Can a family kitchen be used by oil fume purification machines? See what the manufacturer says

现如今,环保意识人人都有,除了餐饮店有环保政策要求,对于用户家庭来说,其实是没有的,我们家庭厨房油烟排放很小,除了日常炒菜,蒸煮,油烟相对较小,所以日常The oil fume is excluded directly. In fact, sometimes we also find that the pollution of oil fume is still obvious. The kitchen walls are eroded everywhere.


Our family kitchen uses a range hood to discharge oil fume and remove the oil fume out of the outdoors. So is there any oil fume purifier that can be used in the family kitchen? In fact, there is a small type of cleaning cigarette all -in -one, also called cleaning range hood, which can achieve the oil fume purification, clean the kitchen, and purify the air in the home kitchen.

Different from the oil fume purifier, this range hood belongs to pure physical purification. The oil fume purification efficiency is 98%, and there is no pollution! What is pure physical purification? Pure physical purification uses various filtering devices to achieve layers of filtration, just like our purification sewage.

We have all watched a lot of survival videos in the wild, such as De Ye, Beiye’s wild survival videos, all use coal, clothes and socks to filter, and then boil water to drink. And this range hood is the purification of pure physical filtering device.

The control panel is to use the Touch touch screen. There is no need to use the hand to point, just the sense of the sense, just slide the hand to the right to the right, which is very convenient.


It is also very convenient to install, because the equipment is small, you can hang it on any wall, just hold it.

The oil fume passes through the pure physical purification of the net cigarette all -in -one, and is filtered by layer by layer to achieve direct discharge indoor discharge without using pipes to the outdoor. It is very suitable for many high -end restaurant places such as villa kitchen, hotel kitchen, home kitchen.

We all know that everyone now wants to achieve high -quality healthy life. A warm home, especially the kitchen, the pollution of oil fume will always affect our physical and mental health, and can realize the thorough purification of family kitchen fume. I think many people are all people. Very happy.

At present, most hoods are not used in purification devices, so there is no function of purifying oil tobacco. Some also have partial filtration and purification, which cannot achieve efficient purification of oil smoke. The gospel of home users

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