Refusing to be the same, Hengjie Custom Bathroom Cabinet creates a personalized exclusive bathroom space

The bathroom space is an indispensable part of each family. Although the area is not too large, it can reflect the user’s style and taste between the square inches. At the same time, at the moment when the “personalized” demand is prevailing, the standardized finished bathroom cabinet on the market is difficult to meet consumers’ pursuit of “exclusive” bathroom space due to restrictions on the style, color, size and other restrictions. To solve this problem, choosing a custom bathroom cabinet is undoubtedly one of the best solutions.


Recently, Hengjie launched a number of custom bathroom cabinets with a variety of styles and strong customization capabilities. Through innovative technology and product design, users have brought users a high -quality bathroom experience. This “design museum” has been growing deeply, and I can’t help but give everyone a wave!

For the bathroom cabinet, the face value of “first impression” is one of the primary considerations for consumers when purchasing. In the current aesthetic environment, light luxury, modern, Northern Europe, and American style are undoubtedly the most popular decoration style, and Heng Jie’s custom bathroom cabinet series launched this time is also included in these four popular styles. We first appreciate them one by one. Essence

① Light luxury style

Light luxury is a very popular decoration style in recent years. It is different from the traditional publicity. Light luxury advocates simple and low -key, and focuses on the artistic nature of design connotation and the perfect aesthetic direction. Planting art values. This time, Hengjie launched two light luxury bathroom cabinets in the luxury series and Yuxiang series, expressing a comfortable and elegant living taste.

▲ The luxurious series uses light luxury elegance and simple shape design to create a comfortable and comfortable high -quality bathroom atmosphere without losing luxury; with soft colors to bring elegant style to the bathroom, the cabinet is soft and elegant, and the cabinet is soft and elegant. The golden faucet embellishes the temperament of fashion.


▲ Yixiang Series takes romantic and comfortable urban life as the design purpose, which can create a sweet and romantic living experience. The design is based on the warm rose water pink tone, and then the white countertop and the exquisite desktop basin are used to create to create to create a built Romantic and comfortable life atmosphere.

② Modern style

Modern style seeks fashion and trend, and pays great attention to the perfect combination of the layout of the living room and the function of use. When you walk into a star hotel, you will find that the bathrooms inside are mainly gray, stone and wooden texture. In fact, these are common matching elements in modern styles. The customized bathroom cabinet of Hengjie Guanyan series is to make the bathroom full of modern high -level comfort through these design elements.

▲ The Guanyan series follows the design trend of modern hotel style. Through the embellishment of high -grade stone material and gray metal, it enhances the taste and style of home bathroom space, and provides modern people with casual and relaxing warm harbor.

③ Nordic style


Simple, natural, humanized, unified forms and functions. This is the most significant characteristic of the Nordic style. White and wood color are common colors for Nordic style design. The Hengjiele Envoy series of custom bathroom cabinets use the design style of the Nordic style bathroom.


▲乐享系列追求的是简洁实用,这也是北欧风的设计精髓所在;以白色与原木色为基调,注重流畅的线条设计,追求的是一种返璞归真、崇尚自然的生活态度,同时以现代、 Practical and exquisite artistic techniques to achieve functional and practical bathroom space.


④ American style


The American style is also a more classic decoration style in recent years. It is known for its wide and comfortable. It pays attention to creating a stable and dignified space atmosphere. of.


▲ The pure enjoyment series is a bathroom cabinet design that integrates classical and modern, pursuing the integration of art and functions. The cold gray tone is mainly based on the exquisite silver -gray hardware embellishment, bringing a stable and dignified temperament atmosphere; open and closed design in the cabinet design, the storage and hidden exposure is orderly, which is convenient and beautiful.

I believe everyone can find the one they like in the customized bathroom cabinet in the four styles of the four styles. Of course, the face value is not only the whole of the Hengjie Custom Bathroom cabinet. The diverse style and functional customization ability, the materials of innovative technology, and the use of multiple quality products make it a powerful product with comprehensive strength. Let’s take a look at the functional highlights of the Hengjie Custom Bathroom Cabinet.

① Definition the ideal bathroom space

Since it is a customized bathroom cabinet, the customization function is definitely one of its core function points. It can be said that in terms of style, space, function and other aspects, Hengjie Custom bathroom cabinets can meet consumers’ personalized needs.

In terms of style, Hengjie Custom bathroom cabinets have popular decoration styles with light luxury, modern, Nordic, and American styles, and the bathrooms with high face value are easily realized; in terms of space planning, Hengjie Custom bathroom cabinets can target different different targets Structural units are planned and used reasonably to meet various bathroom space layouts and create exclusive bathroom space; in terms of functional design, according to the needs of the bathroom life of the space and the residents, the humanized design can be achieved. The integrated planning plan of beauty areas, laundry areas, toilet areas and storage areas provides consumers with the optimal customized solution to meet the various functional needs of customers, such as increasing the storage space of the side cabinet or hanging cabinet, using openness or use or use The design of drawers is convenient, flexible, and available.


② Waterproof multi -layer solid wood, create a bathroom cabinet that is not afraid of “core”

Most of the bathroom spaces are more humid, and the waterproof and moisture -proof performance of the bathroom cabinet is particularly important. After the general density board and granular board are used as a bathroom cabinet, it is easy to crack or deform. Hengjie custom bathroom cabinet main substrate material adopts waterproof multi -layer solid wood, which is made of E1 environmental protection standard nine -layer solid wood core board plus two layers of melamine decorative surfaces. The excellent waterproof and moisture -proof performance of the national standard is 4 times. After testing, the constant waterproof multi -layer solid wood can soak in the hot water at 80 ° C for 109 hours. Molding the problem without worrying at all.

③ The rock panel countertop with ceramic pots is solid and durable and easy to take care of


In the past few years, people generally like to use marble or ordinary ceramics as countertops, but after a long time, they find that it is easily penetrated by dirt and it is difficult to clean up. Hengjie custom bathroom cabinet uses rock panel countertops, high hardness, non -staining, high temperature resistance, no radiation, environmentally friendly and easy to clean, at the same time, the rock plate also has natural and clear texture, natural elegance, smooth and delicate. choose.

In the mix of the washbasin, the Hengjie Custom bathroom cabinet provides the pelvic basin and the underbelled basin to meet the overall design needs. Created with “Hengjie Liujing Porcelain”, which is fired through 1260 degrees high -temperature, one -piece, flat gloss, solid durability and easy to take care of, and there are multiple colors and shapes, which can add design highlights to the bathroom of high -end decoration style.

④ LED soft light smart mirror, restore true beauty

Have you ever had an experience that the mirror in the bathroom was blocked by the water mist, or the experience of insufficient light could not take care of makeup? In fact, these problems can be solved with only a smart mirror!

Hengjie custom bathroom cabinet provides various styles of smart mirrors to adapt to different bathroom styles. The functions of one -click fog, LED soft light band, time and temperature display of smart mirrors can greatly improve the happiness of daily bathroom life. feel. Before bathing, just turn on the dehomatic function with one click. Even if the mist is filled during the bathing process, the mirror will be clear as usual; the design of the LED soft light belt can effectively improve the lighting of the bathroom, intelligently make up light, create a bright makeup space, and make the exquisite makeup clear. It can be seen; and time and temperature display function can allow you to know at any time when you getting makeup and makeup in early early washing and makeup. You can also look at the temperature by the way, and arrange the clothes to match reasonably.

⑤ High -quality hardware accessories, durable corrosion resistance

When choosing a bathroom cabinet, the hardware is often overlooked. In fact, it is in a humid environment for a long time, and the ordinary hardware is very easy to rust. The Hengjie Custom bathroom cabinet uses high -quality hardware accessories to meet the quality guarantee of corrosion resistance and rust.

Different from the side -to -beaded orbit used by other brands, the Hengjie Custom bathroom cabinet uses a bottom -up buffer orbit. The switch is smooth and quiet, and the load -bearing ability is strong. The durability is naturally better. Different steel hinges are different. They use high -quality stainless steel door hinges. The links with the cabinet can be stable and can achieve buffer when closing the cabinet door. The handle is made of aluminum alloy/zinc alloy material. Durable and durable features.


In the bathroom industry, Hengjie has always been a well -known brand of new domestic products. It can accurately insight into consumer needs, and provide consumers with sanitary solutions through excellent innovative technology and product quality. The customized bathroom cabinet launched this time is no exception. It provides a variety of appearance style choices to meet the increasingly personalized aesthetics of consumers. Improve the experience with the product. So, go customized a constant bathroom cabinet that is exclusive to you. The ideal bathroom space can be easily realized!

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