Several applicable car perfumes of grass

The editor feels that choosing car perfume must follow the principle of health, and choose green and natural aromatherapy products. If it is imported essential oil, you must see if they can provide imported documents. In summer, it is recommended to use cold aroma, such as mint, lemon, and some light floral fragrance. As for the shell, you can pick your favorite style. Here are a few car perfumes you like.

French Diptyque car aromatherapy solid perfume

Diptyque is a well -known fragrance brand founded in France in 1961. This car fragrance in September 2017 is new. Diptyque is designed for the Chinese incense for the Chinese, which can adjust the switch! (You need to buy the sachets yourself and put it in.) The expansion can be used multiple times, just replace the containing sac.

The face value is high and the usage is simple and elegant. It is recommended that babies who have cars can buy a piece. I believe you will like it.

(The price is about: 260-420 yuan)

Homoo creative decoration outlet extension

This little cute is made from imported gypsum powder in South Korea. At first, I just liked its appearance. After use, I found that the taste is also good. Not only can it be used as a car perfume, it can be used as an decoration. It is very surprising! Women are available, you can also buy it in the car for your boyfriend. Do you like the dinosaur?


(The price is about 50-88 yuan)

Yankee candle US imported Yangji outlet perfume clip

Professional brand of fragrance, plant extract essential oil, does not contain additives. Xiaobian’s favorite taste is cotton. There is a fragrance after washing the clothes. It smells comfortable and inexplicable. The taste is very suitable for men, and the taste is neutral.


(The price is about: 48-99 yuan)

ZARA HOME series of car continuous air fresh car aromatherapy


There is no need to introduce this one. There are many friends around you. You can buy it in Zara’s home. You can keep the fragrance time for a long time. I do n’t know what fragrant babies can go to the store to try to buy.

(The price is about: 119-139 yuan)

The above models are all used by the editor. The babies who are interested can try it. In addition, if you have good recommendations, you can leave a message to share with Xiaobian.

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