Long -sleeved jacket+short skirt, showing temperament and versatile, the actresses fell in love with it crazy

Long -sleeved T -shirt, must be selected from the beginning of autumn;

Coat, very versatile and temperament;

The following editors introduce several actresses to wear it, I hope everyone likes it! Intersection Intersection

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[NO1] This combination, red and black classic versatile, early autumn heavy workers embroidered water -soluble flower collar long sleeve jacket, heavy worker lace three -dimensional embroidered suspender dress, the best match in the early autumn, it is worth recommending! Intersection Intersection


[NO2] This versatile jacket, high -end design of bright stripes, is very fashionable and generous, super handsome on the upper body, I personally like it, I recommend it! Intersection Intersection

[NO3] This is a locomotive sheep leather jacket. The version is super good and the hardware is all designed in place. Washed wheat. It is made of imported sheepskin imported in New Zealand. Intersection Intersection Intersection

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