Breeding cabinets, good plastic cabinet advantages disadvantages and disadvantages

Cabinet is a furniture product that we often use in our lives. There are many materials on the market on the market. When we buy cabinets, we all want to buy a more environmentally friendly product. Cabinet is a more popular product, so generally speaking, it is good to sucking cabinets, which are good and disadvantaged, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic cabinets and what matters should be paid attention to when purchasing. Learn about it.

吸塑橱柜好不好 吸塑橱柜优缺点

Is it good?

吸塑橱柜好不好 吸塑橱柜优缺点

Breeding cabinets are mainly made of plastic panels, and plastic panels are also called polymer polymers. It is the most convenient and most suitable for the people to live. Foreign people call it a lack of defective board, which is resistant to scratching, because double stickers inside and outside will not exudate or seep. Its substrate is a density board, a surface absorbing in vacuum, and is a more mature cabinet material.

Breeding cabinet door panels are divided into two effects: light and matte. After a certain shape, fashion classic, delicate luster, soft color. The surface of the door panel is smooth and easy to clean. There are no messy colors and complicated lines. It is suitable for ordinary families with small and simple design in ordinary families. It is mainly practical.

There are also shops in the sucking door panel as a membrane pressure door panel. Both of these types are enough to vividly say that its production process is to adsorb the heat pressure on the substrate. The substrate of the plastic panel generally uses a medium -density fiber board.

Breeding cabinet advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of sucking panel cabinets: non -cracking and no deformation, drooping, dirt resistance, and anti -fading. The color is rich, the wood grain is realistic, and the monochrome color is pure. The seamless PVC membrane pressure forming process does not need to be sealing, and there is no problem of glue. Daily maintenance is also very simple, no special maintenance is required.

The disadvantage of the sucking board cabinet: Because the surface is the PVC film, the high temperature resistance is poor and the service life is relatively short. It is best not to smoke in the kitchen, the temperature of the cigarette head will burn the surface of the plate.

In fact, other materials are the same as the material of the sucking board cabinet. They have advantages and disadvantages, so they usually pay attention to maintenance, so as to extend their service life.

Plastic cabinet choice

1) Method of substrate quality distinction. The base material directly determines whether the cabinet door has a secondary nailing ability, and the ability to hold nails and the deformation of the product sucking board and the environmental protection function of the product’s plastic panel. Good plastic door panel substrates are different from general substrates in terms of density. The better method of debate is to choose small pieces of the same scale. Just call it. It can be better, and it is smaller.

2) Membrane skin quality distinction methods. The quality of the membrane skin directly resolves the level and application function of the product sucking door panel. A good plastic film must reach the certain thickness, the film cortex is uniform, and the color should be stable. In order to resist these two appearances, the pressure of lowering the sucking machine is to to a certain extent reduced the deformation of dew and board deformation, but it cannot ensure the viscosity of the PVC membrane skin and the substrate.

3) The appearance treatment of the plastic door panel. The appearance treatment is related to the whole image of the product sucking board. If the surface of the orange peel is severe, the whole door panel looks darker, and the highlighting plastic door panel is very significant in this point.

Breeding cabinets, good plastic cabinet advantages disadvantages and disadvantages

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