Fujian man sells 4 cm mini gun -shaped keychain and the police responded: it has been identified as a gun

Recently, some media reports said that a man from Fujian was arrested by the Anshan Tiexi Public Security Branch of Liaoning Anshan Tiexi Public Security Branch across provinces for selling about 4cm of mini -gun -shaped keychains on the Internet. Detention notice from the police to their families shows that the man is

The crime of suspected illegal buying and selling guns

Criminal detention.

It is understood that the case has entered the stage of review and prosecution, and the public security organs have transferred the case to the procuratorate. How much social harm is this mini gun -shaped keychain? Let’s look at the report together.


“I have never hurt, and I have never said it can’t be sold.”

On July 31st this year, the man was taken away by the Anshan police in Liaoning from Fujian’s house. The detention notice received by his family members showed that he was detained by the Tiexi Public Security Branch of the Anshan Public Security Bureau of Liaoning for suspected illegal trading and selling guns.

Men’s lover Ms. Cheng (pseudonym) said that they sell mini -gun -shaped keychains, which are mainly used for collecting for hundreds of yuan.

Ms. Cheng: Although it has a haircut function and can be fired, we have not done any gunpowder ammunition, which is a small keychain pendant for collection.

Ms. Cheng said that a few years ago, her husband brought back a mini gun -shaped keychain abroad to find domestic foundries for replication and processing, and sold it online. This keychain is 4cm long, about half the size of the middle finger. It is only used as a collection of accessories and has never been injured.

Ms. Cheng: Maybe we sell to others, and others sometimes do “ammunition”. The so -called “ammunition” is guided by the things in the artillery.

In Ms. Cheng’s opinion, the keychain of this simulation gun is not as harmful to the social, which is far less harmful than a knife or bow and arrow. Sometimes the so -called “ammunition” made by the dealer is a dumb gun. Ms. Cheng also said that at the end of August 2015, the local police had checked the keychain and informed that the product was not a problem as the keychain sales.

Ms. Cheng: When we lived in Xiamen before, the police station and the National Security Bureau had checked this thing. After checking it, I gave us it. I didn’t say that this thing could not be sold or what happened.

Mini Gun -shaped keychain


A shot can break through the thin iron barrel

However, Sina Weibo’s video of the “mini gun -shaped keychain” power last recently attracted greater attention. Video display,


Under certain conditions, such gun -shaped keychains can strike a thin iron barrel with one shot.

What also made Ms. Cheng a little bit puzzled,

Both of themselves and husbands are from Fujian. Why is her husband taken away by police from Liaoning Province?

Yang Weihua, the acting lawyer of this case, revealed in an interview:

Yang Weihua: In the investigation, the Liaoning Police found that there was a Northeast people who bought and sold guns, which was not directly related to him (Fujian man). It was found that this Northeast people had a transaction as a link in a certain gun -shaped keychain sales.

4cm gun -shaped keychain

Dispute disputes in the standard of firearms

Lawyer Yang Weihua said that he had just taken over the case and had met with the suspect. The physical problems in this case have ruling their own courts. but,

What is worthy of everyone’s attention is how big guns can be called guns.

Yang Weihua: In recent years, the simulation guns have caused some controversy in the society. Generally, the standard for the identification standard of the guns/square centimeters in the controversy is reasonable and whether the standard is reasonable. And how large the case is involved in this case.

Lawyer Yang Weihua said that although the keychain of the gun reached 1.8 Jiao Er/square centimeters of gun identification standards in accordance with the law, the keychain diameter was only 4cm in diameter. Essence

Yang Weihua: The total length of the guns involved in this case is only 4 cm in length, and its bomb is only less than 2 mm. Can such small things be called a gun and use the standard of 1.8 to judge. This is a question worth discussing. Essence There is also the calculation standard of the muzzle ratio itself, whether it is scientific.

Lawyer Yang Weihua also said that according to relevant regulations, the caliber of the gun usually does not exceed 20mm, but this provision only defines the upper limit of the caliber, and does not define the lower limit. Whether the too small caliber can still be defined as “gun”. Disputes.

Lawyer Qiao Hui has successively agents. He believes that the key to evaluating the case is whether this type of gun -shaped keychain sold by Fujian men is dangerous to cause death and injury.

Qiao Hu: Because only two standards and one result can we investigate the criminal responsibility of gun involving guns. The two standards are 1.8 Joule and transmitter can meet the conditions of death or disability. One result is that the user causes death and injury, or the manufacturer produces “military guns or folk guns” in violation of laws and regulations.

Lawyer Qiao believes that in the practice of case handling, the standards for identifying guns in the investigation organs are not standardized.

Police response:

The keychain has been identified as a gun

In response to this case, late at night on October 1st, the relevant person in charge of the Anshan Tiexi Public Security Branch was exclusively interviewed by the Voice of China. Police issued an appraisal report from the China Criminal Police Academy of the School of Criminal Police,

The appraisal conclusion believes that the inspection materials (gun -shaped keychain) are used as the power of gunpowder as the power self -made pocket rotor pistol. They belong to non -military guns and have the shooting function. They are identified as guns.

The relevant person in charge of the Anshan Tiexi Police said that in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Fujian man involved in the case was suspected of illegally trading and selling guns. As long as the authority is identified as a gun, the police shall be punished severely according to the law.

(Source: Xinhua News Agency; Editor: YO)

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