to write this writing wheel eye, and won the title of “First Technician” recognized by Ninja.

It was not until later that the mystery of all this was revealed. It turns out that a Writer partner of Kakashi is a partner partner from a teenager-Uchiha Band with soil. At the crisis of performing a task, the soil with a line of life will be the intact and non-damaged wheel eye. The gifts that have time to prepare in the future are given to Kakashi.

However, since the two are so good, why does it keep Kakashi to know that they are alive, and they also appear as enemies in the Third Ninja War to get rid of Kakashi Sword?

After all, it is still for women, Lin. The revenge of the inverse of the soil and Kakashi is the result of the clever design of Ban Ye. It can also be said to be the main story of Naruto’s main story, and the soil is the key tool person who expands the plot.


Therefore, it has never been opened to be able to open the soil. Is it too water? Obviously not. The truth that never had to be drove was left, and the time was not good.

The strength is open, but the time is not good


As a member of the “Kaishang family”, Uchiha’s opening life with the soil has been completely blackened. Of course, it also means that the soil has never been returned on the road of the Grandpa tool. After witnessing the dog blood story of “Good Brother Killing his beloved girl” with his own eyes, the soil has opened the kaleidoscope to write the wheel eye under severe stimulation. “The revenge plan, no one who follows the soil is more intentional to follow Ban Ye’s career.


Therefore, in the third battle of Ninja, the strength of the soil will soar directly to the six -level big BOSS. If it wasn’t for the old man who was reincarnated by the dirty soil, he may have become a new generation of overlords in the ninja. But then again, is it easy for the six levels of strength to open the soil?

In fact, this is really not the case. The time to bring the Tujie is a bit uncomfortable.

First of all, don’t mention the game to stop the water single -eye opening of Susuzuo. The Uchiha family has not yet “hanged” in comics and animations. Looking at Itachi and Sasuke, you can only know that only the two healthy kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes can it be worthy of this offensive and defensive, which is perfect. Therefore, how can the other brothers send another wheel eye as a gift, how can it be easy to hold Xuzuo? The first Kan’er was to defeat Kakashi and get back his own eyes!

Now that you have the goal of taking back your eyes, let’s do it! When finally, when the protagonist group who represented justice was weak, Ban Ye began to play overcast again, and it might be able to say a minute with a minute in a minute. It is good to keep your life.

Therefore, at this time, under the condition of unsuccessful transportation, the laundry was finally washed and gave the other eyes to Kakashi in order to win. As a Uchiha, he never opened his life. Instead, he asked the foreigners to Kaka The West opened the complete body of Susano, and it also developed a cool formula in the Sword Sword in Soccup …

From this point of view, Kakashi, who took the genius with two soils, also shows the powerful power of the gods and kaleidoscopes to write wheel eyes. world.

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