He Jie is so beautiful! Small size suit is casually wear, the leg is even more released

He Jie’s figure is also over and over again, but she is fat and thin, but after all, she is a female singer and needs to show up frequently, so He Jie is also very strict with the management of figure. Even if she will rebound, she is working hard every day. If you work hard, this is not a lot of weight loss. He Jie, who was attending the event, was thinner and thinned with the naked eye, and it was much refreshing.


He Jie, who attended the event, was really thinning this time. It was not a repair or filter. He Jie really felt a lot better. Sure enough, after weight loss, the whole person’s temperament has changed, and it is even more refreshing. The sense of vision of returning to the pre -dilation in a second is still quite obvious. It is effortless to wear a small size suit, and she doesn’t look thick at all. She is a small skeleton in itself, so the whole person looks particularly petite and cute. Pretending, but it feels full of vitality. It is really amazing.

Therefore, in fact, the impact of weight on human temperament is still quite large. He Jie, who is thin, see that she is a good child? The temperament has changed more than a little bit. In the small size suit, He Jie’s legs even let go of the show. They all started wearing such short shorts. They were not afraid to lose their thighs because this time was really thin.

In fact, He Jie’s face is round, and his eyes are curved like crescents. It is still pretty good. I really want oxygen girls, but after all, they are 30 or 40 years old. Avoid some wrinkles, especially when you laugh, you can pretend to be a girl without laughing, and it will be exposed when you laugh.


Although He Jie is thin, it is not the kind of thin, but just right, so the face is not particularly thin, there are some meat, blessing is still there, but He Jie is so thin that this time can be seen a lot. Directly showing the face, I didn’t feel round and fat, but was very thin. Sure enough, as long as I had the determination to lose weight, it was not a problem at all.

To say that He Jieyi is really good, she is petite, not particularly tall, but she knows her body, so she will show her legs as much as possible every time. It still feels fresh and comfortable, and she loves to laugh, and it is quite extra points. Looking at He Jie’s looks are really pleasing.


He Jie’s clothes are really not picky. A blue shirt skirt is directly put on, even if she does not show her waist, but she will not feel the waist round. This is the effect of weight loss. After improving a lot, a pair of legs were thin and thin with the naked eye. Even if it was not tall, the legs were enough to add points.


Not only that, He Jie’s clothes are always young and sunny. She has always been a leisure route, but after weight loss, there is a trace of sweetness in leisure. A silver trench coat, the whole person is really refreshing and sweet He Jie, who is too old with a ball head, is too young than his peers. This combination is also a beautiful leg. It can lengthen the shape, very beautiful and foreign.

As the saying goes, if a fat destroys everything, He Jie who lose weight is not only open -minded, but also the clothes are also open, as if ushered in the second life, too dazzling.

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