Chengdong Primary School: Implement the “Five Management” to build a book incense campus

Source: Lin’an News Network

In order to better implement the “dual reduction” policy, Chengdong Elementary School actively promoted the “five management” and made every effort to build a scholarly campus.

On the 2nd, Chengdong Elementary School ushered in the well -known children’s literary writer Wu Meizhen. Teacher Wu Meizhen is the main creator and editor of the brand book department of the “Sister Sunshine”. He publishes more than 100 children’s books. The masterpieces include the “Sunshine Sister Little Study Room” series, “Same Table Enemy” series, and “Same Table Relief” series. In the cheers and applause of the children, Teacher Wu Meizhen came to the stage to greet the child enthusiastically and give a book for the outstanding students of the city east, and opened the door of the writer’s entry into the campus. In the lecture, Teacher Wu Meizhen shared it in a simple sharing, full of fun, pure beauty and warmth of children’s literature. At the event, Sister Sunshine interacted with the children to guide the children to perceive growth in reading and writing.

It is reported that Chengdong Elementary School has not only launched a series of measures in terms of operation management, mobile phone management, physical management, and sleep management. It has also been brains in terms of extracurricular reading management. Not only does the class reading corner and corridor library have been established. Let students read books at the tentacles. At the same time, the writer enters the campus every semester, and advocates parents to carry out parent -child reading activities, etc., to promote the formation of students’ love of reading and reading good books. In the scent of books, improve the taste in reading and cultivate high elegance.

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