Is there a future for “Old Road” to sell wine? Try these new ideas

Why is the traditional liquor group purchase business not big? Either the idea is solidified and unwilling to try something fresh. Either it is not enough to execute, there is no good idea or idea, and do not know where to do it. Today we will focus on the issue of thinking.

The biggest problem in doing group buying business is that the boss needs to do it by himself, consumes a lot of time and energy, not only overdraw the body, it is difficult to achieve large -scale business. This is the biggest pain point of agents, which is also the biggest problem that everyone cannot take the treasure to group purchase.

From a strategic level, first solve a problem -“liberating” the boss, followed by large -scale things. Traditional bosses, especially the owners who sell mid -to -high -end products, need to accompany, drink, and play. Although the boss makes some money, he will make himself exhausted.

How can we liberate the boss? Build a team to decompose the business process so that ordinary people can do the decomposition actions in the business process. For example, how to serve a customer, how to do the regular customer situation? How to carry out a motorized customer situation? Clarify the business logic and show them to them.

We must find a way to make the business process simple enough so that the newcomers can understand what is going on at a glance. Only in this way can business be copied large -scale. However, many traditional bosses are afraid that customer resources will be prying away, fear of others to learn to do their own, and so on. This is caused by the complexity of the business process.

In the past, the customer resources were in the hands of the boss, and for several years to get a relationship for several years, they must be afraid of losing. If you can think clearly and stretch the business process so that more people can easily get started, you no longer have to worry about the resources of the resources, because you can copy resources and sales talents on a large scale.

In addition to standardizing business processes, it is to design a salary structure, because money is the fundamental to recruit outstanding talents. What is excellent talent? Be able to understand business processes and have the opportunity to do business processes. Secondly, there are certain customer resources and resources development capabilities.

Many people say that such people are not easy to recruit, most of the time because they do not understand the needs of these people. The standard for recruiting sales staff in a city of Guijiu is 50 to 8,000 months, and the commission is calculated. Each box of wine will also pay hundreds of customers, allowing sales staff to freely grasp the customer budget.

In particular, the investment in customer situation is invested by dealers in the past. Now it is free to grasp the seller, but the premise is to report it to the dealer. In this way, the use of customer conditions can be more flexible, more appropriate, and more valuable. This detail is very attractive.


More than a dozen people in a team are different from the boss alone. The former is more consistent with humanity, and its motivation is stimulated more thoroughly. Large -scale guest conditions can find more and better ways, and everyone’s efficiency improves faster.

Anyone who has some resource development capabilities can easily achieve more than 10,000 yuan in income, and there are more excellent people. The income distribution model is sexy enough, and it is particularly in line with humanity. The excellent talents are naturally attracted. Those who have sold cars, sell houses, and sell high -end products can sell well.

Solving the problem of thinking, the large -scale problem is naturally solved. If you can make a lot of money, you can make a lot of money, and you can operate on the ground. Such a business is of course a sexy good business.

When many people talked for the first time, I felt that our approach was not much different from their past practices. What I want to say is that the difference between a diced point may be a very big gap. Letting sales staff have money to earn, and can use job opportunities to meet some high -quality network resources. This is a very wonderful thing.

I wish you all a good luck!

Author: ArticleManager