The laugching of the internal injury lens, the transparent shoulder strap is too conspicuous, the name of Li is too fake

If the director is not careful, the TV series you shoot is prone to wear a gang, and some even press the audience’s IQ to rub crazy friction on the ground. So what excessive dressing of the lens is “laughing and injury”? Today, I will take a look at it!

I believe many people have watched the drama “Full -time Master”. As a male and female protagonist, Yang Yang and Jiang Shuying were online. At that time, there was a scene that Yang Yang was lying in front of the notebook. Jiang Shuying came over and hit his shoulders. The purpose is to let him add the contact information of his girlfriend. At that time, the laptop in front of Yang Yang was closed, but the next scene was directly opened. I do n’t know if the staff who set the scene pay attention to this problem?


Zhang Meng is an actress that everyone is not familiar with. Netizens who have watched “Fantasy City” should still be a bit impressed. At that time, she was wearing a costume costume. In order to highlight the effect, she only wore a suspender inside, and it was transparent. , But because the coat is not worn well, the transparent shoulder strap is exposed, which is too showing! I believe netizens don’t want to see the shoulder straps!


Recently, the hottest TV series is “Dear Love”. Although the director has done his best to achieve perfect details, he also opened a Weibo account for Korean businessmen. The name of the GUN displayed by everyone@大家 is too fake. I believe that the director did not expect it! As a messy Korean businessman, Li Xian, who is currently a mess, is estimated that he does not want to carry this pot!


If this drama is not so hot, I believe that everyone will not discover the problem so carefully, but as a director, no matter whether your work will be hot, you should be perfect. After all, you can succeed only by doing details!

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