Bedroom Simple Animal Cross Ending Pattern Daquan

Simple cross stitch is most suitable for placing in the bedroom. Looking at the cute little animals in the painting will also stimulate your childlike heart and let the protection of protection expand! Hurry up with ARIES’s footsteps to see these small -scale animal cross patterns of these bedrooms!

01 Cute puppy cross stitch

Simple animal cross stitch in the bedroom, two puppies super -realistic, very loving pictures, they are kissing each other, the picture is very warm and very flattering, plush super Q ~

“” “” “” “The most suitable cross -stitch pattern for decorating the living room!

02 kitten cross stitch

This kitten cross -stitch pattern, the cartoon shape is super cute! The contrast of one yellow and gray is firmly grasping the eyes of people, making people feel a love and pleasant feeling.

03 cartoon cute cat cross stitch

The kitten nesting in the vase, the little and cute expression, it is so loving! Decoration in the bedroom, every time you look, it is always a kind of joy.


04 Slightly cute cartoon cross stitch


Fresh and cute small animal cute cartoon cross stitch, the design of the puppy’s lying in the vase is simply cute. The most appropriate pattern decorative bedroom is the most suitable!

05 Cartoon Elephant Cross Ending Pattern


The cartoon elephant cross -stitch pattern in Disney animation, the realistic picture gives people a bright look, combined with modern home furnishings, is the best choice for warm bedrooms.


These cute little animal cross stitch patterns are hung in the bedroom to make you see a good mood every day! Let’s take a look at the puppy cross -stitch pattern below!

Puppy Ending Patterns

01 The dog in the puppy rose cross -stitch embroidery paint is holding yellow rose flowers. It is diamond embroidery, so the texture of the picture will be more realistic, and the fresh color can also alleviate the visual fatigue.

02 Puppy Cross Ending Patterns

Does this cross -stitch two little milk dogs snuggle together, have you softened your heart? Little dogs make people particularly want to hug, decorating home is very warm and loving.


03 Husky cross stitch pattern

If you like Husky Dog, you must have such a pair of Consisteor to decorate your bedroom! Husky, surrounded by the flower group, looks dull and cute!

04 Football Puppy Cross Ending Patterns

The bedroom room is suitable for a puppy cross stitch, holding a small golden retriever dog played in the flowers and plants, the design of the eyes is particularly god -like with aura.


05 puppy butterfly cross stitch pattern


The small spots that play with butterflies, the extended small paws want to tease. The picture is full of fun, simple and modern animal cross stitch, and decorates home more fashionable.


Such a cute puppy dog ​​cross stitch, don’t miss it if you like it! Let ’s learn the skills of cross -stitching fast embroidery!

Cross -stitch fast embroidery techniques

Step 01: From the lower left of the lattice to embroidered the line, wear the line

Step 02: Put the needle into the eye of the diagonal direction, and at the same time from the hole on the left of the horizontal direction, the needle will be worn

Step 03: Then use the same method as 2 to put the needle into the diagonal hole, and at the same time from the horizontal cave eyes

Step 04: Repeat the process of 1 and 2, embroidery from top to bottom into cross -shaped shape, and in the state of 3, put the line into the eyes of the lower right corner of the diagonal direction, and then from the eye of the left hole in the horizontal direction Go through


Step 05: Put on the line in the lower right corner of the diagonal direction again, and then wear it out of the hole in the left direction

Step 06: If you return to the starting point, you can complete all the cross graphics

Step 07: The lines on the back will be arranged parallel to each other. Do not knot it, just pass the line through the parallel arrangement of 3 to 4 lines, and finally cut off the excess line.


Learn this cross -stitching method of fast embroidery, which can make you embroidery more quickly! Let’s learn about the diagram of the cross -stitching method!

Cross -stitch cleaning method diagram

The traces of the water -soluble pens used for cleaning the lattice, as long as the embroidery is placed in the water, the trace will be slowly dissolved in the water.

After the traces are completely disappeared, take out the embroidery, wrap it with a thick towel, gently dry the water, and dry it in a flat.

If it is ink, try to wash it with water first. If not, drip a few drops of acetic acid in hot water and gently apply it to the ink. This method is also suitable for rust.

Objects such as gum are stuck with embroidery. Do not rush to tear. Use ice cubes to freeze for a while on the opposite side to harden the gum, and then remove it. If there are remnants, you can use loose oil or nail polish to remove liquid.


Dip with soy sauce or other condiments, it is best to deal with it immediately. First, use a towel or paper towel dipped in water to suck. You can also gently rub it with the mashed lotus root juice.

When the cross stretch is dipped in other slightly cosmetics such as lipstick, first scrub the wine with a cotton swab, and then be soaked in a mild soapy water. After a period of time, the traces will be removed, and then clean it with water.

Does the cute puppy cross stitch make you like it? If you like it, learn the fast embroidery skills of cross -stitching! Learn to clean the cross stitch is good for you!

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