How do you give your baby a neat hairstyle at home? Before preparing for work, don’t do it easily

Finally received the Dynacare Bagger that had been picked up for a long time! The baby’s hair should be cut half a month ago, and I didn’t go to the barber shop today. The main reason is that every time my child is in the application of the hair shop, the haircut is not moving.

I should go out as little as possible in the special period before, and my girlfriend suggested that I give my children at home and tried to borrow her children’s barber twice. Now the technology is much more skilled. It is really convenient to find a haircut at home. I cut him while the child was asleep, so I also bought a home haircut.

I am still satisfied with the Dynacare electric haircut I bought.

Because, I found that my baby was afraid of going to a barber shop. In addition to being afraid of the strange environment and being manipulated, there was another reason that she was also afraid of the “barber”.

Whenever a hairdresser pushes his scalp with an electrical push, especially the horns and the back neck, her body will shrink, and the vibration and sound of the haircut cannot be affected, which is exactly the same as when I was a kid.

And Dynacare’s haircut, my baby can accept it, because it is relatively mute, the sound of the sound is softer, and there is no feeling of annoying.

Its work volume is about 55 decibels, which is lower than the EU standard 70 decibels. For example, some babies around one year old are not able to communicate and cooperate when hairdressing. Bao mothers can give him haircut when the child is asleep.

Also, before taking the child to haircut, the broken hair went into her eyes once, which might leave a deep shadow for the child, so she was so resistant.

Fortunately, Dynacare is a haircut with a function, and it is very clean. It was also pretty good to use girlfriends’ haircuts before, but Dynacare’s inhalation power was obviously better.

The moment the knife head shaved the hair, the hair can be sucked away and entered the hair storage cabin. The haircut process is very clean. Basically, the broken hair will not fall into the child’s eyes or neck and clothes, making the child feel uncomfortable.

Of course, there are still many Baoma fearing that they are not good -looking for their children, fearing that the haircut is not easy to use, and fears that the haircut will hurt the baby’s scalp.

The haircuts are generally ceramic head now, which is relatively safe. Dynacare uses a knife head R technology. The touches of the scalp is a rounded knife head of the stainless steel. The knife head can be cut off instantly, but the baby’s scalp will not hurt.


And after mastering the skills, you will find that it is not so difficult. As long as some strategies do some strategies in advance, the chances of Bao Mom ’s haircut for the first time are much smaller.


Broken notice:


1. Preparation

Send your baby and try to make the preparation in front, otherwise you will be busy.


A more empty venue; a highly suitable chair, or an adult who is responsible for holding the child; the haircut fence or cover; comb; the charging haircut;

The baby also needs to wash his head first, and then blow his hair to almost dry, so that it is convenient for haircuts.


Then bring the baby to the fence. If not, you can wear a waterproof hood and put a thin towel in the neck to prevent the broken hair from entering.

However, the general children’s hairdressing set will be equipped with a barber enclosure to position these things. Dynacare is well prepared in the Dynacare. In addition to the fence positioning comb, there are small comb and knife head nursing solution of the cleansing haircut. It feels very professional.


2. Specific process


Generally speaking, the baby is still easy to accept the baby and mother to help her haircut. Every time I make a haircut for my child, she is very excited and happy, because the child will think that this is a game of mom and dad in a fun game with himself.

This is the benefit of the family rationality, and there is no need to prepare to appease the baby’s emotions at any time.

If it is a male baby, we will install a fixed -length comb. Dynacare’s fixed -length comb can be used, two fixed -length comb, one can be 3mm and 6mm, one can be 9mm and 12mm. We need to come as need Choose a fixed -length comb.


The hair above the head can leave the baby longer, which looks better, and does not stop the baby’s sight, which can help the baby’s windproof and have a big role.


The upper part allows the fixed -length comb to control the length of the hair cutting, and push it against the direction of the hair.

If you want to pursue round hairstyles and modify your baby’s head type, you can also control the length of the control length by adjusting the head of the scalp.


For example, in the middle of the head of the baby, we must keep our hair longer.


After you have taken it over, look around. If the lines are not smooth enough, you can also turn the haircut over and use the knife head to slightly modify the hair ends.

However, this also depends on the quality of the haircut. Some haircuts will get stuck hair. In the face of this subtle hair repair needs, it may not be able to do it. The Dynacare haircut is very good. It feels that it is very sensitive and stable. As soon as the knife heads, the hair can be shaved, whether it is one or a cluster, whether the hair is soft or the hair is hard.

The lower part of the baby’s head, such as horns and hind necks, should remove long comb, and directly use the knife head to trim it. Naturally, there is a transition with the hair above.

At this time, be careful, tell your baby not to move, now you need to cut your ears near your ears ~

If it is a female baby and the baby’s hair is relatively long, you can use a comb to make a haircut at this time.

If the baby’s hair is long, we will use the length of the hair to make the standard.

Just like a hairdresser, divide the child’s hair into a few parts in advance. The bangs part, near the corners of the left and right horns, and left and right parts of the back of the head, then each part is divided into the upper and lower layers, and then use a comb every time. Cut, this is not easy to appear “dog 式” hairstyle.


Third, follow -up improvement

After the baby cuts his hair, don’t rush to remove the fence, let the baby look down first. We gently dialect his hair with our hands, peel off the mixed hair on it, and then clean up the broken faces and the crushed on the neck on the neck. send.


However, Dynacare’s suction function is really good, because it is cut and sucking. It is also very clean.


After giving the child, the hair in the haircut needs to be cleaned out.

Open the back cover of the haircut, you can see the hair of this haircut mobile phone, pour it out, then remove the knife head, and you can put it in the water to clean it.

Dynacare’s body is 0 water seepage structure, directly flushing, or completely soaking, all are no problem, and it is clean as soon as it rushes.

After washing, dry it, apply the nursing liquid to the knife head, and put all the things used in this haircut into the box, you can store it well, and then use it next time.

The battery is a lithium battery. It can only be a haircut 3-4 times in one charging. It only takes 1 hour to fully charged. The family collectively haircut, or give the baby once every two months, which is very convenient. The mobile phone is connected to HUAWEI HILINK, and you can see its power situation, statistics of the number of haircuts, and security unlocking. It is very intelligent.

After giving the child, the child dad also asked me to give him a bit. Now he has a fixed hairstyle and does not want to spend money on the barber shop every time, so he came to get his girlfriend’s haircut.

And he now puts the barber on the washstand, and sometimes he will scrape the hairstyle on both sides in the morning. He feels that the haircut is very good.

In fact, Dynacare itself is a haircut shared by a child adult. It is divided into two gears, children’s files and adult files, buttons to switch. For your baby, it is lighter, for adults, the power is stronger, and the haircut efficiency is high; and its face value is also suitable for all ages, which is why I think this haircut is worth buying.

Now more and more Baoma has begun haircuts at home, which further shows her “omnidirectional” strength. The people at home, baby, Baoda, including grandparents, and grandparents can get it in one hand. I am now in love with haircuts for others, and I am full of sense of accomplishment!

Author: ArticleManager