Song Zhongji is the same model, the Korean version of the slim -fitting shirt! There are 7 ways to wear shirts, learn about it

Why are Korean Oba shirt so good -looking?


Shirts can be said to be one of the indispensable items in men’s wardrobes!

In the past, it was always considered a formal representative, but in recent years, many different materials and versions have appeared, so that shirts are no longer just “formal clothes” in the past. There can be many different changes in daily life. There are also many.

Today, before introducing the protagonist shirt, let everyone learn 7 shirts to wear to ensure that your shape is not dull!

(1) Full hem

就 The easiest way to wear is to put down the hem naturally, and you can create shorts or casual pants at will not create a formal risk style.


袖 Summer can choose short -sleeved styles, more comfortable and sharp visual feelings.

衬 It should be noted that the length of the shirt should not be too long, otherwise it will make the proportion worse.

(2) Full hem tie

Compared with other wearing methods, the hem is more “formal”, but you can still choose a design style to reduce the formal sense and create your own unique style.


A major advantage of this kind of shirt is that it can make the legs longer.


What you need to pay attention to is that you must remember to pull out the hem a little, create a natural hanging feeling, or roll up the sleeves a few discounts.

(3) Piece in front of the hem

部分 This method of piercing the front part of the hem and the latter part is probably the most common way of wear on the street.

腿 In addition to the long legs, it can also create a casual casual sense.

起 起 also should also pay attention to the hem that is tied up naturally, and integrate it with the vertical part, otherwise there will be an unnatural feeling.

(4) Half half in front of the hem

If you are paying attention to Korean fashion and celebrities, you will find that more and more people trendy celebrities use this method of dressing and only put half of the half part of the hem into the pants. Said to lead the trend in the trend!

(5) The front placket is fully opened, the lower hem is placed


The puppet of 下 下 ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► is also very suitable for wearing vacations in the hot summer.

服 You can match the clothes inside to create a overall sense of layering.

(6) The front placket is fully opened, the lower hem is tied


直接 Without the buttons, it can be said to be one of the favorite ways of wearing in recent years.

能 能 能 够 够 can show unique personal charm.


「What you need to pay attention to is also the same” falling “. The more natural, the more fashionable, the beautiful, and if you are tired of the previous shirts, you might as well try this!


(7) The front placket is half open, and the hem is fully placed


一 Half the buttons, and the shirts that are put down all the hems give people a chic and elegant feeling. You can also try to buckle the buttons irregularly, showing a more likely, unique and unique handsome style. Essence

The above 7 kinds of shirts, I like the last one based on my personal selfishness, because it feels bad.

Do you like to wear shirts?

Then you must recommend this article to him, so that the unchanged shirt has a new unique style!

Not much nonsense (although I have said a lot, hahaha ~)


Let’s introduce today’s protagonist shirt! Intersection Intersection

看 Don’t just look at people … I know it’s handsome … Don’t forget that the protagonist is a shirt! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

服 Classic and simple clothing style is itself a fashion!

优 Design runs through the aesthetic design of elegant and leisure.


身3D three -dimensional body and comfortable dress enjoyment.

The carefully designed three -dimensional cutting shows the charm of men.


有The low -key is not publicity, there is a atmosphere from the inside out.

、 The willpower and control of people are extremely strong.

感觉 Simple and formal feeling, domineering exposure.

✦ Details of shirts 衫


, Classic versatile style, fashionable and comfortable, instantly enhance men’s temperament.

脂 Adopt high -end resin buttons, firmly integrate, and eye -catching design, which greatly improves the overall clothing quality of clothing.

致 The cuff line is exquisite, simple design, flat on the car, smooth wiring, and perfectly fit the skin.

料 The biggest advantage of high -grade cotton fabrics is natural, comfortable, and breathable, and there will be no disadvantages of chemical fiber to produce electrostatic.

牢 Multi -craftsmanship, firm and durable, not easy to fade, soft and skin -friendly.

✦ Song Zhongji the same model 仲


In fact, if you have participated in the formal occasions, you should have seen the male friends around him wearing shirts!

Every time I think they only need to wear a shirt, I will start to recognize who they are, hahaha


When men are wearing shirts, they are not ordinary handsome!

That’s it for today’s recommendation sharing ~


I hope this good thing is recommended to help the little fairy!


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