Still wearing a round neck shirt? This year’s popularity is a stand -up -collar shirt, and it looks good!

Still wearing a round neck shirt? This year is popular

The stand -up shirt [stand -up collar is a relatively satisfactory style, as if the previous Zhongshan dress, full of retro taste, is stood up when the leader is worn, giving people a simple, sharp, and tall feeling]

, I will share with you the following 4 stand -up shirts with you. How to wear it is good, followed with interest!


Striped stand -up collar shirt+denim skirt

With look1:

This year’s popular stand -up shirt, putting on the body is very capable, the decoration of striped elements, classic and stylish, do not pick people, the design of one side of the pocket, make the shirt instantly casual, very casual, very very very casual, very very much, very very much, very much, very very much, very much. The versatile loose style, how to wear it well, can be simple with a denim skirt with the lower body.

Lace Bows Establishing Liberation Shirt+A -line Skirt


With look2:

Shirts such as versatile and outdated items. Presumably people must be necessary, especially in the workplace workers. This bow -decorated stand -up shirt is a bit sweet than the regular shirt. The design of the lace is sexy and charming. How to wear it is beautiful, but also get rid of the boring sense of the formal stand -up shirt, the design of the sleeve rolled up, casual freedom, adding a trace of casual atmosphere. It is both fashionable and high, the key is very thin, you who are slightly fat girls, do not hurry up ~

Metal buckle bow stands collar shirt+floral back skirt

With look3:

Are you still wearing a round neck shirt? This year’s popularity is a stand -up collar shirt. This white stand -up neck shirt is very versatile and fashionable. The position of the neckline is the design of the metal buckle to create the effect of the bow shape. A bit capable white shirt, with such a design, instantly became a lot softer, and it was very female. Then with a floral back skirt, the green color tone showed the fresh girl’s temperament and the sense of artistic. It should be worn like this in autumn.


Embroidered stand -up collar shirt+black skirt


With look4:

This shirt does not look special. Like the basic white shirt, it is simple and fashionable, but the design of the stand -up collar is a popular style this year. It is a simple, neat and upright feeling. It is very versatile. , Full of styling, the combination of embroidery elements under the neckline makes the shirts a lot fashionable instantly, and adds a little retro. With a black skirt, it is a classic black and white match, super beautiful, and very woman.

Are you still wearing a round neck shirt? This year is popular with stand -up collar shirts. It looks good how to wear it. After reading the above editors, there are so many editors. Is there a one you like?

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