Moms who sleep in the middle and late pregnancy back pain can look at this waist pillow

Hello everyone, I am Shao Yong, an ordinary worker who is easy to satisfy, tastes average, rotten, superficial and happy, I just want to write one of the practical feelings I bought in the headline. While recording memories, try to exercise your own writing ability.

Some time ago, I was busy with my wife at the end of the year and my wife had more things in the third trimester. I was embarrassed.

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Today’s protagonist: pregnant woman’s waist -protecting side pillow

Product Name: Pregnant Women’s Pillow, Liman Sleeping Sideline Lien Pillow Pillow Pillow Sleeping Pillow Pillow Artifact

Start time: November 2021


Real payment: 27.08 yuan

The process of pregnancy is indeed very torment. By the time of pregnancy and late pregnancy, the belly gradually increases. Not only does it go in shape, but the waist hurts at night. It is necessary to engage in a waist guard. My wife does not like the PRO version I chose. Occupy the place, I chose a silk basic entry model myself.

Cartoon carrot shape, the face value is not bad, the price is quite economical. After buying it in November last year, I have been using it. In the actual use process, the effective support of the waist is okay. It is really impossible If you need it, sometimes I can only be a human foot pad.

There are still a few days when my wife is going to unload the goods, and this guy is about to complete his historical mission, hahaha,

The following is the scoring time, directly the picture:


in conclusion:

Comprehensive score: ★★★★★★

Applicable crowd: girls in the middle and late pregnancy


Shao Yong’s evaluation: Good things are good. In order to sleep comfortably, you can start one or try the Pro version.

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