20 double -match sandals, super cheap giant! Dressing in summer rely on them

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Recently, I have been fascinated by photography, and I will see what my favorite photographer posted today during the rest time. Among them, the most touched me is a photo taken by the crispy subway station inadvertently.

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Suddenly I feel that the small details in life are beautiful,

From these details, everyone is seeing everyone who lives gracefully, and every place is a trace of love for life.


See the details on the foot

I really want to know what shoes do sisters wear or class when they are commuting or class? I think the coolest item in summer is sandals and sandals!

But no matter how beautiful the mop is, it is not available, because some companies and schools are currently provided with employees. Sisters who are commuting cannot wear a cold drag or a student party or a cold drag to go to class. So in this issue of selfish sharing Meow Guru, I think the best sandals that look best ~

Stepping on shit sandals is my most recommended this year ~ Nothing is more important than comfort,

Return force


This pair of sandals is really again






Intersection Looking at its appearance, it is versatile, the most important thing is




Leisure or sports style can be controlled

It is recommended that it is super comfortable on the feet,


, Like


Step on a cotton candy with a physical sense

After experiencing the epidemic incident in the previous year,

The fashion industry starts to be popular and comfortable

Stepping on shit sandals just in line with this trend.

It is also recommended for this PUMA Xuanmei, which is comfortable to the top, and more importantly, as long as




, Super INS wind.

Different colors are also super nice to match, and

Both men and women can wear

, Hey, you can add a pair of summer couple sandals.


The appearance of stepping on shit sandals is average

Use a thick bottom

The shape, so it is very

Thin legs

And tall people can improve the overall aura, short people can

Pull the legs significantly

It is very popular on INS.

And no matter how exaggerated this shoe is added, as long as it is well matched, it can be controlled.

Strange and cute, everyone can be an eldest child, super young


Fish -mouth sandals, commute gods! Nothing than fish mouth sandals

Sexy and conservative

The best style is grasped!

Fish mouth

Swed chicken is suitable for work

Some white -collar workers, in some


Formal occasions will not be shy on the field

Essence Because the Queen of the United Kingdom will also wear fish -mouth sandals on some formal occasions, there are business models!

This is Queen Elizabeth II

(That is the Queen of England we know)


Putting on the coronation

Roger Vivia Roger Vivier Knoma Diamond Sandals

Fish -mouth shoes with English suits are really super super

Classic and elegant

N years has passed, and it is still the darling of the fashion industry, which is in line with this sentence

“Fashion is easy to pass, style is permanent”

The famous saying.


Fish mouth sandals as a super ability


Increase the gas field

The most important thing is

In terms of material and color


The choice.

The combination of white and apricot is

Gentle and temperament

Commuters, wearing,

Soft skin quality is not easy to grind feet

It will not have a burden on the feet because the heel is too high.

Black fish -mouth sandals plus eye -catching white flowers,


Exquisite white -collar sense


Cold and unique female charming charm coexist

Who watched it?


The feeling of the weaving fabric is

Simple and beautiful

If it is woven by bamboo or fabric, there will be more joy for the material.

Because these two colors are both

Low saturation rice color

, Make people visually look very



The same is paired with light -colored clothes, plus a weaving bag, I feel that I will travel to the beach in the next second ~

Of course, in addition to vacation, you can wear commute or school. With jeans or suit pants, don’t have a good

Random and nature



Soft leather skin woven is commonly used now. This kind of shoes are generally

Low heel or no heel


There are many styles, it is great to wear it too tired!


This one in the figure

Dewed woven sandals

There are two colors, one is rice white, and the other is low -saturated macaron green, which is better to match.

There are also non -toe sandals to choose from.

Bao Toutou woven sandals


It is one of the fire on Xiaohongshu this year. Sisters who are more shy and do not want to show their toes blindly buy this.

Everyday is also suitable for multiple styles,

It is suitable for going out to play or commute to work

And this one will have a good girl


, Very good ~


The appearance of bread sandals looks super

Fluffy with texture

Like the grilled bread.

It is also very comfortable to wear, it feels like

Step on a cotton pillow or a sofa feeling

, Light and advanced feet.

For example, this noodle and shoes of the fire butterfly family in the picture are full of eyes


Advanced BV Wind

And there is no pressure to match.

But unfortunately, this is the design of the Die Family, which is not suitable for us to wear at work or class. Because you need to wear a shoelaces at least after you wear it.

Recommend this

VitTorio Ventura’s woven bread shoes

The comfort is very friendly, and there are two color options and strap design of shoes

Unlimited possible system


Comfortable and styling both

It is very suitable for sisters who work in new media and other work.

The most heartwater is it

Coarse heel

, Stable thick and high heels are inherent


Feeling, it can make the shoe wears upright, and do not have to worry about the danger of being easy to walk.

This kind of bread sandals

Good -looking and soft

The most important thing is the area of ​​the wide word band

It completely covered the most fatter place for the whole foot

, Visually make your feet look thin, perfect ~

Pointed sandals should be one of every girl shoe cabinet. After all, it talks about it.


French elegance

Who is it!

I believe that when most sisters saw it when they were young, they were always with her mother. The mother of the mother is still popular now. The classics are undoubtedly. It is mainly due to the style brought by its unique design.

The design of this kind of pointed shoes has an innate


At first glance, the momentum of people wearing it has become stronger, and there is a meaningless meaning in it.

But as long as you add some patterns to the fabric, it

The strange sexy charm of women’s unique women

Intersection This one in the picture is from a small CK family, and there are more swan patterns

Exquisite and girly feel

But if you say

“Queen’s Guide” or “Emperor Lord must”


It is also a solid -colored pointed sandals, in

On the French laziness, with a natural chic and uninhibited feeling


In fact, pointed sandals are already common ordinary styles, but every time I look at it

Inadvertently flowing out of fashion.

With daily wear jeans suit pants, the modern fashion sense of urban beauty is immediately appropriate.

Compared to black and brown’s deeper colors,

Fresh and generous

Pure white


Some, but also classic versatile models, office workers can close their eyes. Alright, today the sandals are planted here. Which sisters do you like to pick? Come and leave a message ~

Which shoes do sisters wear most often this summer? Come and share your dressing experience ~

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