What is the acrylic board

When it comes to the acrylic board, many people may not know well, but this material is often used in daily life.What is the Aya board?PCHOUSE takes everyone to understand.


The acrylic board is a chemical material.The chemical name is “PMMA” belongs to polyacrylate. The raw materials of acrylic in the application industry generally appear in the form of particles, plate materials, pipes and other forms.

Acrylic, also known as specially treated organic glass, is an organic glass replacement product. The light boxes made of acrylic have good light transmittance, pure color, rich color, beautiful and flat, and two effects of daily nights, long service life, and do not affect use.Features.In addition, acrylic boards are perfectly combined with aluminum -plastic board profiles and advanced silk net printing to meet the needs of merchants.Acrylics are the best outdoor advertising form that improves business stores and unified corporate image.In addition, “Acrylic” is a translation, English is acrylic.

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