How to wear the New Year? 9 kinds of sweet and pure feel are waiting for you to unlock, eye -catching and fashionable, come and see

In the winter, everyone will worry about dressing. On the one hand, because of the heavy sense of clothing, it will be bloated to match, and on the other hand, because the color of the clothing is too dull, it looks like there is no characteristic.

Therefore, it is recommended that you try to choose a light -colored trendy clothing in the process of matching, showing a fresh and sweet and smart side. It is also very suitable to wear in the festival atmosphere.

Sweet girls come over. In winter, small fresh winds are coming, age reduction and fashion is waiting for you to choose. How to wear the New Year? Nine kinds of sweetness and purity are waiting for you to unlock, eye -catching and fashionable, come and see.

Next, take a few sweet atmosphere as an example to see how to get rid of the mediocre sense of the shape in winter!

Sweet atmosphere feels wearing

Chessboard style lamb hair jacket

The lamb hairy jacket can alleviate the dull style of practical cotton jackets with exquisite design and style style. The plush texture on the fabric and the uniqueness and personality of the style design can greatly double the fashion charm and show the show Playful and cute side.


It is good to choose a lamb hairy jacket with a checkerboard style


The black and white splicing color block combines the modified effect of the outline of the pattern, and shows the exquisite and advanced side under the sorting of the sewing connection.

For young girls, it is very suitable to choose a short coat of plush texture to match

, Playful and cute age reduction will also be very strong. At the same time, combined with the thin texture of the fabric to reduce the bloated shape.

The whole shape looks simple and stylish, and the trendy fluid is relatively strong. With the last -style slim -fitting straight jeans, the perfect outline of the leg lines also looks very extraordinary. You may wish to try to choose!

Color -like Xiaoxiangfeng coat

The milk -white small fragrant breeze coat increases the texture with thick flower fabrics, while combining the loose and addition on the version

Long version design to increase charm and beauty

Essence Among them, under the mainstream of milk white, the softness and freshness of the color are very attractive.

The uniform milk white small incense jacket, combined with the dotted design of the details,

Choose auxiliary addition at the position of the neckline and the position of the pocket position

With the fashion effect of collision collision, the simple style of clothing style is displayed, high -level color matching, and more delicate to match.

At the same time, in the process of matching, combined with the versatile basic color -style denim trousers to match, the contrast between clothing color is easy to be accepted by everyone. Interested sisters better try it.


Gradient sweater

Light color is the mainstream color, and at the same time, it increases the sense of fashion with the gradient color effect.


Light purple, milk yellow, fluorescent yellow, rose pink and other colors of color -colored staircase changes to increase charm and beauty

At the same time, as a young woman, the gas quality is also very good.


Generally, sweaters and apparel items are mainly based on round neck design.

Therefore, in the process of matching, it will be suitable to choose a V -neck design sense or a knitted sweater with a low -neck design!

At the same time, it is used as the mainstream sweater of the fashion. It is very suitable to choose the milk white mopped pants of the same color class category and wide -leg pants. It is very beautiful.

Striped sweater

Knit sweater clothing items can generally be divided into two categories, round neck sweater styles and knitted cardigan styles


Essence Relatively speaking, the knitted clothing items will be more fashionable to match. At the same time, the collision of milk white and vibrant blue. The color tone is very gentle, which is very suitable for young girls to choose.


at the same time,

Winter interior wear is also very suitable for choosing soft and soft glutinous sweater matching

The color matching is fresh and eye -catching wide -leg pants. The color of the clothing is consistent, simple and stylish, and the charm is also very suitable for sweet girls to choose.


Rose pink suit jacket

Suit clothing is no longer limited to classic and dull black. In order to enhance the stylish charm of the shape, it shows a different image attraction. Choose a rose pink suit jacket to match it. The charm is beautiful and very good.


Choose a tender suit jacket, the style of wear looks very sweet

Whether you are shopping with your girlfriends or on the occasion of dating, everyone can choose to choose, and light -colored shirts inside, with fresh and eye -catching color matching effects to increase the sense of atmosphere, showing different fashion charm is also very good.


Make full use of the rules of stacking, followed with jeans, and wearing leisure and style. It is necessary to wear it as a young girl. It will be very suitable.


, Hurry up to choose a match!

Fresh and sweet dressing always gives unexpected surprises, whether it is the color of clothing, or the style of clothing, or the matching scheme shown in the shape, it is very good.

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