Ren Minyi is so good, the white lace collar shirt is young and tender, with a black skirt loli Royal Sister conversion

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Whether it is Yi Yao in “Sadness Flows into the River” or Princess Hui Rou in “Qing Ping Le”, Ren Min has been shaping the sad character, but in life, she is actually a warm and cheerful sweetheart girl. We can see that young girls can learn.


The sexual appearance of Ren Min made her like a lot of different styles. The sweet and lovely baby face and the sexy tall figure are two combinations of Loli Royal Sister. As a new generation of actors, Ren Min will not be mature blindly. Instead, when he shows his personal characteristics, he will be brave to break through the original limitations and get the audience recognition. Ren Minyi is so good, the white lace collar shirt is young and tender, with a black skirt loli Royal Sister conversion


No matter what time, the optimization of the body proportion is a project that stars must do. Handsome Martin boots can modify the leg lines through the mid -tube version. Can also show beautiful legs.


It is really simple and exquisite to be able to echo the color up and down. Even if this shape is only black and white, it can still have a variety of styles. The mini skirt has weakened the original sexy style because of calm black black, becoming more stable and more calm and atmospheric. Such a close -up version perfectly outline her figure curve.

Since you want to maintain the youthful sense of youth, then shirts are the best choices. Lace doll collar makes full face more immature, especially this summer, which is particularly popular in the summer, provides fashion for girls with ordinary figures. Maybe, irregular pearl earrings also add charm with individual style.

Probably young girls are particularly like pearl elements. This skirt on Ren Min is embellished with dense pearls at the neckline, so that the original simple white can become advanced. The artifacts of the lines are very casual and lazy.

As a pure representative, white is actually difficult to wear sexy style, but Ren Min has been reached through translucent tulle. The skirt skirt showed a slim state. It shaped a stronger mysterious atmosphere, and combined with the edge of the edge of the wood is also a pure and desired representative.

I believe that every young girl cannot refuse the girly atmosphere released by the pink, Ren Min is no exception. This suit is used to match with different levels of depth, especially the version of the clothes. The hip skirt set the waist and hip curve to be more beautiful, but the playful bubble sleeve top still maintains the side of her sweet heart girl.


Ren Min in daily leisure has no female stars’ shelf, and she is also casual in dressing. Some secrets make her still maintain a fashionable charm. Young female celebrities like Ren Min are simply a demonstration of the student party. Even the elements that are ordinary and boring can show a little -known side on her.

In the early autumn season, it is not cold, and the sports sweater is the best choice. Whether it is a zipper neckline or a waist design, it will not give people a sultry and thick feeling after the upper body. All kinds of necklaces have reached the perfect matching effect and put on super short sports pants. She can also release vitality as much as possible.


The cold effect of the windbreaker is the best in autumn. In order to wear a personality beauty, Ren Min chose to put the trench coat on his shoulders. The style of the skirt and the coat makes the overall sense of unity stronger. She put on a T -shirt as young and beautiful as a female college student.


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