The leg shape is not perfect and wearing short boots? Come and try the mid -boots, the ability to hide your clumps

Recently, everyone seems to have fell in love with short boots. Both stars and amateur have wearing short boots, but these boots are really not as good as you think, especially when you wear light legs. They will be exposed instantly. However, if you wear a middle boot, you don’t have to worry about the problem of the leg shape. Even if your legs are not straight, you can be instantly modified by the middle boots.

In the European and American circles, the Kardashian family has always been the target of the fashion wind direction, and it is also full of love for the middle boots. First, Sister Jin and even wearing cycling pants must be equipped with a pair of boots. The two boots are not good enough. Some too loosely cause it to look very procrastinating and visually cumbersome.

Let’s look at Ken Dou’s middle boots. It is more pleasing to the eye. Striped suit with gray shorts, a pair of light blue mid -boots, the color matching of the upper and lower lights makes the whole look look layered, handsome but handsome, but I do n’t feel dull, and there are highlights in the low -key, and wearing skills is really nothing to say.

Ken Dou’s good friend Hailey also likes to wear middle boots. The light blue denim jacket is paired with black inside. It is refreshing with the sexy hot and spicy of women, with a pair of handsome middle boots, a pair of straight and slender chopsticks. The legs are jumping into the eyes. Such a shape can instantly attract attention, no matter where you go, earn enough to return.

The show of the middle boots


In fact, the Chinese boots are not only hot among the fashionistas. In fact, it also appeared on the stage of fashion week early. It was rejuvenated by the major designers through new transformations with different fashion elements. Marant put the middle boots on the runway as early as the spring and summer of 2019. The middle boots were paired with sequins or Liu Su. It was very fashionable and eye -catching, which was refreshing.

In fact, as early as the stage of Wei Mi, the middle boots have been opened. Remember the domineering figure of supermodel Naomi wearing silver -colored jumpsuits and stepping on a pair of black patent leather boots? Even with a underwear show, it still showed her unstoppable aura.


Advantages of mid -boots

The reason why the middle boots can be loved by so many people, even if there is an embarrassing length, then it must have its different charm. Summarize the advantages of the middle boots, which can be roughly divided into the following three points:

Modify the leg shape


Distinctive personality

Long legs

1. Modify the leg shape

Compared to short boots, the biggest advantage of mid -boots is that it can modify the leg shape to the greatest extent. Even if your leg shape is not so perfect, but because the middle boots are sharp The modification is extremely perfect. Whether you are an O -type leg or X -shaped leg, you can turn into a pair of chopsticks in minutes.

2. Personalized personality


In fact, the Chinese boots are derived from the knight boots. European nobles in the 19 world love to ride horseback. The knight boots have spread like this. Now it has become a middle boots. Sweet, this pair of boots are probably one of the strongest boots in the gas field. Coupled with the leather used in the middle boots, it is generally harder, which gives people feel easy and capable, so it is very clear and three -dimensional with the overall visual effect of the shirt.

3, long legs

Although the middle boots may have a little embarrassment in length, these boots not only do not show short legs, but they are quite long. For long legs, no matter what boots you wear, it is actually the same. But for short legs, then the middle boots are never as short as you look as short as you are. Look at the middle boots of the little blogger Caroline. Putting on the long clothes covered with boots, it does not affect the overall aesthetics, and you can also look handsome by the way.

Selection of mid -boots

1. Press the head of the shoe

The middle boots are roughly rounded, pointed and square head according to the toe. Among them, the middle boots of the round head are the most classic. It feels the most intimate, but it will be slightly bulky. The pointed middle boots also have the effect of lengthening the leg shape. It looks more aura, but the aggressiveness will be stronger. As for the middle boots of Fangtou, it is a recent popular style. It is very popular with fashionistas. Girls who like to pursue fashion trends can try.

2. Press the boots


The choice of boots must be cautious, pay attention to grasp the size. The wider the boots, the thinner the legs that are visually set off, but the too loose boots will give people a sense of burden because of layers of wrinkles. If you have calf muscles, you can’t wear too tight boots and wear a second to become a car accident.

For the choice of boots, I think that when your boots can empty a finger, it is the most suitable. This kind of looseness is just right. It can be properly modified. It will look procrastinating!


3. Press the boots

In general, there are generally two types of boots, one is flat mouth, and the other is V -shaped mouth. The flat -mouth boots are the most common, suitable for most people, giving people a capable and handsome aura. The mouth of the V -type mouth is relatively friendly, because its unique shape can extend the leg line visually, so that it looks higher, especially the little girl.

Suggestions for the matching boots

1. With skirt

Because the design is relatively simple, it is very good to wear a skirt to wear, and it can be perfectly fitted with all styles of skirts. The long skirt covers a small section of boots, or wearing a short skirt to reveal a part of the knee, which can create different visual aesthetics.


However, it should be noted that when the middle boots are worn with skirts, the skirt cannot be the style that is close to the legs. You must choose some of the more large skirts, like a elegant umbrella skirt and middle boots. The wonderful CP, wearing it, is the rhythm of being transformed into an elegant urban beauty.

2. Posted with pants

Remember the predecessor boots of the middle boots? The knight boots were worn with trousers at the beginning. In “Downton Manor”, the young lady Mary, wearing tight trousers with knight boots, is still in my mind. The previous elegant and generous instantaneous instantaneousness was replaced by the sense of power, which was really fascinating.


The pants worn with the pants and boots are also particular about, be sure to choose those tight styles. If you wear a loose pants to wear with the middle boots, then you will become a leg -free person, and with the effect of the beam of the middle boots, the pants seem to become a sack, which looks very unsightly.




Compared with short boots that are easy to expose, the advantages of the middle boots to modify the leg shape are more obvious.


The advantages of the middle boots are roughly three points: modify the leg shape, distinctive personality, and long legs.


The middle boots can be selected according to the different toe, boots and boots, and the style of different styles has been slightly different.

The middle boots are also very simple to match. When paired with skirts, pay attention to the loose skirt. Pay attention to the pants to be tight when paired with pants.


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