Lindong City was completed in one day -the story behind the shooting place of the northern Ireland (1)

Let’s sit next to the fireplace, tell the story from scratch, start from the beginning of the story, to tell the cold and desolate northern country in the mainland of Naivelo, the 8,000 -year -old Lindong City story. After all, winter is coming.

How is Lindong City built

In 2005, a castle in Tang County, Northern Ireland, Castle Ward, received an email from the TV channel HBO from the United States. The episode is looking for the location of the shooting. They need a place with both forests and castles. I think Ward Castle is good. I want to take a look.

This surprised Ward Castle. Ward Castle is a house built in the 18th century and is currently managed by the British National Trust. This mansion is very distinctive in architecture. Half of which is Gothic, half is a neoclassical style, plus the landscape like Turddy scenery: grassland, lake shore … the castle has become one of the popular attractions in North Ireland. Essence However, HBO did not come for this mansion. They were interested. They were in the same manor as the manor and built in the early 16th century Wanglou.

The “Lintong City” in the real world -a Wanglou in the Ward Castle. This article is taken by Qian Chengxi except for the screenshot of the TV series.

After several negotiations, HBO’s people were finally coming. The castle enthusiastically prepared the direction guide and arrival strategy for them. It is easy to come here. It is only forty minutes to drive from Bellster. However, they found that the three people in HBO were sitting on the same day and flying from Bellster.

Until 2010, HBO officially started the filming of “Game of Thrones”. It took almost 5 years before and after, and Ward Castle agreed to the TV station here. This Wanglou and its affiliated buildings became the place where the Winter City was near the Winter City in the first season of “Game of Thrones”, and it was also the first shot of “Game of Thrones”. From the scene to shooting, the crew stayed here for six months. Interestingly, in 2009, HBO filmed the trial episode of “Game of Thrones”, and Lintong City in the play was shot in Dunen Castle in Scotland. However, the trial episode has never been broadcast. In the officially broadcast in 2011, all the scenes of Lintong City were filmed in Ward Castle in 2010.

Screenshot of the TV series when Lintong City first appeared in the drama


At that time, the story had just begun. Who would expect this TV series to be huge globally in the future? In any case, today’s “Lord of the Winter City” William “Ser William” is proud of this, “the earliest, but they came to us.”

William’s true identity is the guide of the Ward Castle, and the full name is William Van Der Kells. However, the tour guide Dee, a trip to Northern Ireland, insisted on calling him “the real Lord of the Winter City”, Lord of Winterfell. “Every time I see William, he always wore the costumes in his” Game of Thrones “. Once I drove through the Ward Castle, and suddenly I saw someone on the roadside, carrying a large TESCO shopping bag , I was holding a car. I drove over and suddenly felt that he looked a bit like the city owner, but he wore modern clothing and I dare not confirm. So I stopped and called him, ‘William, I saw someone on the road, I saw someone on the road It’s like you, is it you? “He answered me: ‘You see me, but I kept driving in the stop!'”

William wore a “game of power” every day to explain the shooting place for tourists

According to William, he told me that he has been daring every day for 4 years. On this day, he was wearing a leather coat, and we also put on the northern cloak, passed through the gate, and officially entered the Winter City.

In the first episode of the first season of the TV series, the first time we saw Linhuang City, seeing a city wall and round tower on the green hills; seeing the Stucker family, which is still intact, and its joy -in a few. Under the teachings of my brother, I practiced archery, Blan, secretly made the bad Ellia, and the Stark couple watched on the tower; in the end, we also saw the spectacular full picture of Lindong City through Elia’s eyes.

King Robert’s car driving into Lintong City TV series screenshots

If you look forward to seeing Lintong City the same as the play here, you may have to use some imagination. It is just a prototype of Linhuang City, a small Wanglou, which is much smaller than the scale in the play. The CGI special effects added a tall tower and the city wall to it, including the tower that James and Cersei had affectionately, including the Tower of James and CGI. Pushed down by James, “I can do what I can do for love.”


“What I can do for love”, the scene is a screenshot of special effects making TV series


William was a little worried about a change. “There is a farmhouse. We originally used it to prepare a banquet. After HBO came, we actually changed it to a brothel -that is the first brothel that the little devil appeared.”


Despite a lot of changes, we still recognized the gatehouses, school farms, and the blacksmith shop of the “sewing needle” of Elia, and the farmhouse that had been changed to a brothel, which excited us. The school farm in the center of Lindong City was also the place where Simon Grayjie broke into Linhuang City with a dismissal way to show his loyalty to his father. Now, everyone is playing beheading games, while the corner of the school field has a tent, where you can enjoy a medieval -style banquet, just like Robert arrived at the first night of reaching the Winter City: the table was stout in the middle of the table Candle, the “servant” of men and women shuttled through, and when I saw the cup, I poured you beer with full of bread and large pieces of butter on the wooden board. Or wild pork, or venison.

I also tested the archery on the school field. The long bow in the play is also used here, and the bow is filled. I think of Xuenuo’s instructions from Xiaoblan, “Don’t think too much.” A arrow shot like Bran. Put the arrow outside the target.


Screenshot of Blan’s archery TV drama in the school field

William shows us how to shoot archery like medieval people in the same school farm

There are two special residents in Lindong City, you must see it. They are Odin and Thor -maybe you are more familiar with another name of them- “Summer and Grey Wind. Yes, it is the six found in Xuenuo in the north forest. The two of the little ice wolves are two, one belongs to Bran, and the other belongs to Robb. Snow hugs the small summer and puts it in the scene in the same small Blan’s arms. How many screens have melted? The heart of the former audience?

Little milk dog Audin plays summer, hiding in the screenshot of TV series


In real life, Ice Wolf has long been extinct 10,000 years ago, and Odin and Tor are of course not wolves. They are northern because of the Nuget, because they have similar shapes to the wolf, they are picked in the first episode to play in the first episode. Little wolf. Since then, the adult icefield wolf has been produced by CGI because it has a more “wolf” than the body of the dog and the wolf.

The three local brothers William, Rose and Kaland are the owners of Odin and Tror. They also participated in the performance of “Game of Thrones”. Different ghosts. The two dogs have no longer acting and concentrated on enjoying life. However, after the theme of the “Game of Thrones” in Ward Castle in 2015, the two of them also came out to meet the tourists from time to time, shook hands, and took photos. Oh, the life of the big star is so boring.

Now they are prestigious. (Zuo Tol, You Odin)

Of course, if you ask them particularly, dogs will smile at you and kiss you -just like me.


HBO is not only a scene in Wanglou. There are beautiful green grass slopes in the manor, and the lakes of Strangford Lough are in blue as dreams, but it is the largest lagoon in the British Island. Under a big tree on the shore of the lake, Luo Bo and Telisa were secretly married. There is a fortress ruin at the top of Da Cao Po. HBO has shot some scenes of Twin River City (the special effects replicated one more fortress) here: Shao Wolf Lord Robb and his mother Caitlin Tali here are here with Marquis Wald Buddha in the city. Thunder negotiated marriage, and Luo Bo will marry a daughter of Wade. The “red wedding” funeral clock sounded here. Following the hiking or cycling route provided by the castle, let’s walk more in this vast manor, you should be able to find a lot of familiar scenes.


Can you recognize this ruins?

The landscape landscape is picturesque, and Luo Bo once camped on the lake

Behind William is the big tree that witnessed the wedding of Luo Bo and Telisa

Although the small tavern outside the city is not a shooting place, if you are loyal to “Game of Thrones”, you have to go there. At the first season of shooting, Nide, Elia and others who had not yet become big stars, often went there to eat and live. Therefore, Cuan has also launched the “Game of Thrones” theme dinner. At the dinner, I was not willing to destroy the ice wolf drawn on the plate.

I can’t bear to destroy Stark’s family emblem

In this chilling afternoon, I noticed that a car tourist continued to come to Linhuang City. Many of the buss they rides on “games of power” are written on the bus. William told us that the TV series brought a steady and growing passenger flow to Ward Castle. The first number of tourists is the British, the second is Americans, and the third is Indian tourists. “By the way, their pirated downloads are the largest in the world.” William said very much. The number of Chinese tourists who came to Lintong City has reached the fourth place.


The tour guide dee is deeply touched by this. She is a native Bell Fhate. Due to her turbulent political situation when she grew up, “I thought she couldn’t live 30 years old when she was young.” But now, she is over half a year old. The second day when I was doing the wind and water, the second day I arrived in Northern Ireland was the 21st anniversary of the northern Aihe Peace Agreement. “I never dreamed that there would be so many foreign tourists to Northern Ireland.” Power of power. “Game” is like “The Lord of the Rings” for New Zealand. Now, it’s time for us to be glory. “

Snow in the northern forest

Another important scene in the first episode of the first season, it can be said that it laid the scene of the whole story, that is, at the beginning of the TV series, the night guards met in the northern forest covered by ice and snow. The corpse of the savages encountered another ghost. This place of memory that is memorable is the Tollymore Forest Park, which is about 1 hour in the play.


If it weren’t for the imitation Gothic door at the entrance of the Forest Park, I would not have a terrible beginning of Torimore Forest with the gloomy start of the “Game of Thrones”. In the play, this forest is located outside the Great Wall and belongs to the savage territory. If there is any fog spreading around, it is like a threat that is invisible but approaching, and those trees that have not grown green leaves for thousands of years to use The suffocating order is arranged, the trunk is stretched to the sky, and the whole body is full of thorns. The world seems to have only black and white.


Screenshot of Torimo Moore Forest TV Series


But what about the Torimo Forest in the real world? Sequoia, oak, fir, cedar, and cedar are lush and stout, especially the oak trees here. Because they are particularly good, they have been cut in large quantities and used as cabin interior on the Titanic. The Shimna River flowed through this deep, fragrant forest, and the moss was covered with chaos on the river bank.

Torimo Moore’s forest landscape is beautiful and is the back garden of locals. They often come here to walk and walk dogs.

The climate of the northern Ireland is actually not cold. Even if it is snowing in winter, it is difficult to appear as heavy snow in the play. However, our guide Robby in the forest told us that HBO does not need to be really snow.

Therefore, in September 2010, HBO took 10 weeks and shot less than 5 minutes of snow scene here. They first covered the ground, then covered the snow, and finally added special effects to achieve the terrible northern forest we saw on the screen.


Following Robby, we walked to the shooting point of the creepy savage corpse sacrificed land. There was almost the same as there, with a mountain hair. Unlike other evergreen needles in the forest, it is worth the early spring, and the green leaves of the mountain hair have not grown, and the branches are bare in the TV series. Our group wearing a cloak in the north, and the scenes where they walked silently in the Forest Forest, looked like the prevailing people who were going to participate in some weird cult rituals.


This forest is very oppressed, and it is convenient for the placement of the body of the savage.

In a natural depression in the forest, we stopped. This is where the body of the savage’s body was placed in a strange shape. Robbie holds a large album and shows us the location of each tree at that time. Suddenly, he yelled behind us and shocked us.

“Do you know which tree is this? This is the night guard, and found the tree that was stared at by the savage girl who was nailed to the tree!”


As soon as the TV series is at the beginning, there is a screenshot of the TV series in the TV series


In the concave pit of the corpse, Robby pointed us to the position of the tree

Robby demonstrated to us where the little girl was nailed to death

However, in the same forest, HBO also shot many warm scenes. Xue Nuo and Ti Lyon leaned on the tree to rest and chat. Different wizards were not uniformly relying on which tree it was in the end of Xue Nuo. Follow the Shimna River, walking to a quite simple stone bridge, the river water is a bit turbulent here, and the foam is glowing. Needless to say, maybe you already guessed, this is the place where Snow found the dead mother ice wolf, and the place where six little ice wolves.

It’s under this bridge, Snow found six small ice wolves

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