Qiyuan 2KPa biogas stabilizer stabilization cylinder carbon steel bow gas supercharged can biogas increase can increase

The biogas stabilizer is a kind of protection role in a biogas fermentation tank. When the tank is generated and negative, it plays a protective role to prevent accidental safety accidents.

Features of biogas pressure increase tank:

琪源 2kpa 沼气稳压筒 碳钢沼气增压罐 沼气增压罐的特点

The role of biogas stabilization cylinder is to protect the equipment under normal operating state, the equipment pressure exceeds the standard or negative pressure, and strives to stabilize the equipment operation. If condensation water is generated, it will be automatically drained; when the pressure exceeds 2000Pa, it will automatically exhaust; automatically adjust the inhalation when it is lower than 300Pa, and the equipment will not have negative pressure; strive to run stable equipment; The problem used.

The principle of the biogas stabilization cylinder is to use the amount of positive pressure protection for the fermented tank body. The fermentation tank has an upper limit for the pressure. If the internal pressure inside the tank exceeds this value, it may cause the tank to explode Severe safety accidents.

琪源 2kpa 沼气稳压筒 碳钢沼气增压罐 沼气增压罐的特点

The effect of carbonose biogas pressure increase can be used to protect the negative pressure protection of the fermented tank. The fermented tank will also have a lower limit on the pressure. If the pressure of the tank is too low, the external atmospheric pressure will be greater than the internal pressure of the tank. At this time, the tank will be squeezed from the atmospheric pressure. If the internal and external pressure difference reaches a certain value, the tank will be flattened by atmospheric pressure. This is also a very serious safety accident.

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