Set the scarf in 2022! Learn these 7 kinds of matching, high -level and fashionable, beautiful throughout spring and summer

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In spring, everything grows, and the green leaves of green oil can always bring people a good mood every day. Just like the gentle sunshine, people can’t help but embrace their arms to get close to nature.


The girlfriend said that spring day is a good season for outdoor youth. About three or five confidants, put on comfortable and beautiful clothes, with exquisite makeup, leaving a good time for youth.


Good -looking clothes, exquisite makeup, of course, the overall look is indispensable! Just like a French style style, simple single silk scarf

Over -entangled, showing fresh and elegant, simple and stylish style, beautiful throughout spring and summer!

Today, while taking advantage of the air, I will share with you the scarf in 2022! Learn to match these 7 groups of styles, high -level and fashionable, beautiful mood!

Hairpot method

For girls with more broken hair, the silk scarf of the hair hoop can be said to be a simple and beautiful way. Not only can it have a decorative effect, but it can also wrap the extra hair to shape a sweet and fresh literary style, fashionable and unique, and it is very suitable for outdoor style.

However, if it is a girl with a full face, it is recommended to choose to leave some sides of the bangs and the cheeks on both sides of the cheeks, so that it will be more age -reducing and tender; on the contrary, if you choose a full -package face -type hair hoop method, this shape is very very stylish. Test the face shape and use it with caution.

Twist braid style method


Since watching more Japanese magazines, the models know how to use silk scarves to add points to the shape. For example, the silk scarf twist braid style method is a great gospel for girls with less hair volume! As the saying goes: “The hair is not enough, the silk scarf is coming.”

The method of making a twist braid with a silk scarf is a shape often used by Xiaobian summer. One can optimize the hairstyle, and the other can add a little cute and playful feeling. With a floral skirt, a pair of canvas can be stepped on Shoes, with French style, full of atmosphere, are very suitable for outdoor outing image, beautiful as mood.



If a twist -braid silk scarf is suitable for outdoor outing, the flat -type silk scarf system is more suitable for women in the city, which can be changed at will, can be positive and side, unlimited age, low -key and restrained, low -key and restrained, low -key and restrained. It is very suitable for women in the workplace, exquisite and elegant and temperament.

Although the flat scarf is simple, it looks very simple, but it is very classic and difficult to match with the shape of the clothes.

Collar system


Unlike the flat -type system, the collar scarf system can be said to add unlimited charm to women with low -key style, just like the effect of accessories Choker, fold the small square scarf in multiple layers to form a two sections of about two sections of about two sections The width of the finger is enough. There is no gorgeous jewelry, and the simple collar scarf replaces the same fashion and temperament. The shape effect does not lose the jewelry necklace.

The small silk scarf is like a dragonfly, which can not only be casual and simple, but also elegant and intellectual style, simple atmosphere and no show.


Denim style

Unlike the sweet romantic twisted braid scarf, the denim scarf system can also show the cool and handsome side of women, such as inner shirts, a locomotive jacket or a suit, etc. A temperament, leisure and fashion.


Simple and large methods, you can first fold the silk scarf into a triangle, and the two sharp horns are knotted around the neck around the neck. A simple denim silk scarf method is completed.

If it is in the air -conditioned room, the shirt with a denim scarf is not too perfect. It can not only allow the neck and neck to be invaded without air -conditioning air -conditioning, but also to modify the effect of becoming beautiful.

Belt -style method


Silk scarfs are often felt by many people to beautify their necks. In 2022, you can match the fashionable items such as silk scarves to the waist.

For example, the silk scarf looks like a line, shuttles on the waist of jeans; you can also fold the silk scarf into a triangular style, obliquely put on the side of the thigh, avant -garde, is very suitable for outdoor, or leisure vacation The new shape of the time is fashionable and interesting.



I recommend several sets of silk scarves with combinations. The most interesting thing is this bag -style silk scarf. In the cool spring, in addition to wearing the modification, it is also equipped with a silk scarf,


The colorful and beautiful colors are just like spring, which makes people feel beautiful, fashionable and beautiful.

As Elizabeth Taylor said, the silk scarf gave it a “elegant and interesting soul”:

“Women without silk scarves have no future.”

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