Protecting children’s autonomy, children’s indoor tents become new home furnishings

A tent that can hide itself is becoming a conventional equipment for domestic children’s rooms. How to buy such tents? In addition to buying, what other homemade ideas?


The indoor tents on the market are mostly supported by four wooden rods, and put on a tent cloth. It is very common in foreign families and has become the standard at home for many children.

A common indoor tent that is common on foreign home websites is becoming the new favorite of domestic children. Lisa, who has a reputable children’s toy store on a well -known shopping website, has taken the tent as one of the main business. “Now this kind of Indian tent is very popular. Since the end of last year, more and more parents ask this tent. Some parents have sent them to me with their children in the tent after buying them back. It is very warm. “Lisa said that this indoor tent was usually used for exports, which is a conventional equipment for children’s houses in foreign families. “Children can read books and play inside. It feels fun and private. It feels like a camping, and can be a little away from the parents’ regulatory sight.”

Why do children like this kind of tent

“Children don’t like too much space, and the small tents give them a sense of security.” Ye Zi, a national second -level psychological counselor who graduated from the School of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of Huada Normal University. Feel a benign loneliness, and this loneliness can promote its own healthy development. “Now many parents are worried that they are too few to accompany their children. Of course, the necessary companionship is important, especially when the child is young. However, when the child grows up and drives to explore the world, they need one It belongs to its own small space. This space allows children to explore toys, games and fantasy freely, which is very valuable for children’s growth. “

Ms. Li just bought a tent for her son. “There is such a tent in the kindergarten. After the child has played, he will tell me that you must get one at home.” “Secret Castle”. On the day when Miss Li bought it back, he moved his favorite toy from the toy rack and put it in this small castle. “One person sat inside and fiddled with it. He didn’t want to go to bed at night, saying that he would camp in a tent.” Because I took a picture and put on the circle of friends, a lot of friends left a message and said that they had to get a home.


How to choose such tents


How to choose this tent? Lisa said that parents may wish to consider these issues when buying. For example, is the design of the tent curtain buckle safe and practical, and can children close the curtains easily closed in the tent? In addition, did the wooden poles at the bottom of the tent were closed directly in the tent cloth? If it is closed, it can reduce the damage to the floor. If you sometimes need to put the tent outdoors, the sealing part of the tent leg is best to open. Of course, it is best to be solid wood. If some wooden rods are not polished enough, the protruding wooden thorns may hurt children. The fabrics of the tent should meet the environmental protection and flame retardant standards, and the excessive printed ink will hurt the child’s health.


Create a unique indoor tent

If you also want to give a space that occasionally hide it, Xiaobian suggested that you can do it with your children in addition to buying indoor tents on the Internet to create a unique “tent”, so that children have their own secret space.

Do you understand? This is a cotton mosquito net, but it is warm and beautiful.

Find a beautiful printed cloth, hang it on a hanging bamboo stick, and press the four corners with land.


Two light wood boards are set into roof shape, and two small windows are opened. Remember to pay more attention to the fixed aspects of the ground.


Don’t lose it, let’s make a simple castle tent.


The father of the woodworker can also make a large box, allowing the child to hide himself perfectly.

Kneeling to this intentional parent, what tent was floating in front of this house.

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