Small public welfare communication official public welfare activities ended successfully, programming cat students guarded rural children healthy growth

Shandong Yantai programming cat students incarnate “Little Public Welfare Communication Officer” collectively out of the street

Li Sijia, a 7 -year -old programmatic cat student, has no concept of “adding meals for love”, but when he understands that children in poor areas can’t eat eggs and milk, they become full of power. My mother was worried that the child was afraid of being born and dare not speak, and observed silently at the scene. Unexpectedly, Si Jia not only prepared multiple sets of words, but also learned to form a team to promote to others.

Mother Li Sijia said: “Children have regarded public welfare as daily life. Watching me with me watching the children’s family drama” Baolian Lantern “on Wednesday, I don’t forget to seize the time before the opening to introduce the people around me.”

Recently, the eighth season of the eighth seasons of the small public welfare communication official social practice activity, which was jointly initiated by the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation and Children’s Programming Brand Programming Cat. During the event, programming cat students across the country incarnate “Little Public Welfare Communication Officer”, actively advocating the concept of public welfare to people, and inviting many caring people to join the monthly donation of love plus meals to grow up the healthy growth of children in the mountains.

Want to help children in the same age grow up healthy with actual actions


“Brother, I am doing public welfare social practice, can you scan the code and understand the” add meals for love “? Help the children in the mountains together.” Liu Yuxuan, a 7 -year -old, is a student of programming Cat Shandong Yantai Learning Center. This is also the first time he has participated in public welfare activities.

Earlier, Yuxuan did not know that she could eat milk every day, which was so precious for children in poor mountainous areas in China.


His mother saw the relevant videos and described “After drinking milk after drinking the milk, she also flattened the milk box back and forth with a small hand, and then took a hard time, and did not waste a drop of milk.” After listening, Yuxuan lowered her head and was silent for a long time. Later on the beach, Yuxuan told her mother with action: I want to help these peers!

In addition to continuing to promote “meals for love” to the people around him on weekdays, Yuxuan also participated in the bazaar organized by the local programming Center of Mao Lai Shan Experience Center in Yantai.

As a novice, Yuxuan will inevitably be rejected, but he has not discouraged and prepared his secret weapon “Little Red Flower” sticker. As long as people are willing to understand public welfare activities, Yuxuan will put them with “little red flowers”, and this warm little move has also received a lot of praise.

And this public welfare activity also made Yu Xuan know that there were so many places in China that it was worth his struggle to make China better.

Yu Xuan’s mother was very excited about this. “We were studying in Italy in the early years. Children’s childhood basically spent in Italy. It just returned to China last year. In Italy, I have been watching patriotic movies and traditional Chinese cultural books for children. Every year, from the Chinese Haitao’s a lot of Chinese documents, read it to the children one by one, I hope that the child will not forget the book. This time, the activities of the small public welfare communication officer have well cultivated the child’s sense of social responsibility, so that the child has more home National conditions. “


Social practice activities of small public welfare communication officers in the eighth season ended successfully

Social practice activities of small public welfare communication officials, through advocating to become “public welfare communication officers”, actively advocate public welfare concepts and participate in monthly donations to people around them. The theme of this season is “adding meals for love”, advocating the story of the communication officer to invite the public through online channels to understand the story of rural children, advocate everyone to provide nutritional meals for rural children, and pay attention to their healthy growth.

It is reported that since its launch in 2016, the “Little Public Welfare Communication Official Event” has carried out eight, 34 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions), 120 cities, more than 100 primary and secondary schools, and more than 60,000 primary and secondary school students.

Jiangxi Yichun Programming Cat Student incarnation of “Little Public Welfare Communication Officer” advocates the concept of public welfare

This time, programming cats are actively mobilizing students from all over the country, and online and offline linkage are used to encourage children to participate in the form of personal forms and team PK. It also spreads in hundreds of cities across the country in Shandong, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Shenzhen, etc. Children have dedicated their love with actual actions, and added different colors to this summer.

Rural public welfare has always been the field of programming cats’ focus. Previously, it has continued to carry out the “programming to enter the countryside” series of public welfare activities. It has entered Urumqi, Xinjiang Urumqi, Sichuan Daliangshan, Gansu Tianshui and other developed areas and rural schools. The Guanghua Technology Foundation has donated courses and books for 117 “Tongxin Harbor” in the country, and brought a programming course for left -behind children in the countryside.


The programmatic cat and the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation jointly launched a small public welfare communication official event, and also hoped to contribute to their own strength to the revitalization of the countryside. In the future, programming cats will adhere to the original intention of education, based on scientific and technological innovation research and development of better programming education products, so that better -quality programming education resources reach more children in the place.

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