Add velvet! Trendy and versatile sports sweater, can be worn by playing and dating

These days Baller recommends several new lamb cashmere cotton jackets for everyone. Many friends say it is very tide! Baller is very happy. Today we continue to bring the equipment that is necessary for winter, so that you can go to the stadium to slaughter the dragon and the love field!


Thinking of the most common items for everyone in the winter season, it must be a sweater! So this time Baller brought a “old friend” again -a solid -colored sporting sweater! This one is also a new product recently. I believe that some partners have started. Taking advantage of the activity, we will continue!

This time I want to see which little cute saying that Baller’s clothes are too small in color! Intersection In addition to orange, the shop also has eight colors such as red, gray, blue, and white. You can definitely find the one you like! The sweater version is relatively loose. It will not feel tight when wearing it. It will not limit your actions to play at the court!

The fabric of the sweater is cotton, which is very soft to the touch. The clothes are added with velvet. It is very comfortable to wear on the body. It really fits the skin and gives you full of warmth! It also has the effect of sweat absorption. The material of polyester fibers has the characteristics of quick drying. Don’t worry about the problem that cannot be done for three or four days after the winter season is washed!

The sweater is equipped with a large hat. It is always on the design of the wind and cold, the round neckline design, wearing loose and comfortable, you will not feel the neck, there are big pockets on both sides of the clothes, everyone can install some small items such as mobile phones and data cables!


The sweater can be said to be the most versatile item. Everyone can wear denim workers or casual pants, with a pair of casual and sports basketball shoes. It is best to make the same color as the sweater. Handsome sunshine! Everyone can also wear the model of the model, stack the two sweaters, and lay the sense of layering, and the grade comes up at a time!

S-4XL, the size is rich for everyone to choose from. Brothers who like oversize can choose a large size!

Everyone has different colors. You can wear the same sweaters or couples with your girlfriend. He holds hands and eat together. It is exciting to think about it! The heart is not as good as action, click the link below to open it! Recently, Double Eleven has events. Everyone can also look at other styles after full rush. It is not much money to match a set in the shop. It is still quite nice!


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Basketman’s new hooded sweater men’s autumn and winter pure color plus sports tops loose trend versatile casual pullover

¥ 98




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