If you know these 10 shelves, the family will not be so chaotic

In addition to relying on the cabinet, the home storage is a rack. Compared with the cabinet, the shelf is more flexible and the price is lower. Although it will have the trouble of falling ashes, it is more convenient to use. Resident

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Let us share 10 self -use high -value standing racks, everyone grows grass rationally ~

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I often leave a message to ask my house’s shelf. Let’s summarize it today:


01. Restaurant

1. IKEA Bakashi:


The inquiry is a high degree of inquiry, Ningbo’s mall is not available, I found it online.

2. Polar frame steel plate:

The polar shelf is divided into two types of wood and steel, with 40 catties of wood bearing and 80 catties of steel. I use it to put the coffee machine and install the reinforcement accessories, which is very stable.


02. living room

3. Frost Mountain:

This shelf partition can be disassembled. It is also a metal board, but it is much thinner than other other places in my family. The price is not high, but I feel that it is difficult to install, and the heavy electrical appliances are not very assured. The resettlement robot is good. If you can’t find the same paragraph, you can see the similar models of Youjuyi (but I haven’t used it).

03. bedroom desk


4. Polar frame V606:

Very smart placement system, the material is very thick, can be adjusted up and down, the size of the board can also be selected, the bottom whiteboard can be tilted, which is very suitable for memo.


04. study room

5. Invisible bookshelf:

There are many popular bookshelves, and there are many households. It is indeed very space -saving! I really like all kinds of iron shelves, vertical storage, seamless use!

6. String:

The color is very beautiful, the material is environmentally friendly granules, 15cm deep,

Not suitable for putting books, suitable for putting some ornaments and cups.

Haitao paid attention to transportation, and I was bumped twice.

7. Hui Shiju Industrial Wind Set:


It can be folded, waterproof canvas material, and can be brought out of camping.


05. Acrylic desktop standing rack

8. Sky Meow Meow:

Although orange, it is quite easy to match, it is relatively simple, it is very suitable for display.

9. Mo Yu:

Practical versatile, easy to use, not bleaching.

10. Frost Mountain:


I have six shelves. It is very practical. The transparent acrylic material can be used in combination with IKEA Boxica. The height is almost half.

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