Festive and versatile simplified version of Chinese knot cervical (with weaving instructions)


Suli alpaca dual shares can use the soft wires that do not tie their necks

Use needle:

Hiroshima Shin, Japan 5.4 mm


Width: 21cm

Work Show:


This bib is woven according to the tutorial of Ziyi. First go to the real -life show, pave the papers and bilateral details


Weaving instructions:

The change part: The main part of the main part, that is, the knitting 42cm back and forth, can also adjust this part of the length as needed. In addition, the edges are more neat and stylish.

After the completion of the Chinese combination, the length of the Chinese knot is 9cm.

The length of the rear wing: about 8cm, I woven 30 lines back and forth, two stitches I have a CORD positive needle

Weaving method:


Step 1, 40 stitches with color threads.

Step 2, weave the main part of the line line.

The main pattern is a rubbing needle.

Line 1: Full needle

Line 2: Slip the first two stitches, the third needle to the last two stitches, the last two stitches are not woven, the line is not woven in front

Step 3. After weaving, the main body is 42 cm, and 5 braids are continuously knitted on the side, and each braid is 8 stitches.


Important: The braids and braids are constantly moving. The crossing line passes. Be careful not to be too long or too short. Don’t worry.


The braids are knitted on the front needle, the method of the needle on the reverse side, and each needle must be woven.


Note: In order to make China more adopted after compilation, the woven length of the braid is: 17 lines, 19 lines, 21 lines, 19 lines, 17 lines.

Step 4. After the Chinese knot on one side, do not break the wiring, continue to weave 30 lines.


The picture above is the state of the tail wing of one side. After the needle is collected, it can be disconnected.

Step 5: Remove the braids on the other side of the other color line.

Step 6. Weaving braids according to step 3. Each of the braids here is used to make it into a Chinese knot.

Note: Do not break the wiring after weaving 5 braids!

Step 7. Use the method of staggered up and down to make a Chinese knot.


Step 8. Complete the weaving method on the other side of the scarf. See step 4.

Step 9: After finishing, adjust the tightness between China’s knots, so that the Chinese knot looks more flat and beautiful.

Usually use steam iron to iron the steam on the opposite side of the fabric,


Finally, I thanked Ziyi again, and let me complete this beautiful bib. It is suggested that one person during the Chinese New Year. I wish you all a good fire and happy.

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