Net yarn bottoming shirt is stunning time

The routines of the fashionable fines are in detail, mastering these TIPS to get rid of passersby. In this pleasant romantic autumn, in addition to lace, lace, there is also the focus of the mesh. The gauze stitching bottoming shirt can always fully express the charming, sexy or elegant performance of women. It is the most “woman” element. Essence For girls who want more femininity, choosing it will never be wrong.

Splicing mesh top

The exquisite collar design is elegant and elegant, reflecting the independent style of women’s capable profession. Fashionable sleeve design, free and easy to modify the arms, showing women’s charming style. The natural version of the design, effectively covering the flaws, elegant hem design, beautiful and generous, highlighting the elegant and confident temperament.

Net yarn stitching shirt

网纱打底衫 惊艳了时光

The stroke sleeves use a see -through mesh splicing design, which adds a bit of charming and hazy beauty, exuding a dreamy and romantic elegance. Simple lapels show a capable and confident aura. Dispels of the placket highlight the sense of intellectual style, while facilitating penetration and taking off, it plays a certain decorative effect. Simple and generous version, create a white -collar image in the workplace OL.

Fashion casual mesh stitching top

网纱打底衫 惊艳了时光

The neckline see -through mesh stitching, breaking the monotonous sense of the clothes, and being more foreign! The net yarn is slightly clear, and the sense of layering is more feminine. The V -neck design is simple and generous, which can effectively lengthen the proportion of the neck lines and highlight the elegant temperament. Five -point sleeve design lines are smooth to modify the arm lines. The classic striped elements are clean and refreshing, and it will not be out of date.

网纱打底衫 惊艳了时光

Polk -dot mesh bottoming shirt

网纱打底衫 惊艳了时光

A very romantic fairy -sized mesh top. The slightly see -through dot design adds a trace of sexy flavor when the elegant atmosphere. The chic small crushing folds are rich in visual three -dimensional sense and more elegant temperament. The neckline tie tie decoration is fashionable and reduced, adding a small fresh and delicate sense. The slightly retro small lantern sleeves are more dignified in sweetness and can also modify the arms lines.

网纱打底衫 惊艳了时光

Mesh slim bottom shirt

The stylish V -neck design is simple and generous, setting off a slender and charming neck curve, showing elegance and charm. The design of the pivot gauze stitching to the cuffs on the chest is looming the white skin, making the overall a little sexy. The design of the body shaping version is more fond of the body shape, and the body is thin and thin, outlines the wonderful figure.

One word collar mesh stitching bottoming shirt

Elegant and stylish leaky shoulder collar design, beautiful and generous showing exquisite neck curves. The mesh of the same color system is light and elegant, and the romantic girly feels vividly. The body is designed with a three -dimensional thread, which is full of rhythm. The unique horn sleeve design shows sweet and cute, and the arm is more slender and soft.

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