Sexy beauty wears a short front and back dress, with silk satin fabrics, dignified dignity

The clothes of silk fabrics are always elegant, and they are very immortal to wear, and the whole person looks very ethereal and romantic. And everyone does not have to worry about the tolerance of this fabric at all, because although it is smooth, but it does not slim, it seems that people are lazy and casual, and naturally they will not focus on the shape.

The white silk top and the neckline of the V -neck naturally show the elegant and dignified temperament, and it looks not so serious. What’s more important is that such clothes still have to choose a style with waist seal elements, which not only can naturally separate the upper and lower proportions, increase the waistline, but also appear to be very gentle and capable. It would be better if the hem is the element of the ruffled edge, which improved a lot of romantic atmosphere to the entire shape.

This white silk top is even more classic that the hem is the style of the front and the shortness, which has the style of the previous dovetail clothing. From the back, it looks like a skirt, romantic and elegant. From the front, the design of the short front and back, walking the road with the wind, the ethereal elegant.

Shoes matching skills


TIPS①: Commonly commensurate with the color of clothes


Just like this white top, it is also specially paired with a short of shorts, and the high heels should choose very low -key and elegant styles such as rice white or loquat powder. If you add some flashes, it looks very elegant.


TIPS ②: Try to choose pointed high heels


The pointed high -heeled high -heeled shoes have a better effect on the leg shape, and there are many places suitable for legs. It is very gentle and elegant to wear, and it is OK to work at work.

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