Take a look at the pants of the real Korean amateur. The styles are fashionable and comfortable. The matching skills are superb

The effects that pants can be displayed in different seasons are also different, the styles are different, and the atmosphere is also different. The pants in the Korean stream are generally based on

The atmosphere is mainly,

It is very free and generous, and the style is also very stable in winter.


Look at the real Korean amateur’s pants,

The style is fashionable and comfortable, with


The skills are superb, and their pants are very characteristic, belonging to

There is a temperament matching method,

Obviously, I did n’t choose a pair of pants to go out. The overall match has been carefully matched. Korean amateur originally wore pants like this, fashionable and warm, every

It’s quite tide.

▷ Black pants match recommendation

Black pants are styles of many people, of course, too

The best pants style,

When you match black pants, you must choose a stylish and exquisite matching method. However, the black pants are very strange to wear the style itself, so there is no need to consider so much.

It’s fashionable enough.

Add white stripes on the side of the black pants, the temperament of the whole pants will appear

More fashionable

There is also the exquisite leg repair effect on the front, making the legs look thinner and straight. It is also because of the design of white stripes, even if the clothing on the match is very simple and pure

There is no problem with black clothing.

Black pants with no pattern design are more familiar with. The fat wide -leg pants can be paired with a windbreaker and a down jacket in winter. It is a more free and literary clothing that can make your clothing more free and more artistic. Many British style matching and Korean stream matching methods have coats and coats and

Combination of wide -leg pants.

It’s just a summary of the Korean Wave, and the upper body’s clothing is often more fashionable.

Color clothing, color


The color pattern sweater, the color selection of color sweater, etc., with fashionable bags, display

Full of fashion.

The British style clothing will be paired with gray or white clothing to highlight the retro model.

Wide -leg pants also

Can show a variety of different ones


The smoke pants and wide -leg pants are a bit similar, but they are thinner, and they are just suitable for people with thin legs. Wear short jackets and match

Cigarette pants, can

The displayed aura is very momentum, a little bit

Mature and domineering.

Wearing a long jacket and with a cigarette pants can make the clothing matching with a layered sense. When wearing a black clothing, it is recommended to choose a cigarette panties.

Clothing with swelling effect.

Black pants will not only show a variety of different temperaments depending on the version, but also distinguish from the fabrics. Walking pants or jeans are the most classic fabric pants. The black version of the jeans is handsome and the aura, is


Age -age -reducing effect is very good.

With the same style

denim jacket

It will also make your wear with retro models. If you just match a T -shirt, you can easily own it

Very fashionable visual effect.

▷ Blue Cowboy

After seeing black jeans, let’s take a look at the blue jeans. The most classic jeans are blue. The light blue with the old effect is the most retro. It will also show full

Literature and art.

The fat light blue pants are more suitable for the retro green windbreaker jacket to make the overall match look more stylish, wearing hypertrophy

Tight -fitting clothing with jeans

, And a long long jacket, can show the Korean stream

Free and easy.

If it is matched

Morning shoulder coat,

The effect will become a French style, and the difference is still relatively large.

Different from hypertrophic pants, wearing ordinary style jeans, everyone with clothing will be more relaxed. After all, hypertrophic jeans are not matched with

Tight -fitting clothing,

It’s too easy to show fat, the version of the design is not so fat jeans with fat clothing

It will be more free and free.

The upper body chooses a double -layer sweater and a hypertrophic short cotton clothing, so that the jeans itself is not tightly designed, and the clothing combination is rich


Essence The slightly fat girl is best to wear dark blue tight jeans for matching

The loose clothing is obvious.

▷ Golden pants

There are many different fabrics in the style of the pants, which are very characteristic. Golden velvet pants

Retro fan is also very strong

, The trend of popularity is not very strong. It belongs to the niche costume style, which is suitable for matching more

Unique temperament

Essence The purple velvet trousers with the same loose purple gold velvet jacket, full of atmosphere, color also has a trendy visual effect. It is very suitable for a short cotton jacket with blue,

The integration between colors is refreshing and characteristic,


The purple is slightly lighter, the blue is slightly darker, and it is not matched with the effect of color and historical charm.

However, you do n’t understand the stylish little white of colorful clothing matching skills. Do n’t buy this colorful golden pants.

▷ Wells of trousers

Whees long pants are very good


Make your clothing more literary and more difficult to match. Even if the model figure is not easy to wear out

Lamous effect

It is more important to pay attention to the atmosphere of the pants.

Recommended matching

Brown lamb hairy jacket

, Coat or light gray suit, strengthen the sense of atmosphere in the overall clothing, wear an additional




You can easily show the aura of Korean Liu. Don’t worry about the effect of matching the European and American style.

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